Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Indoor cats are those cats that spend most of their time in the house. Their life is majorly confined to inside the room. Most of their time is spent sleeping and eating. Such a lifestyle is not good and may lead to serious health challenges to the cat. As a good pet owner, you have to encourage them to play and move around the house. The best tool to use to stimulate them to play is the use of toys. So which toys are best for the cat to play with? Please go through this insightful article for more information.

3 Best Indoor Cat Toys Comparison

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8 Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats Reviews 2021

1. Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy - Fun Levels of Interactive Play - Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies Kitty’s Hunting, Chasing & Exercising Needs

With this toy, engage your cat to both mental and physical fun. The toy makes the cat be very active and interactive. When two or more cats play with this toy, they tend to interact with each other and lose away boredom. As they are getting some fun, the cats too get entertained and keep them excited all day long. This particular toy will keep the cat playful the whole day. It is against this backdrop that the cat will remain healthy and have its weight and feeding habits checked.

The toy is ideal for the pet owner who has more than one cat. It has three stair levels which stimulate the cat to climb up. This activates its hunting skills. When the small balls move around the ball, the cat will run after it hence helping him sharpen the hunting skills. This is how the cat is kept fit too.

When it comes to durability, this toy beats them all. It is made of strong and tough glass and ceramic material which does not break easily. Its base is built for stability which makes it difficult to slip over even when more than one cat goes up.

The toy is very interactive and gives all the cats a chance to play actively. If you want your cat to be hyperactive, then this is the right kind of toy to go for. It is not expensive to acquire one since the price is approximately $9 only. Try one today.

2. Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy (Assorted)

If you want your cat to have an all-day fun, then this is the right kind of toy to go for. It has a provision where a cat can scratch while playing. When it wears out, the scratch card is replaceable. You are therefore assured of a long-lasting toy that your cat will fall in love with. This helps in reducing the urge that a cat has, of scratching the furniture. When the cat spares your furniture, then it will save you high replacement costs. Your house will be neat as well.

This toy comes with a ball with which your cat will play with. While the cat loves playing with the ball, the toys help in holding it and rotating around. The cat then chases the ball around hence making it engage in physical fitness. A cat using this toy will always have prolonged hours of play. This will always keep the cat healthy and active, just like the outdoor cat.

When playing with this toy, the cat is assured of both mental and physical stimulation. The cat is engaged all round hence mitigating serious health problems associated with inactivity. Such problems include being overweight and obese.

It is fitted with a non-skid feet pad for more comfort ability and stability during the time of play. The cat finds it more enjoyable to play with this toy as compared to other brands.

The toy is quite cheap and any cat owner can have one. On average, the price is about $15.

3. SmartyKat Electronic Motion Toy for Cats

SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toys

This is arguably one of the most involving cat toys. It brings in to the house some sense of wilderness. This is because the toy has some similar movements with that of hidden prey. It also has moving lights that move around irregularly under a strong fabric. The main aim of this toy is to make the cat fascinated and to start hunting for the hidden prey. Moving lights also makes the cats run after it hence making him physically and mentally active. Since the fabric is strong and durable, it will be able to withstand the aggressiveness of the cat.

This toy is customizable, with a two-speed level. It, therefore, presents you with an option to choose what you want for your cat. The toy is electronic hence it can perform all the magic after customization. Whatever you want to do with it, just program it and it produces what you desire.

When you invest in this toy, you will not have to worry since replacement is always available. This gives the pet owner an assurance of continuity of his project which is to keep the cat active.

Whenever your cat is not playing with it, you can turn it off. This leads to cost savings in terms of power. You can always turn it on when you want to put the cat back in to play.

This product has been tested for safety and quality. You are therefore assured that you will get the best out of your toy for the cat.

4. HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Toy for Cats

HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy (GREY)

This cat mouse has been designed in the shape of the mouse. A mouse is a cat’s main prey both indoors and in the out. Since the cat loves to chase mice around, it is an exception that this toy will be a perfect target. Since it is made of durable material, the cat has not remote chances of harming it. The toy will last long and for many generations.

It is fitted with batteries that power the toy. This allows for making realistic and random movements that mimic reality. The cat is actually tempted that the toy is a real mouse. It can start to move, stop or even pause just real live mice. The batteries are always replaceable whenever they wear out. While chasing it around, the cat actually engages itself in a serious physical activity. This makes him hyperactive and healthy since several health problems associated with inactivity are mitigated.

This mice toy can actually move around objects and on different surfaces. It is very good in navigation around objects; hence chances of it getting stuck are minimum. It can also take corners and bends. The toy has the ability to stand up on its feet even after falling down.

When you buy this product, you should ensure that you have a hard surface such as ceramic tiles, wooden tiles or just a plain floor. It will not work well on soft surfaces such as running over rugs and carpets. Soft surfaces hinder its movements. It even makes its movement difficult.

5. PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy for Cats

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

If there is a toy which your cat will fall in love with then this is the one. It is used as both a toy as well as a food dispenser. This toy is excellent in making your cat as it has the ability to activate its natural instincts. This happens whenever the cat is chasing the cat across the floor. The toy combines both feedings and playing as one exercise, particularly during meal times. This effectively helps to check the cat against harmful health implications such as obesity and diabetes. When the cat feeds and sleep, chances are high that it will grow overweight and become obese in the long run. A long period of inactivity practically harms the body cell. It may eventually lead to death.

The toy is useful in improving the eating habits of the cat. This is because it releases food and distributes it in smaller and manageable portions. It, therefore, makes the mealtimes to be easier since eating is in a controlled manner. Digestion of food is improved too, thanks to this toy.

The openings can be adjusted so as to allow a certain amount of food as per the desire of the pet owner. This allows you to fully take charge of the feeding habits of the cat.

This toy is durable and it will give you service beyond expectation. It will several generations of your cats, only with proper use and care. The cost is buying one is friendly too. You will not break your bank account in order to acquire one.

6. Cat Amazing Toy for Cats

 Cat Amazing – Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

If there is a toy that has been recommended by the vets because of its uniqueness, then this is the one. The toy is so interactive with and has the ability to activate the natural instincts of the cat. When the cats are being introduced to this toy, it preoccupies them for a long time. This makes them busy playing with the toy. The net effect is that the cat is kept healthy through proper involvement in physical activity and mental fitness. The toy box then bonds the cat together with the owner through frequent play. This, therefore, is a premium tool for your cat.

This toy works effectively with all indoor cats. In fact, outdoor cats too do play with them. It has a provision where cats can put their paws in and scratch. Your furniture is then safe from scratches. The toy can be used by more than one cat at any given moment. This, therefore, helps in saving costs of buying many toys for your many cats. Another good thing about this toy is that it is durable and can last for as long as it is well taken care of. Several generations of your kitties will enjoy it.

The toy comes at a modestly cheap price. With only $16, you will be able to own this product. The product is so distinctive such that the price charged is worth the value. With this product, you will get value for your money. Give your cat a treat with this ultimate toy.

7. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Toy for Cats

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy, 2pc (Interactive Cat Toy, Catnip Toy, Catnip Toys for Cats, Real Mouse Electronic Sound, Catnip, Cat Toys)

When you want to awaken your cat’s natural hunting instincts, then this is the right type of toy to go for. It is a perfect toy that helps to bring the wild to your cat in the room. This makes your cat feel like it is in the wild when it is actually not. This is the cat’s natural instincts are naturally awakened by this toy.

They come in a pair which means that your cat has up to two toys for play every given moment. This even makes the cat have double joy. This is because there is joy in running after two toys. It even makes the cat be aggressive in trying to hunt down the two toys. This makes your cat even healthier because of the intense physical activity it is exposed to every time of play. The cat will be challenged too and the mental ability will be fit and sharp.

When you buy this product, you will be assured of originality and being genuine. This is because it has been patented and that no other company or individual is allowed to reproduce it. Anyone who wants to copy it must seek to express approval from the owners. This, therefore, means that you will get a genuine product. It also means that the product is durable and can last for a very long amount of time.

The product goes for just under $10 meaning that it is easy to won one for your cats. Give it a try.

8. GoCat Da Bird Pull Toy

GoCat Da Bird Pull 2 Piece Pull Apart Rod & Bird, Handmade in The USA (1 Bird)

Indoor cats always feel left out of the world. This is because they do not get the chance to go out to the wild and hunt. The owners, therefore, has to come to their aid. This aid is by the introduction of toys which helps in activating natural instincts. One such type of toy is GoCat Da Bird Pull toy for cats. It has feathers that make it look like a live bird.

Since cats do prey on birds, they will be tricked that they are hunting a live bird. This, therefore, stimulates the cat and makes him physically and mentally fit. The cat is, therefore, able to have its health kept well. Many problems such as being overweight and obesity as well as diabetes is kept at bay as a result. The toy ensures that the cat is so playful and active the whole day long.

The toy is long-lasting. When not in use, it can be easily pulled down and kept in safe storage for future use. This prevents it from the calamities of the environment such as falling objects and other hazards. Safekeeping also ensures that it does not wear out or break down so fast. Durability is therefore guaranteed.

This toy when in use is always in motion. Cats will then keep on chasing it as it tries to capture it. It, thus, guarantees the continuity of play so long as the toy is set up.

To own this product, you only need a small investment off less than $10.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

There are several things to look for when buying a toy for your indoor cat. This is because in the market today are a number of toys. It becomes a challenge to know which is best suited for your indoor cat. Also, it is difficult to distinguish between the genuine (original) products from the substandard one. It, hence, needs one to consider many things before committing their money. What then are these things to consider?

It should encourage the cat to play

The main purpose of these toys is to have the cat to do some practice by playing. Naturally, indoor cats prefer sleeping the whole day rather than walking and playing. It is therefore in order to buy your cat toys which will make him play on its own – independently. When the cats play on their own, they tend to enjoy so much since there will be no limitation to their actions. Additionally, they can play at any time and any moment as they like. It should be easy for the cat to play with it. The complicated toy may not stimulate the cat to play around. Cats love simplicity.

