Best Insulated Dog House

If your pet dog loves to stay outside, you should keep it warm, especially during cold weather. Search for the best-insulated dog house to provide your pet a comfortable place to stay and keep it warm during winter. Finding one is not easy as there are lots of insulated dog houses available in the market.

This article is written to help dog owners find the perfect house for your pet. Included in this guide is five of the highly recommended insulated do house that you can consider buying. A comparison table is provided to make it easier for you to decide.

3 Insulated Dog House Comparison

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  • Materials : Wood
  • Weight : 22 Ibs
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  • Materials : 8.5
  • Weight : 81.6 pounds
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  • Materials : Plastic
  • Weight : 26.5 lbs
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5 Best Insulated Dog House Reviews 2021

1. Pets Imperial Insulated Wooden Dog Kennel

Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel With Removable Floor For Easy Cleaning

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This wooden dog house is made of wood, which is one of the best materials to keep your pooch warm inside. If you are looking for a wooden winter shelter this is the best option with the best insulation, including a layer of timber, plywood board, and Styrofoam.

This extra-large canine house is a durable dog house that will surely last longer, even when it is exposed to harsh weather like snow, wind storms, and rain. Unlike other dog houses, this one has door flap instead of putting a self-closing door. In spite of having this kind of entry, it remains very reliable when it comes to keeping your canine pet hot.

It can take weight up to 154 pounds, thanks to the two support rails. Cleaning, pest control, and maintenance is not a problem as it has a removable floor. The roof opens with two locking arms to get the sunlight your pet needs to keep it healthy. Aside from easy to clean house, proper ventilation is also needed.

The manufacturer was not able to mention whether the dog house is waterproof or not. Position the house under a covered area to ensure its safety. It is better to be safe than sorry. Remember, it is not cheap at all. This dog house has raised floor around two inches ground clearance, to allow the air to circulate in the house to keep the floor dry and comfy for your pet.

All the panels are insulated, which keeps your pooch warm in winter. The walls are 150% thicker as compared to other kennels. It is one of the best picks in the marketplace today.

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2. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

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The ASL Insulated Winter Dog House is an excellent choice to keep your pet warm and comfy. You will surely have the protection it needed as the house is built well for chilling weather and to survive even the harshest elements.

This dog house has a built-in electrically-operated floor heater to provide the needed warmth; it does not matter how cold it is. Also, to keep the house warm, the wall is stuffed with a high-grade Styrofoam EPS material. The thermal insulation, as well as the water barrier used in this dog house, were also used in real-life buildings.

It is also essential that air will flow freely in and out of the house. The kennel was built that will fit medium to big sized dogs. The ASL Dog House has a self-closing insulated door, which makes it easy for your pet to get out and in of the house. As compared to other kennels, this has no extra space between the frame and the vinyl door itself.

For dogs who love to see what is going on outside, this self-closing front door has a see-through window. House that will completely isolate your dog from the outside world will not work for many breeds. Getting your dog used to its new house can be done by removing the upper part of the entire house. This will help you train your dog easily.

Cleaning the house is also not a problem at all as the floor is slightly sloped directly on the drain hole from which the water can flow and keep the house dry. Use some lukewarm to warm water to clean the dog house interior. Allow it to dry during the day so it can comfortably house your dog at night.

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3. ASL Solution DP Hunter

ASL Solutions DP Hunter Dog House with Floor Heater

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This brand is made of high-quality materials to provide the best housing for your dog. ASL Solution DP Hunter is known as a perfect subzero dog house. It comes with its own 30-watt heater that is positioned safely on the floor. Also, walls and ceiling have premium EPS insulation foam, which makes it very comfortable during the coldest days.

Another impressive feature this dog house has is its durable polystyrene exterior that keeps the house insulated inside. If the temperature drops to the lowest, your pet will not have a problem keeping itself warm.

The dog will not feel enclosed and in prison in this tiny space as the house is complete with the window. Your dog can still view the outside and check out the surroundings as it comfortably lying in its kennel. The window panels are adjustable. It is designed so your pet dog can reposition itself depending on the weather.

In colder months, it remains in a closed position, while during the hot months, it will be in a cross ventilation position. Thus, this dog house offers the best protection to your dog’s needs and craves without any problem.

