Best Dog Nail Clippers For Black Nails

Clippers are available in different types and sizes. You should get the one that will suit the style and size of your dog. Check your dog nails, do they have big or small nails. The problem with most pet owners does not give importance to this, maybe because they are bringing their pet to the grooming center.

But for those who do the cutting of nails of their pet dogs with black nails, they need to find the best dog nail clippers for black nails. To help you find one, we have reviewed five of the top 5 dog nail clippers in the market today.

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5 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Black Nails Reviews 2021

1. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard to Avoid Over-Cutting Nails & Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - for...

Boshel is a unique dog nail clipper that is highly recommended by many users. These clippers are ergonomically designed, and they have sharp stainless steel blades for quick, stress-free, smooth, and sharp cuts. Aside from its durability, it has a user-friendly design. It has an easy-grip, non-slip, and ergonomic handle that will remain in your hands during the process.

The Boshel clippers have a safety stop that ensures you will not cut the pet’s nail too short, which might injury them. It also has a safety lock for safe storage. Also, it is equipped with a built-in mini nail file that is used to smoothen the nails.

Your pet will feel comfortable even while under the process. As a result, you will be able to cut all their nails without any problem and issues. Most veterinarians, professional groomers, and animal trainers recommend the Boshel Dog Nail Clippers not only because it is effective and affordable but because of the useful features it possesses.

This nail clipper can cut a dog’s nail without exerting a lot of effort. Also, it does not split the nail during the process. Because of these, the Boshel nail clippers are the best choice for nervous dogs.

The best thing about these dog nail clippers is that it is adjustable, which means you can use it for small, medium, and large-sized breeds. It has a small switch button that lets the clipper work on any size of a dog. Previous users can testify to this claim.

Dog long claws are not only unattractive, but it can also ruin your flooring. It can even scratch your skin accidentally. The solution for many people is to visit the vet or dog grooming experts to cut your dog’s nails. But if you want to save money, buying a Boshel dog nail clipper can help you trim your dog’s nails at home safely.

2. Professional Dog Nail Clippers by Trim Pet

Professional Dog Nail Clippers,Vet Approved,Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades With Safety Guard,Ergonomic Designed Handles For Easy Precise Cutting,Groom..

The design of this clipper is similar to the traditional scissor-style pet toenail cutter. It is advertised as a professional dog nail clippers because it is made of high-quality materials. And because of this, it is quite expensive as compared to others. The reviews are not as many as compared to other dog nail clippers brands.

Trim Pet offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, which means the manufacturer assures healthy pet grooming. When it comes to the razor-sharp blade, this is one brand with an extremely sharp cutting surface. Your pet dog will not feel any discomfort during the cutting process.

The users will benefit a lot on this clipper as it has a comfortable large ergonomic handle. Your hands are protected as the handles prevent hand fatigue. Cutting of toenail is done as smoothly as possible. Another useful feature is that it has an extra-strong conical spring that produces smooth actuation as it generates a quick positive return to prepare for the next cut.

With its anti-pinch telescopic spring guard, the user’s hands are protected during cutting, which makes spring loss not possible. If you want to check out this dog nail clipper, you have to visit the manufacturer’s website first. Here you will find a lot of tips on how to use the clipper effectively. You will also find reasons why Trim Pet Professionals Nail Clippers is one of the best in the market today.

The company website also provides lots of helpful information and tutorials on how to trim a dog’s nails with ease and fast. Of course, the speed lies in how sharp your clippers are. So, if you want something with assurance, then this is the best product for you.

3. GoPets Nail Clippers

If you are looking for smaller but efficient nail clippers, the GoPets is the brand for you. This nail clipper is lighter, which is easy to handle. You might be surprised by this model. Therefore, this model is designed for use on all sorts of pets. Some claim that it is as effective on smaller nails of toy breeds of dogs. 

Concerning safety, this brand is one of the safest dog nail clippers in the market. Damaging a dog’s nail can be very uncomfortable and painful for your pets. If your dog has black and thick nails, it is hard to determine the start of the quick.

GoPets has a built-in quick sensor and safety guide. This gives you the guarantee that you will not cause any harm when you cut the nails of your dog. It can be done in both small and large sizes. The clipper has a 3.5mm thick, high-quality stainless steel blade. Blades are sharp enough to create smooth, quick cuts, and they will stay sharp longer.

It also has added safety features for both the users and your dog. The handles are non-slip, large handles that avoid slip-ups and are easy to hold. You will surely acknowledge the quick guard feature to prevent overcutting the nails, which is very painful for your pets.

4. AIBORS Dog Nail Clippers

If your dog suddenly freak out while trying to cut their nails, do not ignore it. Your dog may experience drooling, panting, tail trucking, trembling, or whining. Your dog must be comfortable while cutting their nails. Using the right nail clippers can make the process easy and fast.

Airbors dog nail clipper is a well-designed and high-quality dog nail clipper designed to provide a better result. The tool has an ergonomic design with a non-slip handle so it will be comfortable when you hold to this nail clipper. The handle is light and has a built-in spring to make clipping and to trim fast and easy.

The precision stainless steel blade has a safety stop that could prevent it from cutting your dog’s nail too short that could injure your furry friend. The manufacturer offers an 18-month after-sales service, so if you encounter problems.

5. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper, Plier Style

Every dog owner should have the Millers Forge dog nail trimmers. This clipper is equipped with heat-treated stainless steel and sharp blades. It also has a spring for an efficient cutting mechanism, which makes the trimming process clean without noise and are comfortable for your dog.

