About Us

Who we are?

Welcome, pet parents, and pet lovers! Welcome to our little web corner! My name is Saundra J. Graves. With the help of my husband, James, I run thepetnow.com

Something to remember: We are not pet breeder, animal behaviorists, or cats, dog veterinarians. The admonitions and tips we give here are for raising positive and healthy cats independent of any other experience and research. Our main objective is to research cats & dogs and pass them onto perennial animal keepers like you.

Why this site?

During my childhood, I used to love cats & dogs. That hasn’t changed until today. I still love cats. I think it is due to the many cats & dogs that my mom adopted from time to time during my childhood. Also, cats & dogs are such a lovely pet, it is the reason why am a cat & dog lover.

My first cat was a big orange, a black striped cat that was known as Julie. He had such great affection during my childhood. As a sweet, loyal, and adorable partner, sometime we were not comfortable with consistency, unpleasant, and extreme demeanor from the neighborhood, which from time to time was affecting her. Sometimes he returned with scratches and missing fur!

Tragically, one day he ventured away from home and never returned. Even though I had several cats that were also lovable in the house, I was still devastated because I lost Julie. I have been remembering Julie all these years.

When I started schooling, my devotion to cats and dogs became an evident may be because of their behaviors, health status, nutrition, and so forth. From that point on, I spent countless hours and contributed a lot of time, money, and energy reading books, attending pet seminars and courses. I also met with different pet specialists on these topics. Learning more about cats and dogs was one of the best pleasures of my life.

Here’s the problem

During my search for information about pets and adult pets online, it was hard to find all the information under one page. No doubt, there is a lot of data out there. Anyway, I tended to push from place to place to get an overall picture of how to raise an active and stable cat.

Although I had picked up on what I could do about a little cat and cat rearing, my main aim was to create a single site where other new cat owners could get the solutions to all their problems and worries like what I have been going through these years.

Thank you for visiting my page and for taking the time to read about me and why thepetnow.com was developed. I urge you to push around. Ideally, discover cat-related content that is captivating, useful, and approachable.

The site is a work in progress. There is more and more quality content coming, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I welcome and support your comments, questions, and recommendations.

Hopefully, you will find this upcoming site so helpful to your life and you will develop treasure in cats. That is what we promise now. Email me if you have any queries or need my suggestions right now.


Saundra J. Graves

Saundar J Graves