8 Best Indoor Dry Cat Food

Indoor cats have specific nutritional needs. They are less active compared to outdoor cats which means they require less calorie in their diet. Not following these basic nutritional guidelines can lead to obesity and other health complications.

This is why we have compiled a list of the interior dry cat food. This article also includes a buyer’s guide to help you make the healthiest choice for your cat.

3 Best Dry Cat Food Indoor Cats Comparison

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  • Main ingredient: Chicken
  • Weight: 7 lbs
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  • Main ingredient: Turkey
  • Weight: 16 lbs
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  • Main ingredient: Chicken
  • Weight : 11 lbs
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8 Best Indoor Dry Cat Food Reviews 2021

1. IAMS Proactive Health

 Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight And Hairball Care Dry Cat Food, (1) 7 Pound Bag, Real Chicken In Every Bite

IAMS Proactive Health interior dry cat food is specially formulated to help keep your interior cat at optimum health. At the same time, it reduces hairballs; preventing them even before they begin. This chicken-first cat food also contains turkey and garden veggies as additional ingredients. All of these supply the much needed high-quality protein for your cat.

Additionally, this cat food is also great for overweight cats on a weight loss regimen. It helps to ensure a slow and good weight loss for overweight cat and avoid health complications associated with it. Also, it contains a tailored fiber blend with beet pulp and probiotics which ensures healthy digestion.


  • 10% less fat compared to other varieties of Iam original cat food
  • Effective Weight and Hairball Care


  • Not recommended for kittens, pregnant and nursing cats
  • It contains Brewer’s Dried Yeast which means it isn’t gluten-free

2. Purina Pro Plan Indoor Care Adult

Purina Pro Plan Focus Indoor Care Turkey & Rice Formula Adult Dry Cat Food - 16 Lb. Bag

Purina Pro Plan turkey and rice recipe helps you keep tabs on your interior cat’s nutritional needs all the time. This cat food is a turkey-first recipe. It also features other additional higher protein, low-calorie ingredients which help to keep your cat at a good weight. Each ingredient has been specially selected to supply your cat with essential nutrients.

You can be sure that this cat food delivers complete and balanced nutrition for your cat including antioxidants. These support your cat’s immune system in addition to meeting its basic nutritional needs. It also contains natural fiber in its composition. Thus controlling preventing hairballs in cats of all breeds and ages.


  • High-protein nutrition for healthy weight maintenance
  • Antioxidant helps to maintain a healthy immune system


  • It isn’t gluten-free

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Dry Cat Food, Chicken 11-Lb

This high protein cat food is a precise blend of the finest natural ingredients with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has been processed at a low temperature in order to preserve the potency of the nutrients and prevent degradation.

Additionally, these nutrient-rich kibbles are perfect for weight and hairball control thanks to its unique blend of ingredients. Meat is the number one ingredient in this cat food with chicken being the most prominent meat source. Also, it contains L-carnitine, an essential nutrient known to help keep your cat at optimal weight. Natural fibers like Psyllium Seed Husks and cellulose also help to keep hairballs under control.


  • Helps to reduce hairballs
  • High-quality protein sources


  • The bag is not re-sealable

4. Grain-Free Indoor Formula Dry Food

 Solid Gold Let's Stay In Indoor Cat Chicken, Lentil & Apple Recipe for Adult Cats; Natural, Holistic Grain and Gluten Free Dry Indoor Cat Food

This nutrient dense formula is made from a combination of chicken with high fiber lentils and a unique superfood blend. In addition to real chicken which is the main source of protein, it contains pumpkin, broccoli, almonds, lentils among other superfoods. 

Again, this is perfect for keeping interior cats satisfied and in great health. First, it contains moderate levels of calories enough to keep your cat at a healthy weight. It is also rich in probiotics known to promote healthy digestion and maintain balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. High non-fermentable fiber content also helps to reduce hairballs under control.


  • Fiber-rich active prebiotics for a healthy digestive health
  • Natural vitamins and minerals


  • None

5. Nulo Grain-Free Dry Indoor or Adult Trim Cat Food

Nulo Indoor Grain Free Dry Cat Food With Bc30 Probiotic

Domesticated cats are still inherently carnivorous. Thus, Nulo cat food ensures that your tabby gets a replica of a natural wild diet. It is made from a combination of healthy ingredients which supplies about 83 percent animal protein. This makes it a better alternative compared to cat foods with grain-based carbohydrates.

Nulo Dry Cat Food is delicious and nutritionally balanced food for your cat. Not only does it help to keep your cat at optimal weight, but it also supports and overall good health. This protein-rich recipe also contains patented BC30 Probiotics which helps to maintain a healthy circulatory system.


