Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

Cats love sleeping, relaxing, playing or even resting. They can do these exercises in any place so long as it is conducive for them. These exercises are good for growth and the development of the cat. The choice of location for doing such a thing is critical for the cat. Some people have gone ahead to create spaces for their cats out of love. This is so especially when the apartment is quite small. One of these structures is a cat tree. How is it made? How does the cat use it? For more information, go through these informative articles. You will get all you need from it.

What is a cat tree?

It is also known as a cat tree house, condo, stand, post or a cat tower. This is a structure made for the cat to have its activities all the time. The structure in itself is artificial and can be broken down when need be. Some of the activities that a cat can have in the condo are:

  1. Sleeping.
  2. Playing.
  3. Relaxing and any other thing that it wishes to do

This structure offers a sense of security to the cat by creating spaces only used by them. One of the advantages of the cat tree is that it prevents the cats from scratching furniture.

3 Small Apartment Cat Tree Comparison

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  • Build By: FEANDREA
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  • Color: Multicolored
  • Build By: PawHut
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  • Color: Beige
  • Build By: AmazonBasics
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8 Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Reviews 2021


FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts

This kitty condo is very suitable for small cats. It perfectly fits even in the smallest house. The condo is a wonderful playground for your kitten. They can be used for all the activities a cat would love to do. It is constructed with a tough material that is easy to clean and dry when it gets dirty. The house is quite easy to dismantle and rebuild when need be.


It does not consume a lot of space. It can even fit a small flat without any problem.

Offers the cat a good playground for its activities.

Prevents the cat from scratching your valuable cat furniture.

Has a wide top perch to give more room to the cat for playing.

It has a stable base that is held by battens. This is majorly for stability especially when the cat is playing around.

Fitted with two courts so that your kitties will have maximum space for playing and napping.

Very comfortable for the cat.

It gives your cat the opportunity to live a luxurious life. This too provides them with a great sense of security.


If you own several kitties, then space might be limited. You may then be forced to have more than one cat tree.

To some extent, the cost may be inhibitive to some users who intend to buy one.

The house is not ideal for large cats. This means that you will have separate condos for both small and large cats.

2. PawHut Cat Tree Tower

PawHut 108" Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Staggered Climbing Cat Tree Tower

A cat tree made of the most durable steel tubing to give your cat a long-lasting play tower. This tubing is meant to prevent the cat from scratching the metal. The condo is ideal for all cat types. It has been constructed to save space since it does not occupy a big space. With four perches that can be moved vertically, you will be able to take care of the same number of cats. It has been designed to give the cat the desire to hunt. Cats can climb to the highest point of the tower and watch over its territory.


It is excellent in space-saving. The tower as the name suggests has been designed to run up vertically and not horizontally. This helps to save on-ground space.

Fitted with four moveable perches to cater to a number of cats at once. You won’t need to invest in many tree towers.

It is fitted with a strong floor-to-ceiling tension for stability. Cats are assured of security.

Perches are designed with soft material to gives cats maximum comfort when they are relaxing.

The steel metal is strong enough to support a number of cats without breaking down.

Can comfortably fit into a small flat without having much impact on the space. In some instances, it can be attached to the ceiling leaving the ground space totally free.


It may not be able to support so many heavy cats.

3. Basics

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

A perfect playground for your kittens is one of the attributes of this cat tree. It has been designed to provide good interaction with the cat. Cats love scratching their bodies against rough substances. The developers of this cat tree had this in mind. It is meant to satisfy the cat’s urge to scratch itself and climb.

There is more than one design of this brand. The customer, therefore, is exposed to a range of choices when making a purchase. The tree is safe against scratches from your kitty. It also helps prevent the cats from scratching your beautiful cat furniture. This cat tree allows your pet to relax and enjoy themselves. It can be placed anywhere in the house where the cat loves. More so, it is very ideal for smaller to mid-sized cats.


Gives the cat the ability to entertain itself while at the same time relaxing.

Provides the pet with a surface to scratch its body while climbing up and down.

Highly minimizes space. It fits well even in a small flat.

Very stable even when the cat is playing.

Keeps the cat away from scratching cat furniture and the carpet.

It has enough space for more than one cat to relax and play in it.

Choose the color of the tree which suits the color of your room.


It may not have the ability to accommodate larger cats. This, therefore, means that you will have to buy one which can serve your larger pets in the apartment.

4. Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Furniture

This is a wonderful product for your feline friends. The product itself has been designed with a lot of innovation with a classic touch of finish. It is cat-friendly in nature. It gives the cats an excellent space to rest and play. This product provides cats with scratching areas that help in deterring the cats scratching things like furniture and even carpet. The product is ideal for a pet owner who rears more than one cat. It is quite spacious to cater to all the needs of your kitty friend. With a stable base, the whole set up is stable too.


It is ideal for all cat sizes. It does not discriminate based on size and weight.

Excellent in saving space especially when one is dwelling in small flat.

It can fit even into a small house. It does not occupy a large space in the house. Also, it can be moved from one point to another in the house.

Can be cleaned with ease as compared to other brands.

It can accommodate more than 3 cats at a go. This greatly helps in saving the costs of acquiring a new one for each cat.

