Best Clippers For Cats With Mats

Having a cat or cats in the house with long hair is not a sweet thing to imagine. This is because of their tendency to swallow them to form hairballs, or even get the house dirty. In most cases, the outcome of such bad health. What then should you do to avoid such messes? The best thing is to clip off the cat’s hair. Then begs the question, what do you use to clip the hair? Well, this article will present you with information on the best cat hair clipper. Read on for more information.

Best Cat Trimmer For Mats Comparison

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  • Run Time (Minutes): 80
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
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  • Run Time: 120 Minutes + Quick Charge (15 min. for 10 min.)
  • Battery Type : Lithium Ion Battery
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5 Best Clippers For Cats With Mats Reviews

1. Oneisall Rechargeable

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets

It is a rechargeable cat clipper. With a built-in li-ion battery, the clipper reserves power for a long. It is designed to be flexible when in use. You can continue with clipping while connected to a source of power. Therefore, you can complete your work without the worry of abandoning it halfway.

The clipper is less noisy and will not disturb the cat. It makes the cat feel relaxed when clipping the hair. Apart from a low noise, it has very low vibration levels which do not scare away the cats. This helps in gaining the trust of your pets.

It comes with safe and sharp blades that clip the hair while sparing the cat’s skin. The blades can be detached and cleaned when they get dirty. When sharpened, the blades take long to get blunt. The blades produce an excellent cut even for cats with slightly longer hair.

This clipper can be used for shaving the hair of different sizes. Caution should, however, be taken when clipping very long hair. This is because it may destroy the clipper. To avoid this problem, you should first use a pair of scissors to trim the hair to a manageable level. When that has been done, you can then deploy the trimmer to complete the task.

The trimmer works excellently in matted cats. With its sharp blades, it can clip the hair with precision while detangling the hard ones. I do recommend this product to anyone who is looking forward to purchasing one for their cat.

2. Wahl Professional

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded / Cordless Clipper Kit

A very ideal clipper for the cat’s general grooming. When you have this clipper, you can work on the cat’s body with a lot of ease.

With the rechargeable battery, you are assured of an all-time functional clipper. It takes a very short time to charge the battery to full. At the same time, it takes quite some time for the battery to discharge. This ensures that you have a long time usage of the clipper. With experience, you can even use the clipper to groom your cat while connected to a source of power.

The clipper has sharp blades that can be used for quite some time before becoming dull. When the blades get dirty, they can be taken off and replaced with clean ones. To sharpen the blades, you just need to pluck it off and sharpen it.

For the cat to have some peace while clipping, the clipper produces suppressed noise which does not disturb the pet. On the other hand, it does not vibrate. This ensures that the cat can sit down patiently as you work on its hair.

The clipper is durable and can serve several generations of cats. With proper care and maintenance, it will always be available for service.

Apart from using it on cats, the clipper can also be used on other domestic animals. Such animals include dogs and horses. This, therefore, means that you do not need to spend much on buying several clippers.

The product comes with a one-year limited warranty. You do not, therefore, have to worry about losses especially when the product is still under cover.

3. Wahl Home Pro Series

Wahl Home Pet Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit, for Pet Grooming, Trimming, and Touchups, Works Best on Fine to Medium Coated Dogs and Cats, or for...

A quality product that is ideal for grooming the cat and other home pets. This is a product which has been recommended by many professionals because of its best results. The product has gained a lot of confidence from many professionals since it has been in use since 1919. It has stood the taste of the time for ages.

The clipper has a rechargeable battery which takes a very short time to charge to completion. When it is full, it can run for up to ninety minutes without any interruption. This ensures that you can work on more than one cat on a single charge. The clipper can also be used when connected to the power source. You, therefore, won’t need to leave your cat after working on it halfway.

The clipper has self-sharpening blades that are built to deliver high-quality work. Indeed everyone owning a cat should consider purchasing this product. The blades can be replaced anytime they get dirty. When the blades are exposed to ultraviolet rays, it kills all the bacteria therein. This even makes it easier to clean without taking it off from the clipper.

It is designed for cats which are small to medium in size. This means that it works best under the given conditions. However, its work is not limited to small and medium cats only. You can still use it even on larger cats if you have no other means to acquire one.

The product comes with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers all the parts except for the consumable parts.

4. Sminiker Low Noise Rechargeable

 Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers - Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,Animal Clippers Pet Grooming Kit

As the name suggests, the clipper is extremely silent when in operation. The noise produced is friendly to the cat. While grooming the cat, it won’t feel threatened because of the low levels of noise made by the machine. The vibration from while at work too is negligible. It is friendly throughout the grooming session.

The clipper is built with titanium blades. These blades are known to be powerful, strong and resistant to rust. When rust affects a blade, then it ceases to be healthy to us on a cat. This is it carries harmful bacteria that may affect the cat’s health. The blades are self-sharpening and it is hard for it to get blunt. As the blades get dirty, you can just pull it off the clipper and clean it. At the same time, replacing blades is an easy task. The blade is durable. If well taken care of, it will serve several cats over many years without it getting damaged.

It takes a very short time for the battery to be charged to full capacity. When it is full, it can be used for up to one and a half hours without any interruption. This means that you can groom more than one cat with a single charge. If you run out of power while still clipping the cat, you do not have to worry. You can just connect the clipper to the power source and continue grooming the cat. It is easy to use even for new users.