  • Made into small morsels easy to pick up
  • Prevents buildup of tartar and plaque on your cat’s teeth
  • Rich taste and texture


  • There are complaints about wide fluctuations in price

6. Nutro Wholesome Essentials

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food White Fish & Brown Rice Recipe, 3 Lb. Bag

Nutro essentials interior cat food is a white fish and brown rice recipe specially formulated for adult cats. This cat food’s unique blend of ingredients provides a wholesome natural taste and healthy nutrition for your tabby.

Nutro dry cat food is an excellent source of high-quality protein from naturally sourced white fish. It is rich in natural fibers which help to maintain a healthy circulatory system. Additionally, vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants support a healthy resistant system. It also has an abundance of healthy Omega 6 fatty acids which will help maintain your cat’s healthy and shiny coat.


  • Contains only non-GMO ingredients
  • Supports strong muscle development


  • May contain trace amounts of genetically modified material

7. Muse Natural Grain Free Adult

Muse By Purina Charmed With Chicken Natural Chicken, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

Muse Natural adult cat food is made to satisfy your cat’s natural desire for meat while supplying the essential ingredient for good health. This cat food has real chicken as the main ingredient in addition to other equally natural and wholesome ingredients. These include a blend of eggs, pumpkin, spinach, and others.

This grain free and gluten free recipe comes in natural flavors cat will find irresistible. The addition of accents like pumpkin, blueberries, and spinach also adds a variety to your cat’s diet they will love and crave.  Antioxidants also help to maintain a strong resistant system while linoleic acid promotes a healthy and shiny coat.


  • Crunchy texture
  • It has an irresistible flavor that cats will love


  • Not good for diabetic cats since it has a high carb content

8. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill'S Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food, Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food, 15.5 Lb Bag

Hill’s Science food has been specially formulated by vets and nutritionists to meet your interior cat’s nutritional needs. it contains top quality ingredients that have been made to be easily digestible and supply optimal nutrition needs. It also supplies essential vitamins, minerals all from natural sources.

This interior cat food has chicken as the main source of protein. Thus it supplies high-quality lean protein which helps to maintain healthy muscles and general body health. Yet, you can be sure that your cat will maintain a good weight. It also contains added fiber which promotes a healthy circulatory system.


  • Specially made for adult cats with an indoor lifestyle


  • Some cats might find the kibbles to be too big

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best dry Cat Food For Indoor Cats

Interior cats tend to be less physically active compared to outdoor cats. Thus it is important that you feed them on a diet which matches their habits in order to keep them in good health. Since interior cats don’t get so much physical activity, you can expect that they expend minimal calories daily.

This means in addition to other criteria, one of the major things to look out for in foods for interior cats is a low-calorie content. So how exactly are can you find these types of food? Keeping your cat healthy is one of the things you should desire. One of the best ways to keep it healthy and fit is by how you feed it. Here are some of the things to look for when selecting the best dry cat food.

Check the ingredient list

Your cat food label is the very first place to check before making a purchase. Generally, despite the fact that you want a low-calorie food for your kittens and cat. You also want one that still contains the essential nutrients. Here are some things to consider when checking the ingredient list.

  • Moderately to high content of protein: protein still remains an essential part of your cat’s diet whether it is an outdoor or indoor cat. Ensure that the food you are buying had a protein source (preferably animal protein) as the first ingredient listed. Also, check the nutritional composition to ensure good content.
  • Fiber: usually, outdoor cats eat grass once in a while as an alternative source of protein. Since fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system, you should ensure that your cat gets as much of it as possible from an indoor diet
  • Low calorie and fats: obesity is a common problem that Interior cats experience when they are poorly fed. Being overweight can cause other health complications which are why it is important that you feed a relatively inactive cat with a low-calorie diet.

Check your cats for additional health conditions 

Before you make a decision on which food to purchase for your cat, you must ensure that you know its state of health. Speak to your vet to know if there are additional health concerns to be worried about and put them into consideration when picking out cat food.

Know your cat’s likes and allergies

As a responsible pet parent, it is important that you know your cat. Sometimes the interior dry cat food isn’t always the one with the best ingredients. Some cat foods might meet your cats’ nutritional needs but will still be bad for your cat if they contain ingredients they are sensitive to. Moreover, your cat’s preferred flavor will also determine if it will even eat the food you have purchased at all or not.

The health condition of your cat

Different health conditions call for a different type of food. This is because not all the foods come with the same nutritional value as well as the same health benefits. A cat that is diabetic for example will not require food that is rich in sugars and fats but will require food full of proteins and vitamins to keep it healthy and revitalize its digestive system. Always consult your vet before deciding on what food is best for your cat, and when you want to change the flavor of the food for your pet.

The variety of flavors of the food brand

Just like human beings, your cat cannot survive on one meal for its entire lifetime. It is always important to consume different kinds of foods every time due to the diverse health benefits that come with different meals. The food selected for your cat is always best when it involves different flavors so that it can get the best health benefits. It will also give your pet a motivation to eat during meal times.