Fitted with a wide base for the stability of the entire unit.


The cost could be inhibitive due to the materials used in production.

Does not provide a perfect stairway for the cats to climb. This, however, does not mean that the cats cannot climb either up or down.

5. Cat Activity Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

A premium cat tree with three scratching posts and a sleeping bed on top all packaged into one product. For the love of conserving space, this product is slim and takes a minimum spot in the house. It can be placed next to the window so that the kitty can have an outside view. The beautiful part of it is that it has a very stable base. Cats will, therefore, have a sense of security since they are assured of not falling off.

Another good thing about this product is that it is fitted with optimal surfaces for the kitties to sharpen their claws. The tree provides them with a lot of fun during play and even good exercises while climbing and jumping off. Comfortably, accommodate more than two cats on this cat tree. In places where space is limited, this structure fits in well. It is good at conserving the limited space.


Occupies minimum space in the living area of the small flat.

Gives the cat the best moments during play and relaxation.

Fitted with an upper ring that the kitty friend can use as a bed when relaxing and sleeping.

Allows the cats to scratch their bodies. Cats affection this exercise so much.

Accommodate more than two cats at any given time. This is a beautiful aspect of cost savings.


Larger cats may not use the upper ring comfortably.

Lack of creativity during the design and manufacture of the cat tree. However, though, it serves the purpose well.

6. Sleeper Cat Scratch Post

 Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

Give your cats a large bed and a rest area with this tree post. It is made specifically to cater for larger cats or for sharing by many cats. It has a huge space for sleeping, playing and relaxing. The house is equipped with a thick, natural sisal rope for the cats scratch, sharpen their nails and play with it. The material used in making this cat  furniture is scratch-free and it guarantees you a long-lasting cat tree. What is, even more, is that the furniture can fit into the smallest apartment. It helps in saving ground space. It is equipped with a slightly bigger base to enhance the stability of the cat furniture.


Accommodates several cats at a go. This, therefore, leads to cost savings by not buying several furniture meant for many cats.

Very expansive rest area for the cats to have enough space to play, relax and even sleep.

It is scratch-resistant furniture. Instead, cats are provided with a rope for them to dip their claws. The rope is useful in sharpening the claws and also trimming the unwanted part. It is also useful for cats to scrape their bodies with it.

Designed to save space especially in the small flat. It stretches vertically instead of horizontal direction hence making a saving on ground space.


There is no much choice or freedom over the color of the furniture.

Cleaning it sometimes may be a challenge. However, it has to be cleaned quite often

7. Cat Tree Perch

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Perch

This is perfect cat tree furniture for small kittens & cats. Fitted with two perches for cats to play, sleep and relax. Comfortably, accommodate up to two cats using this furniture. With a wide base, the cats will have a sense of security. They are not likely to fall down together with the structure due to its stability. The poles are surrounded by a thick sisal rope for the cats to dip their claws in. It is made of strong materials such as compressed wood and faux fir finish. This guarantees durability. It is easy to assemble at home, as it is accompanied by manual instructions from the manufacturer. Save space by buying this product.


Can accommodate many generations of cats. This is because the product is highly durable.

Provides enough space for your friend kitties for sleep and play. Cats are playful in nature.

Fitted with sisal rope to give the cats the ability to climb up and down comfortably. Also, it is useful in sharpening the claws and trimming them when need be.

The cat is assured of safety since the furniture is highly stable.

Save costs with this cat tree because it can accommodate several cats at a go.

It is easy to assemble. On sale, it is accompanied by the product manual. Kt can be assembled by anyone.


Though it can accommodate more than one cat, mostly it is limited to hosting two cats at any given time. If you, therefore, have many other cats, you will have to buy more than one perch.

8. Premier Triple Cat Perch

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

For those of you who are not good at doing the assembling, this product is perfect for you. Just get it out of the box and let your cats play, sleep and relax in it. Made of wood, carpet and sisal rope, this product guarantees you a long-lasting usage. The sisal rope is for preventing the cats scratching your other valuable furniture. It is also useful for ascent and descent. This particular cat tree has a wide and strong base for stability. The good news is that it has up to four wide perches to accommodate several numbers of cats. It is made of several colors for your choice based on your desire and preference.


It is slim enough to be accommodated in a small flat. It does not consume a lot of space.

Provides a wide space to cater to many cats. The pets can play, sleep, relax and interact with each other.

Very stable since it has a strong, wide base to support the weight of many cats.

Fitted with a sisal rope. The major is of this rope is for the cat to climb up and down, dip the claws, trim the claws and scratch the body with it.

It is already pre-fitted hence you just buy and use it. No need for assembling at home.


It May is not suitable for very large cats.

It may pose a challenge when cleaning since it cannot be disassembled easily. Give it thorough cleaning on a daily basis so as to avoid dirt from staining in it.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Cat Tree For Your Small Flat

Before buying a cat condos (cat tree), there are several things to put into consideration. It is neither wise nor advisable to just buy one for your cats. In this guide, we are going to highlight what you must put into consideration so that you settle for the best. Go through carefully.

