Best Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Most cat owners are in search of cat foods that are gentle on their pet’s stomachs. Some may vomit or experience diarrhea when they eat normal cat food. Others may have an allergic reaction. So, you need to look for something that does not have ingredients that could upset your cat’s stomach. To help you find safe and healthy food for your cat, I have reviewed 8 of the best grain free wet cat food in the market. Also, included in this article is a guide so you will know what to look for when choosing.

8 Best Grain Free Wet Cat Food Reviews 2021

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Pate Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wet Cat Food recipe is inspired by Lynx. This is the only cat food that applies LifeSource Bits which is a combination of nutrients needed by the pets. As the little kittens grow old and mature, you will notice that their whiskers become grey, and the need for protein-rich diet increases. Blue Buffalo Wilderness will surely satisfy their cravings.

Since chicken is the main ingredient, it has a higher concentration of protein as compared to adult foods. It only means that it meets your cat’s nutritional needs. The moisture content is also higher at 75% and that would help the cat stay hydrated for longer.

This cat food is manufactured in the US and complies with the zero grain formula. Thus, it does not contain wheat, gluten, or corn in this product. Give your adult cat all the nutrients it requires. You can bring your cat to the vet and discuss issues concerning the cat’s diet and health.

The cat food has a pate style which means it has a smooth texture that your feline buddy cannot resist. It is made of natural ingredients fortified with minerals and vitamins. Your cat will surely love the variety of food this brand produces. This wet food can complement dry food and can make the eating time more enticing.

The suggested feeding amount is two cans of 3-oz per six to eight pounds of body weight every day. Make sure that you also have a clean dish of cool, freshwater all the time.

2. Purina Pro Plan TRUE NATUR

Purina Pro Plan TRUE NATURE Natural Adult Canned Wet Cat Food

For cat owners who are looking for wet cat food, this Purina Pro Plan True Nature is a good formula for your feline pets. It is grain and gluten-free, without artificial colorings, flavors, or preservatives. It contains high-quality protein from real chicken. Since its top ingredients are liver and chicken it helps promote the best body condition.

To make sure your pet gets all the nutrition it needs, the dog food contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals. It is considered as one of the complete food for cats, no need for you to add supplements in their diet. The formulation was done by Purina’s team composed of 400 nutritionists and vets and is made in the US. It is highly recommended for cats with diabetes and is overweight.

Provide your cat all the nutrition it needs with this Purina Pro Plan True Nature Cat Food. It is safe even to the pickiest feline since it does not contain any harmful ingredients like artificial colouring and flavor or preservatives. You will have peace of mind that you are giving your cat the best food. This delicious cat food will satisfy your cat’s palate and desire for delicious food without affecting its health.

3. Purina Beyond Wet Food

 Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Go beyond the ordinary by giving your cats Purina Beyond Wet Food. This recipe is a combination of wholesome ingredients with enticing smell and taste that your cats will surely love. Each variety contains real meat, poultry, or fish and provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your adult feline. The ingredients are well-selected for a specific purpose to provide the best nutrition and support your cat’s long, healthy life.

This grain-free cat food does not contain corn, soy, wheat, or any poultry by-product meal. Your feline friends will get 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Go Beyond by Purina is made of real and high-quality protein sources, which includes ocean whitefish, pheasant, quail, and white meat chicken so you are confident that you are giving only the best for your cat.

Purina Beyond Wet Food does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives which makes it very safe even for your pickiest cats. The good thing about this brand is you can trace back their sources. You are assured that their ingredients are from trusted sources only.

It is formulated by a group of nutritionists with the right amount of carbs, fats, and protein as well as essential nutrients to support your cat’s health. Adult cats have specific dietary needs and Purina Beyond ensures that these are all considered when they formulated the product. It contains the right amount of everything your cat needs including vitamin B and E. A box of Purina Beyond contains 24 cans with 3 ounces of delicious and healthy food with various flavors.

4. Purina Fancy Feast Wet

Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Wet Cat Food, Gravy Lovers Salmon Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy - (24) 3 oz. Cans

The best way to feed your cats is to feed them with Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food. Most of the cat owners who have used the product have rated it fairly high enough. This only means that the food is perfect for your picky feline pets. What makes this a good option for wet cat food? One of the main reasons is that it is grain-free but rich in protein.

It gives you peace of mind that your cat will get the nutrition it needs. Experts recommend grain-free cat food particularly for cats that are allergic to grains or sensitive. Also, this product has refined texture which makes it quite appealing for your cats. They will not have any problem chewing their meal with this wet cat food.