5. Wahl Professional Cordless

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

With the offer of five blades, you have the power to choose the size of the cat hair as per your desire. The clipper offers a lot of conveniences to the user and to the cat itself. Each blade is of different size for different hair sizes. The blades are self-sharpening, a process which it does regularly. When it comes to cleaning, the blades just need to be plucked off the clipper, cleaned and replaced.

The clipper shaves the hair with accuracy and precision. It can shave to even the hard to reach places. Not all the clippers have the ability to shave all body parts. This product comes in handy to solve such problems.

It has a battery that takes a maximum of seventy-five minutes to charge to completion. When fully charged, the clipper can run for up to eighty minutes without requiring a charge. Should it run out of charge while you are trimming the cat, then there is no cause to worry. Just plug it into a power source and continue grooming the cat. This ensures that your work is not interrupted.

The clipper has very low noise levels. Such an amount of noise does not make the cat feel discomfort while grooming it. It does not produce heavy vibrations too. The cat is comfortable during the entire session.

It is light in weight. The clipper fits perfectly to the hand and it does not cause the wrist to hurt. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty effective from the date of purchase.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Clippers For Cats With Mats

When buying a cat hair clipper, you do not just walk to the store, give out some money, take the product and go home. If you do that, you may end up getting very disappointed. You have to carry out due diligence on what the market offers before making any purchase. What then do you look for when buying a clipper? Here is the guide.

The blade type

There are many types of products used to make the blade. To get the best out of the blade, always look for one which is resistant to rust. When rust attacks a blade, then it is no longer safe for use in cats. It is also important to look for a blade that does not get dull easily. Finally, the material used to make the blade should be strong and not malleable. Malleable blades get to bend every time they come into contact with tough hair.

It is always good to purchase self-sharpening blades, rather than those which are sharpened manually. This helps in preserving them for long use. Finally, a good blade should be easy to clean. Whenever possible, you should consider buying a blade which is self-cleaning and easy to change.

Power consumption

All modern cat clippers work when charged. Consumption of power, however, differs amongst the clippers. While most of them take close to 70 minutes to charge to full, some can take even more than that time. When fully charged, most of the clippers can take between eighty to ninety minutes to fully discharge. Whenever you want to purchase a clipper, ensure that you go for one which takes the shortest time to charge fully. On the other hand, the same clipper should take the longest time to discharge. You should consider buying one which gives you an option to trim while connected to a power source.

The number of blades

A clipper that has one blade type and size does not offer much for decision making.

The best clipper should offer you up to five blades of different sizes. This comes in handy when choosing the size of hair that you want the cat to have. A well-groomed cat is always a product of the clipper with many options. Such a clipper can even trim those hard to reach places where not many blades cannot do that. The more the number of blades, the better the clipper is.


Electric items usually undergo a lot of changes when used constantly. This may lead to breakages or even normal wear and tear. Most manufacturers attempt to cater for these changes through the provision of warranty. In most cases, the warranty does not cover everything, especially when it comes to consumables parts. You should, therefore, seek to understand the warranty terms before making any purchase. Get to understand what is included and excluded and the period with which the warranty will be in force. It is also good to understand what may cause the warranty to be withdrawn or canceled.

Noise and vibration

Cats can get scared easily with the noise and vibration from the clipper. This may even make the trimming to become an impossible task. Trimming the cat is not a short time exercise. You should, therefore, decide on the type of clipper checking on the noise level.

Maintenance of the clipper

All the clippers need some sort of maintenance on a regular basis. These are things that are hard to avoid. Before making a purchase, check to see on the ease of maintenance of the clipper. Others are easy to maintain while others are too demanding. A decision should, therefore, be made based on ease of maintenance of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Do the clippers come with instructional materials?

Yes, the products come with instructional materials. However, they come only in terms of user manuals. You may not, for example, get an instructional DVD or a CD in the package. This is because it is easy to assemble and use. Assembling does not mean putting the whole thing together, rather, it is by fixing the required size of the blade and by connecting it to a power source.

You should not have the impression that it is difficult to use the product. Rather, you should consider how best the clipper will groom your cat with precision.

What amount of electric volt does the clipper operate in?

In several countries, the units of measurement of power greatly differ. If you are in the United States, for example, the product will be running on a 110V power. Other countries such as Singapore runs on a 230V off the power. This, therefore, means that it is dependent on the country of destination.

Is it possible to align clipper blades?

Yes, it is possible. In some cases, the blades might not be at the appropriate angle. One has to do the adjustments by the use of screwdrivers. To do so, you just need to loosen the screws a little bit. This is to allow a small room for the movement of blades. After that, you will need to adjust them accordingly before tightening the screw again.

Can I use the cat clipper on my other pets?

Well, not all clippers can be shared. There are those which are specifically meant for cats, and there are those which can be shared. So if you have one which can be shared by the pets, then well and good. It is, however, important to buy one which you can share. This is because it translates to saving of cost in that you do not need to buy a clipper for each animal.


It is your duty as the pet owner to keep the cat clean and neat all the time. This starts with the choice of the clipper which you deploy. Since there are a number of them in the sold in the market today, due diligence is required before making a purchase.

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