Scratching posts

Cats have a tendency of scratching things around. It is usually an urge that emerges for a moment then it disappears. You should, therefore, buy a condo that has scratching posts for the cats to clear this urge. What is the effect of not looking for this provision? The cats will go for your expensive furniture scratching them anyhow. That is costly in the long run.

If your condo is lacking this feature, please examine to see whether it can be developed, if not, you better go for a new one.

Cats affection scratching different surfaces as well. While others love the carpet, others love the sisal rope or wood. Should you in any case not aware of what your cat loves, then go for the option that combines all the above. Better still, look for one that carries several of the above options.

Levels of perches

Your kitty friends need a lot of space for sleeping, playing and even relaxing. Before you buy a condo, consider the number of cats that you keep. The bigger the number of pes, the more the levels you will need because of demand and space. If your cat is that which is very playful, you will definitely need one with more levels. Finally, cats get entertained when climbing high. You must put that into consideration.

Inbuilt accessories

Some cat trees are just sold the way they are while others have additions such as toys for the cats to have a lot of fun. From birth, cats are playful in nature. The more the objects they have for playing, the better. Look for one with toys to keep your cat entertained all day long.

Stability and sturdiness

Tipping off is one thing that cats do not love at all. The stability of the condo should be your priority. Since they stretch vertically from bottom-up, it means that the center of gravity is a bit high too. To mitigate this challenge, the condo should have a wide and strong base to support the entire system. There have been cases where a cat has stopped using a condo because of falling off. That sounds like a wastage right? You should therefore not desire that to happen to your cat. It should also stand firm when quite a number of kitties jump on to it. This is a normal practice because cats loves playing with each other. Stability should be the key.

The size of the apartment

Cat trees come in various sizes depending on the cat size, or even the number of cats to use it. If you leave in a large apartment, chances are high that you won’t have much problem with the condo size. Should you be living in a small apartment, space will then be a bother to you. For small flat, rooms, you should try to avoid keeping large cats as it will lead you to buy larger condos. Look for one which saves much on ground space and which can be easily moved from one location to another when the need arises.

The needs/desires of your cat

Before putting out your money, first, get to understand what your cat needs. The needs of the cats vary and are numerous. Age and weight also determine what the cat really desires. If for example, your cat is large, it may desire to have a short stable condo. Kittens too may not have the courage to go so high. If you have several cats, you will need to either go for a large condo or buy several other condos to cater to them. The choice of location is also a factor to consider. To cater for this, buy a condo that is easily movable without it being damaged. If you are not sure of what the cat desires, you will need to buy one that has several features available to a cat.

Ease of assembly

In several instances, you will find a condo that has not been assembled at the time of purchase. The normal practice is to have it assembled at home. Look at the easy of assembling it when you are alone. Always ask for a user manual whenever you are taking a product to assemble at home. Where the work is too complicated, you may be forced to call in an expert.

Warranty and guarantee

Some condos have defects right from production. Therefore one of the things to put into consideration is whether the manufacturer caters to that through warranties. Get to know which parts are catered for by the warranty, where to drop your product and where to pick it after repairs. Understand where spares can be found in the case where warranties are not provided.

The costs

Cat trees range in sizes and features. For every extra added feature, there is a commensurate increase in cost. Smaller condos go for at least $100 while the largest models can go for as much as $500. This, therefore, calls for you to consider your financial might and needs before buying one for your kitties. The cost ranges from region to region, therefore you will need to also consider where you buy the condo.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How does cat tree work?

It is pretty simple in working. The cats climb/perch it up and play on it. It is fitted with perches of which the cat climbs to it, plays on it and even sleeps on it.

What type of condo should I choose for my cat?

Before settling for any condo to buy, there are several things to put into consideration. They include the age of the cat, the size, the number of cats to accommodate the size of the apartment amongst many other factors. There are several varieties of condos to choose from. There are even condos for outdoor cats. Several things will inform your choice of a condo best suitable for your cat.

What can make the cat refuse to use a condo?

Cats too can refuse to sleep on a condo after some time. Several things can cause this. Here are some of the things to look for:

Cats love clean surfaces. Should the condo become dirty and even smelly, the cat will run away from it.

When the condo is new, it has a strange smell that the cat might not fall in love with.

When the cat discovers other warmer sites where they can nap, they are bound to keep off the condo.

Desire to change from the usual position to a new location.

If the cat hates the smell of a fellow cat, then chances are high that it will leave the condo for its fellow kitty.

How long can a condo last?

There is no definite period which can be said that a cat tree can last. It all depends on how you handle and take care of it. Also, check for damages quite often and do repairs before getting worse.


Condos are the best gift to your cats. They feel loved and taken care of. There are several of them in the market today. You need to consider several factors to consider before settling on the best one for the kitties. Important of all is to consider the size of the apartment. Consider buying small condos if your apartment is small and a larger one for a big sized apartment. If it does not give the cat a sense of security, then you rather leave it than making the cat lose confidence. Finally, look for a cat tree, cat condo, cat tower, best cat scratching tree that is long-lasting and which provides the cat with a place to scratch its body and to dip its claws. Cats tend to love it that way.

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