10 Best High Protein Cat Food

Cats typically need a high protein diet. Protein is important to build and maintaining strong and healthy muscles. Not all cat foods are able to meet this basic nutritional requirement. To assist you with making the right choice, we have reviewed some of the best high protein cat food out there.

This article also includes a buyer’s guide and answers to some important questions you might have about healthy cat foods for your pet.

6 Best High Protein Cat Food Comparison

10 High Protein Cat Food Reviews 2020

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food, Salmon 11-Lb

This lynx-diet-inspired cat food has been formulated to match your domesticated feline’s wild taste and nutritional needs. The Blue Buffalo high protein cat food contains a high concentration of tasty salmon along with other natural and healthy ingredients. Thus it supplies protein as a major nutrient along with complex carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

In addition to being rich in high-quality protein, this cat food also contains natural fiber. This helps to ensure high nutrient absorption. Also, it contributes to the overall digestive health of your kitten. There are also fruits and veggies in this cat food which supplies antioxidants among other benefits.


  • A rich supply of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • High quality naturally sourced protein


  • It is not a cheap product
Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Grain

This delicious cat food is a specially formulated carnivorous diet designed particularly to serve your cat the high protein, low carbohydrate nutrition it needs. Not only that, but it is also tasty to ensure that your cat always eats and gets its fill of healthy nutrition with each meal.

First, this meat-based dry cat food has a combination of chicken and fish as its number one ingredient. These, together with other real, natural and healthy ingredients combine to give your cat a delicious and healthy meal with each serving. On top of that, this quality grain-free food has been baked in order to preserve flavor and maximize nutrients. Tiki relies on low carb ingredients like pumpkin, flaxseeds and salmon oil to ensure that your cat gets a much needed, low-calorie diet.


  • It has a very high protein content
  • It uses low carb ingredients


  • None
CRAVE Grain Free Dry Cat Food

This cat food from Crave is more than just your average cat kibble. It is a rich source of the complete and balanced diet from 100% natural sources that your cat needs. This cat food has real chicken as its source of protein and rich natural flavor your feline friend will most definitely find tasty.

Furthermore, with such a unique composition you can be sure that your cat is getting the recommended dose of protein. Besides, it also aids digestion and improves your tabby’s immune system. This cat food recipe does not include chicken by-products, corn, wheat and among other controversial ingredients.


  • Meets the nutritional needs of all size and weights of adult cats


  • Has a chicken meal on the ingredient list
  • Some ingredients might be sourced from outside the US
Instinct Ultimate Grain Free Natural Cat Food

Instinct Ultimate Natural Cat food is the very first cat food product with raw coated Kibbles. This means the kibble pieces in this cat food are all coated in freeze dried raw ingredients. Thus it provides an absolutely delicious and equally healthy diet and a flavor your cat will always crave for.  

In addition to being perfect for cats of all ages, this high-protein cat food contains 3 times more real chicken. Which is more than what you get in most of  the other cat foods. As against having vegetables, by product or other animal meals as your main protein source, chicken promotes digestibility which helps to maximize nutrient absorption in cats of all ages.


  • Contains probiotics and omega 3 and 6 acids
  • Made with pure raw ingredients


  • Fruits and veggies in this food are non-GMO, but there might be ingredients on the list that aren’t
Iams Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food

Protein is a major requirement to help your kitten grow into strong, healthy and energetic adults cats and Iams Proactive dry food for kittens is just right for the job. This protein-rich quality cat food is rich in ingredients similar to what your kitten gets from its mother’s milk.

Thus in addition to being a rich source of high-quality natural protein, it is also a source of nutrients like Vitamin. This is desirable for boosting your tabby’s immune system. Also, it contains taurine as well which improves your cat’s vision and Omega 3 for brain development. Topping these all off, its small kibble sizes helps to ensure your kittens can pick it up easily without difficulty.


  • Contains essential minerals that help build strong bones
  • Probiotics aid digestion


  • Suitable for kittens only
Hill's Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food

In addition to having high moisture content which is good for your cat, this cat food is also an excellent protein source. Thus it helps as a much-needed source of hydration for your cat and is a great nutritional supplement as well. It supplies just the appropriate and balanced amount of nutrients of all kinds to your cat.

It contains chunks of tenderly baked tuna in delicious gravy your cat will find irresistible. And, also it contains also high-quality ingredients that supplies easy to digest and absorb nutrients needed to keep your tabby fit.


  • Appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight
  • Soft food with low magnesium content


  • Cannot be taken by kittens, pregnant or nursing cats, or senior cats
NUTRO PERFECT PORTIONS Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Cat Food Paté Real Turkey and Real Chicken Recipes Variety Pack, (24) 2.6 oz. Twin-Pack Trays

NUTRO PERFECT PORTIONS adult cat food makes it possible to feed your cat with high quality moisturized food without losing out on protein and other essential nutrients. Asides water, meat protein is the number one ingredient in this cat food. And only high-quality whole meat is used too.

This chicken and turkey recipe contains soft and delicious cuts of real meat in tasty gravy. Another unique thing about this wet cat food is the fact that it comes in a sealed multipack. You can simply peel the seal to serve and keep the leftover for later. This helps to ensure that you are only serving your cat fresh food every time.


  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers


  • Some find the seal a little too hard to open
Sheba Perfect PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy Entrée Wet Cat Food

Sheba Perfect Portions wet cat food is made with premium, all-natural ingredients and is nutrient packed for your cat’s benefits. It has natural whole meat as the main ingredient which is an essential source of protein for your cat. This variety pack contains chicken, salmon and turkey cuts covered in rich and delicious gravy. It has been kept naturally fresh in a sealed pack without any artificial preservatives.

You’ll love the fact that each package of Sheba perfect portions comes in Twin Pack Trays. This gives you two servings in each package. The broth-based cat food can be used for complementary feeding for cats of all ages and a variety of dietary needs.


  • Two servings in one package
  • Soft and digestible


  • The cover of the package is hard to remove without splattering

9. Solid Gold - Indigo Moon

Solid Gold - Indigo Moon - High Protein & Grain-Free - Holistic Dry Cat Food for All Life Stages

Indigo Moon is yet another quality product from Solid Gold. It is a mixture of nutritious ingredients and healthy fats conveniently packed in this cat food. This cat food contains all-natural chicken, with a unique blend of functional superfoods, even your pickiest cat will surely love it.

Its real chicken ingredient was sourced in the USA which is a tasty source of protein. The whole egg provides the needed essential amino acids to boost your cat’s metabolism. Because it is rich in fiber, your cat will not have any problem digesting it. Cat owners know that their canine pets will have a hard time digesting corn, soy or wheat. Thus, this grain-free, high protein cat food is highly recommended. Also, it does not contain any preservatives or artificial colorings.

This cat food contains 42% crude protein which is one of the highest protein recipes in the market today. The protein provides the energy that your cat needs for its daily activities. It is also helpful for diabetic health concerns. Indigo moon is known to be rich in fiber that helps balance its ash content.

Its probiotic and omega fatty acids content cleanse, fuel, and balance your cat’s gut health and to boost its immune system. With this Solid Gold Indigo Moon, your pet cats are protected and is a recommended holistic pet food that you should consider to buy. The company assures pet owners that only the best are added into this cat food, nothing more and nothing less.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Grain-free, high-protein formula
  • Safe for cats with sensitive stomach
  • Boost immune system


  • It has a distinct smell that cats would not want
Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets High Protein Dry Cat Food, Grain Free

It does not matter if your cats are sensitive to certain foods or you just want to make the food as simple as possible, Natural Balance LID is a good choice. This dry cat food will give your canine pet complete and balanced nutrition for a healthy or happy life. Its first ingredient is chicken, and this high-protein formula is perfect for cats of a different breed.

Natural Balance LID is formulated with one protein source, so you know exactly what your cat is eating. This cat food is composed of 59% chicken ingredients and good fats that provide protein and fatty acids to keep the muscles, coat, and skin healthy.

34% of the formula is plant-based ingredients to provide the fiber that your cat needs for healthier digestion. It also contains minerals, essential vitamins, and other ingredients to complete the nutrition your cat requires.

The company is aware that your cats need not just healthy food but it should be also safe for them. To ensure their safety, the safety conducted nine safety test on every batch at a certified laboratory. They make sure that only premium-quality ingredients were used in manufacturing the cat food.

The Natural Balance LID may contain a limited number of ingredients, but these are the essential ones that will help your cat remain to be healthy. This cat food can provide the best nutrient for your cats to sustain their energy throughout the day.


  • Limited number of ingredients
  • Made of premium-quality ingredients
  • Provides the energy your cat needs
  • Safe to your cat’s sensitive stomach


  • It has lots of kibble powder

Buyer's guide for best high protein cat food

Kittens and adult cats need a high protein diet to ensure healthy and strong muscles. With so many options in the market, finding the high protein cat food takes you to dig around a little. This can be particularly challenging if you don’t know the right things to look out for. Here are some important factors to ensure you are picking a high protein food for your cat. Things to look out for when buying high protein cat food.