When it comes to taste, it is one of the best-tasting cat foods in the market. The pack comes with different flavors and are all marinated with real meat on it. Some of the flavors include turkey feast, chicken feast, and beef feast, so your cat will be looking forward to every meal.

The manufacturer uses guar gum to stabilize wet food. It is a safe binding agent and stabilizer taken from guar beans. The cat food is supplemented with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that make the food nutritionally complete.

5. Purina Friskies Canned

Purina Friskies Canned Wet Cat Food 40 ct. Variety Packs

Purina Friskies Canned Wet Food is made in the United States. This cat wet food contains ingredients sourced primarily from the USA. The ingredients include duck, vitamin, lamb, venison, and rabbit are sourced from reliable companies outside of the USA. The pack offers four lines of treats and six varieties of kibble.

The flavors all taste good. Your feline pets will surely love it. It features more than 101 choices that include dry food, wet food, treats, and complements. With these flavors your cat can eat every meal they want without worrying about their health. Starting from tender pates to crunchy bites, every recipe will take your cat to a fantastic flavor journey.

The fish flavors taste really good. Your cat will surely dance to joy as it starts eating its delicious meal. These mouthwatering recipes will serve up the yummy flavors that cats cannot resist. The brand is building a world of great-tasting wet cat food irresistible tastes, enticing aromas, quality ingredients, and exciting textures.

Purina Friskies will provide enough protein your cat needs to keep up with its active lifestyle. The formula will help support the cat’s muscles to maintain its strength as its jumps, knocks, climbs, and explores with style. Wet food does not only taste good, but it can also keep your cat hydrated. If your pet is not fun of drinking water, you can increase its liquid intake by giving your pet Purina Friskies Wet Food.

6. Sheba Perfect Portions Wet

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food Tray Variety Packs

Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food is a delicious option for your feline pets. This wet cat food can provide real protein, and essential minerals and vitamins, in enticing cuts of meat with a gravy that is irresistible to cats. Your cat will be safe with this grain-free wet cat food as it does not contains preservatives, corn, or artificial flavors.

This wet cat food tastes better and easy to chew, your cat will consume every tasty bite. They offer a wide variety of flavors for your choosy pet, with two convenient servings in the right-sized trays to make sure it is fresh without leftovers. Your cat will feel loved having this perfect portions wet cat food.

Another good thing about Sheba is that it is available for young, adult, or senior cats because it has a soft texture that is very satisfying even for the pickiest appetite. Each pack of Sheba contains three grain-free, seafood-based recipes with meaty pate textures. This type of cat food is what most feline pets loved to eat.

Each type includes tasty proteins like whitefish, chicken, tuna, and chicken liver that most cats find irresistible. One can is fortified with minerals and vitamins that includes taurine for a balanced and complete diet for nursing moms, kittens, and adult cats. You can serve this cat food as a complete meal. It is packed in an easy-to-open can perfectly proportion to avoid smelly leftovers. It is purely made in the USA.

7. Purina Fancy Feast Grain-Free Pate Poultry and Beef Variety

Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Poultry & Beef Collection - (30) 3 oz. Cans

You would not want to take care of sickly cats. It is best to feed your cats delicious and nutritious meals that could give them all the nutrition they need with essential vitamins and minerals to support their whole-body health.

Purina Fancy Feast is a grain-free formula with poultry and beef variety with all other wholesome ingredients for the quality you want. Your cats will love the tempting aroma, tender texture, and great flavor. It is made of a real meal, seafood, or poultry that provides high-quality proteins your cats need. This cat food contains 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

The cat food has a delightfully soft, smooth pate texture that cat’s with a discerning palate would love. Your feline pets could easily manage the smooth, finely ground consistency. Purina Fancy Feast is a grain-free wet cat food recipe that can support total health and help cats live longer. It is made of high-quality ingredients, each with a delectable recipe that reflects the standard of the Purina brand.

The brand manufactured wholesome, delicious food that can make you feel good if you serve it to your cat. It is manufactured in the US to provide you confidence in the quality and safety of your cat. The package contains a trio of classic flavors providing your cats’ delightful textures and flavors your cats will surely enjoy. Tender pate tempts your feline to eat their dish every day, with its exciting texture and gourmet taste.