Gluten-free foods

Gluten is proteins that cause the immune response of the body to damage the lining of the small intestine, which causes an interference with the ability to absorb nutrients from the food. This condition may cause successive infections such as seizures and infertility to occur. When looking for the best food for your cat, always bear in mind that there are foods that are more harmful than good to your pretty cat.

The protein content of the food

Proteins are very good for the weight maintenance of your cat. Always consider foods that are rich in proteins except gluten to keep your cat healthy and maintain their weight at a desirable level.

When it grows to become overweight, then it means that you will need to reduce the number of foods with high protein level in its foods, and when the cat is underweight, feed it with this foods. It should help you to boost and maintain the weight of your pet, but not to overgrow.

Natural ingredients including vitamins and minerals (Non-Genetically Modified)

Generally, genetically modified foods are so harmful to the body of the consumer. Your cat is not an exception in this case. Always consider buying foods that contain natural ingredients for your cat. Genetically modified foods may alter the genetic composition of your cat, which may make a healthy system complicated.

Fiber-rich foods

If you want your cat to have a healthy digestive system, you better consider going for the fiber-rich food. The unhealthy circulatory system may cause your cat to be sickly always and even get sick of successive diseases that usually occur due to poor digestion.

Poor digestion may cause your cat to have a problem with excretion. It may even lead to premature death. Give your cat a long healthy life by feeding it with fiber-rich contents in food.

High carb contents not good for your diabetic cat

Is your cat diabetic? If yes then it will not just need any kind of food. There are foods that specifically deal with the condition. Foods that have high carb contents will further suppress the already frail health of your diabetic cat. Always avoid such kinds of food and go for high protein and fiber foods as it will boost the immunity and health system of your cat.

The size of the kibbles

Kibbles come in different sizes. There are cats that enjoy it when large while others love it while small. Get to know the size that your cat loves before settling on one to purchase.

A cat that enjoys its kibbles when small will not be able to enjoy its meals when provided in large sizes and the opposite is true.

Low calories and fats

To help keep your cat healthy and happy, always feed it with low calorie and low-fat content foods. High calorie and fat foods are likely to cause diabetes in your cat, as well as other diseases. Always consult your vet if your cat is not feeling well, or sick.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What is dry indoor cat food?

Interior dry cat foods are special foods for interior cats. As they do not go out as much as regular cats, they need to be given food that would supplement what they are missing. Regular cats have no lack of flesh, they can hunt when they go outside but interior cats do not have this privilege.

Are dry indoor cat foods different from regular dry cat foods?

Yes, they are. Interior cats need more fiber and protein than cats that frequently go out. Interior cat food contains nutrients that provide these missing nourishments for your cat.

Is dry cat food better than wet dry?

There is no right answer for this question as wet and dry foods are nutritionally similar. It all boils down to the preference of your cat. However, as dry foods contain less water, it has more nutrients packed into each kibble. It also would not spoil on time and can last for a long period of time.

What ingredients should I look for in dry cat food for indoor cats?

There are different types of dry cat food available in the market and some of them may contain fillers, artificial preservatives that are not good for your cat. When buying dry cat food, you should look out for ones that have a specific source of protein in the ingredients, a specific fat source, taurine, and low or no carbohydrates.

How often should I feed my cat dry food?

Your cat should be fed any amount of food you deem fit- try not to overfeed it though. As long as your cat is consuming a reasonable amount of water daily, you can always feed it dry cat food.

There are dry cat foods and wet cat foods, which one is better?

Basically, all the foods are the same. None is better than the other. The only difference comes in the choice of flavor by your cat. If your cats love dry food, then that is its best food and if it loves wet food, then that is its best. Otherwise, there is no big difference between dry and wet food.

What times are the best for feeding my cat?

The digestion time of the cat is always short as compared to that of a human being. They tend to get hungry more often and in short intervals. It is therefore always important to feed your cat as often as possible. There is no defined timeframe to feed it but it can be at intervals of two to three hours a day.

Is it advisable to feed my indoor cat with food consumed by an outdoor cat?

Indoor cat and an outdoor cat have different characteristics. Outdoor cat gets to do more physical activities as compared to the indoor cat which has less physical activity. Inadequate physical activity leads to an unhealthy body and may cause your indoor cat to be sickly all the time.

It might not be so good to feed your indoor cat with the foods consumed by the outdoor cat because the foods eaten by the indoor cat are meant to supply it with the nutrients that they miss for being less physically active.

Outdoor cats may not need as many nutritious meals as that of the indoor cat because they are naturally healthy, the body is fit and physically active. Always consider giving your indoor cat the foods that are specifically meant to boost their body health system and general well being.


As emphasized, indoor cats have specific nutritional requirements in order to match your cat’s lifestyle. Thus you should ensure that you get the food that matches their needs. Check the list of dry indoor cat food above for our top picks.

You can choose from any of our recommended choices like the IAMS Proactive Health dry cat food, Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food and so on. They guarantee a good weight and are great for keeping your tabby in good shape always.

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