Read the ingredient list

It is important that you check the ingredient list to find out the composition of the food you are buying. Usually, cats thrive on a carnivorous diet which is essentially rich in protein. The ingredients are listed in order of their abundance. Ensure that the first ingredient which is the most abundant is an animal sourced protein.

Check the nutritional compositional

Most cat food labels contain a breakdown of the nutritional composition of the food. This is the best way to know how much protein the food contains. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends that dry cat food should have at least 26% protein in a maintenance diet or 30% for growth. For a high protein diet, you try to aim for at least 30% and above for optimum results. Check the label for details of this or ask the manufacturer directly.

Know the things to avoid

There has been so much fuss about avoiding grains or even veggies in a cat’s diet. While certain fillers and by-product should definitely be avoided, the truth is there are still certain ingredients that aren’t particularly harmful to all cats. Grains, for example, aren’t always a problem except your cat is allergic or sensitive.

It’s simply a question of knowing your own cat, its health, habit and what you shouldn’t feed it with. In addition to being observant to know the things you cat likes or is sensitive to, you should speak to a vet a get a recommendation on the things your cat needs.

The protein content

The protein content in your cat food should be sufficiently high. The reason is that it is good for its health and immune system. It is, however, important to note that not all proteins are advantageous to your cat as some have the tendency of damaging your cat’s digestive system. This, in turn, hinders proper absorption of food nutrients. This finally causes your cat to be infected by successive diseases and may lead to premature death. Always go for gluten-free cat food.

The range of usage

You may be lucky to be having cats of different ages and at different conditions. You may be having kittens, nursing cats, pregnant cats as well as the old (aged) cats in your homestead. And, you may always want to purchase a single food for their consumption but in most cases, not all the foods are the best for different situations, for example, the food consumed by the senior cat may not be the best for the kitten or pregnant cat. A nursing cat will also need its own unique set of foods.

The health situation of your cat

A healthy cat may not require the foods that an unwell cat may require. Some cats have conditions that require them to be fed with some specific kinds of food. This could be due to health reasons as prescribed by your vet. Always understand the needs of the body of your cat before settling on the food to buy.

The energy content of the food

Every living thing needs food that has high energy content. This is for use in daily activities in life. However, cats that are always kept indoors do not need high energy content food as it will not be of any use to them. Such cats need only basic metabolic rate energy that is sufficient to keep them going on with their daily activities.

The cost

The cat consumes so much food in its lifetime. These foods do not usually come with a cheap price. Complications even come in when you own several cats. You will always need to go for foods that are slightly cheaper in terms of cost. This, however, should not neglect the benefits of having healthy meals in exchange for the price. Do not substitute your cat’s health and happiness for price and cost.

Low carb foods

There are a lot of benefits that your cat will benefit from consuming low carb foods. They include:

  • Weight management.
  • Reduces blood pressure of your cat
  • Reduces blood sugars in the cat. This is so beneficial especially if the cat is diabetic.

In case your cat eats so much that you may need to regulate it, just feed it with low carb foods as it has the tendency of reducing the cat’s appetite.

Alongside your vet, this food is also a very important factor in checking the health needs of your cat.

Frequently Asked Queastions - (FAQs)

What is the minimum amount of protein cat food should contain?

According to the AAFCO recommendations, you should aim for at least 26% protein or 30% depending on whether your cat is still growing or a full grown adult. You should not buy any cat food less than that.

I’ve heard canned food is higher in protein than dry cat food. In that case, should I feed my cat an exclusive wet food diet?

Like humans, feeding your cat the same type of food can get boring and it will soon lose interest in the food altogether. Which is why it is recommended that you mix things up a bit. A combination diet is a better alternative.

Is animal protein okay for my cat?

Both plant and animal protein are okay for cats; however, you must ensure that the bulk of the protein in your cat’s diet comes from animal sources. Animal proteins are easier to digest and generally contain more essential and non-essential amino acids and should be the most abundant in your cat’s diet.


At the end of the day, speaking to a vet is the best way to know how much protein your cat really needs. But since protein needs generally vary with age and activity, young and growing cats need more protein than seniors. Speak to your vet to get recommendations. You can try out any of the cat food on our list.

These are some of the high protein cat food on the market. Instinct Ultimate Grain Free Natural Cat Food has the highest protein content among the dry cat food we have reviewed. For the best high protein wet food, we recommend Nutro Perfect Portions Grain Free Pate Wet. However, all the other options are great alternatives as well.

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