8. Purina Beyond Wild Grain-Free Adult Cat Food

Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free, Natural, High Protein Adult Cat Food

This cat food features high-sources of protein that offer your cat more of the nutrient-dense foods. It has a tender texture with a good tasting flavor, with natural ingredients that are safe for your pets. Because it is high in protein, this cat food can support lean muscles, so your pet is prepared for its adventure every day.

Purina Beyond Wild does not contain corn, soy, wheat, or poultry by-product meal. It provides the essential nutrients your cats need to live healthier and longer. The main ingredient is a natural salmon with liver and arctic char recipe.

This wet cat food is also beneficial for cats with special dietary requirements. Cats with painful teeth and gums, with teeth pulled, or other dental problems have difficulty in chewing the food so this wet food is a good alternative. Some cats do not like to drink enough water. Giving them wet food can help them boost hydration since it contains high moisture. Those cats that are prone to urinary tract infections can also benefit from this cat food.

Cat owners with picky pets that are quite choosy when it comes to texture, would surely love the Purina Beyond Wild Grain-Free. As compared to other wet cat food, this brand has an appealing taste and texture which most cats would prefer to have. You can also combine dry food and wet food and still have that great tasting cat food. If you are in doubt, you can always ask your vet before adding or switching to wet food.

What To Consider When Buying This Cat Food

Wet cat food normally contains 75 to 85% moisture. Also, they differ in texture, so finding the food that your cats will love is not an easy task. Below are some things you need to remember when buying cat food.

Moisture Content

Experts would suggest that you should feed your cats some wet food a day to keep them hydrated. However, some wet can food may good enough moisture but lack in other nutrients. Most of the available cat food in the market contains 80% moisture in every can of wet food. This only means that it is up to 2.4 oz of moisture, which leaves 0.6 oz to provide the fat and protein your cat needs.

The demand for calories in growing kittens is higher as compared to adults. Manufacturers usually suggest that you feed them several cans a day. If you are giving them dry food together with wet food, you can give them at least two can every day. If you are feeding them dry food only, you need to have a cat water fountain to keep them hydrated.


Cat food wet or dry comes with a different type of texture. The most common is pate. It is preferred by many cat owners because it is for kittens to eat them. Young cats usually have small mouths and teeth so you need to give them food that is easy to chew. Giving them food in chunks is not a good idea.

As your kitten becomes getting bigger, you can add different varieties to the cat food texture of their wet food. Some are available in flaked, shredded, and cubed textures which may help your kittens on practice chewing. Other cats just don’t like pate food.


Cats love the taste of chicken even the kittens and there is no reason why. Most of the cat foods combine different sources of proteins like lamb, fish, and pork, to help your kittens get used to this kind of cat food. Stay away from foods that contain artificial flavoring.

Some cat food manufacturers add some salt to enhance the flavor. Adult cats can handle this type of food but the kittens might have a problem with it. Sad to say, most of the best tasting foods are less healthy as compared to those that are not.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Here are some questions cat owners would normally ask:

What are the foods your cats should avoid?

Some foods with garlic and onion, raisins, and grapes, as well as chocolate is very harmful to cats and must be avoided. Other foods such as dairy products and grains can lead to health problems like digestive issues and allergies in some cats.

Can wet food be given to cats’ every day?

Cat wet food can be given every day. You need to adjust the amount if you need to feed your cat dry kibble as well. Your vets may suggest feeding wet food based on your cat’s health, weight, and other factors. You can feed your cat with wet food at any time of the day.

If you are considering the Fancy Feast to feed my cat, how many cans does one need to feed it each day?

Your cat can eat 4 to 6 oz of canned food every day divide between two to three meals, however, this is just a general guideline. A can of Fancy Feast is 3.5 oz.

Is a can of cat food enough for a day?

Most of the wet foods are available in 3 oz. cans and it is recommended that you feed your cat at least one can a day for every 3 to 3 and a half-pound of cat’s weight. But, brands differ. A healthy, happy cat will maintain its weight and remain active.


Your cats provide joy and companionship in your house. It could be a challenge to take care of your feline pets and keep them healthy and live longer. By giving them the right wet cat food at the right amount, you can be assured that you will be together for many years.

After reviewing the 8 cat food, our top pick is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Wet Cat Food. This is the only cat food that applies LifeSource Bits where it contains not just the protein needed but as well as all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep them healthy and alert.

Use this guide to find the best cat food for your pets. If you find this helpful, feel free to share this with other cat owners or you can comment below.

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