The toy should encourage the cat to walk around

A good toy should compel the indoor cat to walk around. It is good when a cat plays, but it is even more if it encourages the cat to play around. Most of the toys are fitted with balls that rotate around the toy when the cat touches it. Since cats love running after things, it will be encouraged to run after the ball. This makes the cat more active as compared to just playing while in the same position. There are toys too which are round in nature which when the cat steps in, it moves around.

Since the cat will think that it is falling, it will have to protect itself. In the process, it ends up made to walk around. Walking around is good for the health of the cat. This is because many health problems such as being obese, overweight and many other conditions are put in check with good practice. Walking around will make the cat be busy hence avoiding distractive behaviors such as scratching the furniture. When they sleep around, chances are high that it will destroy your furniture when they have the urge to do so.

Ease of assembly

Many toys when being sold are not yet assembled. A lot of brands are sold as “DIY” – Do It Yourself, meaning that you will have to assemble at home. The reason as to why it is sold disassembled is because of things such as packaging and transportation. It is not easy always to transport an assembled product since it occupies a lot of space. Cat toys too are included in this category whereby they are being sold when not assembled.

In practice, it should be so easy to set it up at home. Luckily, there are manuals which accompany any package of cat toy being sold. Should you run into problems with assembling the toy, you can always refer to its manual. If it becomes difficult, you will have to contact a friend who has one such as yours. You can always refer back to the seller to help you assemble the toy at home. It is wise to ask them to train you on how to assemble at the point of purchase. You do not need to break down the toy when doing trials and errors trying to assemble if you do not know how to do it.

Suitability for your cats

Cats are varied in terms of things such as behavior, age, preference, and so other factors. What one cat loves and prefers might not be the preference of the other cat. Therefore you should be able to learn the preferences of your cat before committing your money on toys. Apart from preferences and likes, a toy that is suitable for an adult cat may not be suitable for a kitten. It is therefore important to consider the stage of life in which your cat is. It may be so difficult for kittens to play with toys intended for adult cats.

This could be because of things such as complexity, advancement and the size of the toy. We are so lucky that in the market today, there are all kinds of toys intended for cats of all ages, all sizes and for various preferences of the cats. It is encouraged that you have a few sets of toys for your cats to choose from. This is because it may be difficult to know their preferences unless you have studied them for some time now. You will get to know what they love when they choose amongst what you provide.

The source of power

There are those toys that need to be powered in order to work well and there are those which do not need any form of power. To have one which needs the power to operate might be costly in the long run since it will always need the power to operate. The cat’s activities may be interrupted too when the power fails for quite some time. These powered toys mostly used batteries which loses power over a period of time. As a result, they need to either be charged or replaced frequently. This is the period when the time of play is interrupted. It is better if you can buy one which does not need a battery or a source of power since the cat is guaranteed continuous play, all day long.

The cost

When getting to the market, you will need to carefully select what you need. From there you will do a cost-benefit comparison analysis. Many toys have varied prices. You will, therefore, need to compare various products against their prices and what it offers to your cat. Please note that the cost may not always translate to the level of goodness or badness of a product.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Why should indoor cats be provided with toys? Is it necessary?

As you might be aware as of now, there are two different cat types. These are indoor and outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are always out in the field hunting and playing, hence the toys may not really be necessary for them. Indoor cats, on the other hand, do spend most of their time in the house. They do not go out to play but just sleep the whole day. This is not a good health-wise. To encourage them to play, they are provided with toys to keep them busy and healthy in the long run. So yes, the toys are very necessary for your indoor cats.

My indoor cats scratch my sofa a lot. How can I prevent it?

Your cat is destroying your furniture because it does not have a provision for it to scratch. So when the urge arises, it vents the same to your expensive furniture. To help mitigate such problems, you need to buy a toy that has a scratchpad where your cat will scratch when the desire arrives. This will help you in saving the situation. A toy such as Bergan Turboscratcher will make sure that the cat will not harm your sofa. With the right amount of training, the cat will shift its urges from the furniture to the toy. Remember to always replace the scratcher when it wears out so that the cat will not go back to the furniture.

Can my cats share a toy?

If you have more than one indoor cat, you do not need to break your bank into buying a lot of toys. Your cats will love to share the toys. This is because they also love playing together. It is a good idea to let them interact as much as possible. It is healthier that way.


Remember that with a good amount of play on a daily basis, your cat will avoid a lot of health problems. It will get physically fit and good weight. Toys are perfect in keeping the cats healthy. By playing with them on a daily basis, the cat will be stimulated both physically and mentally. There are several kinds of toys in the market today. Choosing the correct type for your cat could be a daunting task. You will need to carry out a thorough market survey to find a toy that best fits your cat. Do not commit your money on faulty toys. Always choose the best.

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