Are Cat Food Cans Recyclable

Many of the used containers are harmful to the environment and nature. Many corporations have taken it to themselves to recycle and reuse the used containers. Some, however, are not recyclable. They are commonly used once and dumped. Some of the containers that ought to be recycled are cat food cans. Are they recyclable? Can they be reused? Is a used cat food can worth recycling? To understand the above, this article is going to provide you with insightful information. It is going to take you through the steps of recycling if any. Read on for more information.

Can cat food be recycled?

Given the fact that these cans are made of aluminum and or even steel, it implies that these cans are % recyclable. Most of the cat owners, however, do not choose to recycle them. Instead, they choose to dispose it in their litter bins for dumping.

Recycling cans have many benefits. First, it keeps the environment clean and healthy. Secondly, it saves the resources that are being used to make new cans all the time. Cans do not dispose off naturally meaning that with time, it will cause environmental and health hazards.

What are the steps followed when recycling?

When doing recycling, usually there are some simple steps to follow. These steps are:

Establish the type of material used to make the can

Both aluminum and steel cans have different ways of recycling them. In other parts, food cans are even made of plastic. So the first step is to identify the can type. You can get this information from the label on the can if you had not peeled it off. It is also important to keep the label attached for as long as the can has cat food. This is because the label carries important information about the food.

Clean the can before putting it in a recycling bin

This step is very optional though it is good to clean the can. A dirty can may make the recycle bin dirty and smelly. It also portrays one as being irresponsible. You can dip the can in warm to hot water to easily wash off any remaining particles of food in the can. If you do not wish to clean the can however, you can just place it in the recycling bin, and it shall be cleaned during recycling. When doing this process, always ensure that you completely separate the lid from the can. Both the can and the lid are however recyclable.

Place the can in the recycling bins

Mostly, holding recycling bins are made of metal. You can place both the steel and the aluminum cans in one recycling bin. There is no harm in doing so, as they are going to be sorted at the recycling center. If you are lucky enough, the community that you dwell in could be having separate bins for different kinds of cans. In this case, you will need to sort out the cans before placing them in the recycling bin. If you are not sure about the bins, consult it from the community that you reside.

Keep the recycling bins closed

For safety, always keep the bins closed. If the bin is where it can be rained on, it will tend to pick and maintain rainwater. This water is a health hazard. The best thing is to avoid this disaster by keeping the bin closed.

How often should I recycle the cat food can?

There no definite time to do the recycling. As soon as the food is used up in the can, you can recycle the can.

If the food in the can gets expired, is it good to recycle the can?

The food in the can may at times go bad. This, however, will not have much impact on the can itself. Remember it id the food that goes bad and not the can. The can is 100% recyclable. Just follow the normal process of doing recycling.

Always take time to check the expiry date of the cat food. Exercise care so as not to feed your cat with bad food as it may cause serious problems to the cat.


We have established that the cat food can is recyclable. The steps provided are so important and they need to be adhered to. It is always important to care for the environment by recycling these food cans. The process is quite simple to follow and cost-effective. If in any case, you cannot recycle the can, just dispose of it in a safe and designated place. You will give it a try, won’t you?