For safe cutting of nails, it has a safeguard feature that can be adjusted depending on the position you are comfortable with. The feature also prevents cutting the nails too small, and it has a lock to keep the trimmer safe for easy storing and maintenance.

You can easily find this nail clipper in most pest shops and with beginner-level design, simple features, and convenience. It looks like a pair of pliers that provide you a better view of the nail as you can eliminate the excess nails off from your dog’s feet and paws.

Many dog owners like a clipper with a nail guard, so they don’t have to worry in case of accidentally cutting the quick. Also, this kind of nail clipper is one of the affordable clippers, so it is a good option if you are on a tight budget.

What to Look For a Best Nail Clippers For Dogs With Black Nails?

The nail clipper you choose will usually depend on the size of your dog and its nails. For every size of the nail, there are lots of styles to choose from. To shorten your list, after determining the size you need. It is essential to consider that style that will best fit your hand and which is right for your dog’s disposition.

You can find the best tool by considering the factors below:

Blade Quality

Aside from the style or type of clippers, the most vital part features are the quality of blade material used in the clipper. It is best to consider clippers with a premium-quality stainless steel blade. This type of blade is very safe for clipping black nails, with excellent edge retention, and is rust-free.

Blades made of low-quality materials may tend to lose sharpness within a short period. You will not be able to produce smooth and clean results and are sometimes painful to your pet dog.


In choosing the best dog nail clippers, efficiency is not the only vital thing. You should also be focusing on safety features. If you have an active dog, using a clipper without safety features can injure your dog. The depth safety guard is the most crucial safety feature you should consider when buying a dog nail clipper. Also, those with a safety lock for easy and secure storage is recommended.

For new dog owners, a nail clipper with a quick stop or sensor is a useful safety feature as it prevents accidental cutting off your dog’s nail too short, which can cause discomfort. Keep in mind the quick stop feature is not an assurance that you will not over-trim. It is only a guide so you will know when to stop.


When it comes to style, choose the one that is comfortable for you and to your pet. The most common type of dog nail clipper is the scissor-style. Its look may intimidate you, but it is quite easy to use.

If you are looking for a quick cut, the guillotine-type nail clippers are the ones for you. All you need to do is to place the nail inside the hole and make a quick motion, and you are done.

Grinders, on the other hand, is a good choice if your pet hates the feeling of your nail being trimmed off, but you need to overcome the vibration and noise.


Use the right size of dog nail clippers for your dog with black nails to make sure you cut them safely, particularly if you have small pups. A small clipper is designed for smaller nails and paws. Larger clippers are made to cut the nails of a bigger dog that usually has bigger and thicker cutting surfaces. If you attempt to use small clippers to your larger pet, you might not be able to get the result that you want. You might get frustrated with the result.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Which is the best cutting tool for trimming black dog nails, clippers, or a file?

You can use clippers or nail files to cut black dog nails. It depends on where you are comfortable. The clippers cut fast. You need to be careful as accidental cuts are more prone when using clippers than with a file. On the other hand, if you use a nail file, it may take you longer to complete the trimming, and your dog is not patient enough to tolerate it.

What style of nail clippers for black nails do I need?

Nail clippers are available in two styles – the scissor style and the guillotine style. The scissor-style clippers are easier to use, but the guillotine style is much stronger and more accurate. Both designs work well for black nails, so pick the one that suits you best.

Can I use the dog nail clippers for black nails for my rabbit?

Yes, the clippers are quite versatile, that you can use them not just on dog’s claws but also on cats or rabbits.

Which is better, dog nail clippers or grinders?

The grinders require electricity to work. It applies friction on the dog’s nail to gradually wear down the dog’s claws. The tool works similarly to sandpaper. If you prefer rounded, smoother claws for your dog, the grinder is the best option. It is also recommended for dogs with anxiety when they hear the sound of the clippers. But, the sound the grinders produce can be quite annoying for your pets.

What is the best technique for using dog nail clippers?

It does not matter what type of nails your dog has. What is important is that your dogs should be comfortable when cutting their nails. Start slow, let your pet dogs get familiar with the sound of the clippers. Make sure your pet will not get hurt during the process. Once your dogs understand that the clippers will not hurt them, you will not have any difficulties cutting their nails.

When is the best time to start cutting your dog’s black nails?

The ideal age to start cutting your pet dog’s nails is six weeks. As they grow up, they will get familiarize with the clipper’s sound. And as long as you will not accidentally hurt them, you will not have any problems.

How long do dog clippers last?

Dog groomers are working full-time use one clipper for every 5 dogs day. Most of the time, they change their clippers every 4 to 6 weeks, or when it starts showing the signs of wearing.

Is there a difference between human clippers and dog clippers?

Human and dog clippers may look the same but there are some differences you might not have noticed. The human clippers are arranged with teeth and are closer together. Also, the dog clippers are sharper, have several blades, and are more powerful. Do not use the human clipper in the dog’s claws as the claws are hard enough for the human clipper to handle.


Your intention of cutting your pet nails is for the good of your pets and everything around them. But sometimes, your dogs do not want to go into the process as they do not feel comfortable with it. Getting a sharp, premium quality blade with all the safety features is the best thing you can do to make your pets comfortable.

Among the five nail clippers we reviewed, we highly-recommend BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers. It has a wider cutting surface, has safety features like safeguard features, and easy to hold the handle with anti-slip features. Boshel nail clipper will not disappoint you. If you have any questions or inquiries about the product, you can write your comment below.

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