The floor is elevated around four inches above the ground, to keep its house dry, and the drainage slightly slopes. The mat is water-resistant and has a built-in thermostat and be utilized for outdoor use, garages, or kennels.

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4. ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Medium to Large Canine

ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Med to Large Dogs - Gray

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Dog is man’s best friend, and you should do your best to keep it comfortable. It is not enough to feed your pet with delicious and healthy dog food to keep them live longer. You also need to provide them the best dog house to keep it safe and comfortable day and night. The ASL Solutions Large Dog House is the perfect kennel to make your best friend live like a king.

ASL Solutions is designed to make your pet feel comfortable in any kind of weather. ASL dog house average temperature is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite higher than the actual temperature outdoor. It’s because the house is insulated to keep your pet canine warm during colder days.

Although this best dog house is not built to withstand the harshest weather, it is insulated enough to keep your pet safe completely. The house does not emit any harmful odor or chemicals that could be dangerous for your dog when inhaled. The manufacturer uses EPS foam to ensure the safety of the unit. It is absolutely safe and is a perfect place where the dog can sleep.

Setting up the dog house is not a problem at all. It does not require special skills or special tools to complete the setup. You can put up together the dog house easily.

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5. Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House

Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

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The Confidence Dog House is an innovative waterproof plastic kennel for your cute dogs. It provides enough room inside and has gained its spot on the top list of the insulated dog house. Present users have been very satisfied with this dog house and confirm that the house does not leak. The house is durable enough that it will last longer than expected.

It is made of plastic construction, which makes it easy to clean, set up, and easy to assemble. This dog house is quite appealing that is similar to a traditional, suburban home. The plastic dog kennel is durable and sturdy, creating a comfy and personal space for your dog.

This plastic dog house has an ingenious design that is built to survive all types of weather conditions. It has a medium-size entrance that measures 10.5 x 17 inches. Also available are large and extra-large house entrances that measure 12.5 x 20.5 inches, and the biggest is at 14.1 x 24.6 inches.

This waterproof dog house is the best way for your dog to keep safe even if away from home. You are assured that your dog is safe even during rainy days. If the weather is too cold outside, simply throw the warm blanket inside to add more insulation. You can also add pillows inside to add comfort for your pet.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Insulated Dog House

The primary goal of an insulated dog house is to isolate your dog and keep it safe even if it is away from home. Dog bodies can heat up naturally its surroundings, and because of this, there is less external air that enters their house. Holes should be covered, dog beds should promote heat retention, and walls should be thicker to keep them warm.

Most of the insulated dog houses are very particular on the flooring to avoid the cold temperature to pass through the ground inside the dog house.

You cannot lock the dog house during winter as the dog want to go in and out of their kennel. Adding a fleece blanket will depend on the size of your dog. You can also consider placing thermal mats to provide more protection for your pet during subzero temperatures.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying an insulated dog house:

Materials and Design

Purchasing a dog house for winter is just a matter of understanding what do you want for your dog? Usually, you want a house with thicker walls that are made of high-quality insulating materials and flooring that is built to keep your pet heat. Some materials are better than others when it comes to protecting your pets against freezing weather.

For example, metal is not suitable for wintertime since the material tends to become cold. Dog houses with grid-like design and soft kennels are useless during chilling weather. For indoor playpen, you need to transfer it to a warmer room, or you need to insulate it further.

Another type of dog house available in the market is the igloo-type, which is recommended because it has thicker walls. Also, kennels with raised floors can keep the area dry and can trap the cold air between the ground and the bottom part of the house. It adds a Sherpa or fleece blanket to insulate the dog house floor further.

Closable Door

If the door remains open, the heat inside is useless as it can easily get cold within seconds. It is best to find a dog house with a flap or create a DIY thick curtain to keep your dog’s house to block the cold airstreams from getting inside.

It is best to place the dog house in a garage or inside your home if the weather is subzero. If this is the case, then it does not matter whether the kennel door is open or close since it is already inside your house.

Dog Size

Small dogs need a warmer place because they do not have enough body fat, and they have thinner muscle mass. Also, small dogs like Chihuahuas do not have a thick coat that could help them keep warm.

Not all big dogs have furry coats; some of them also lack the coating needed to keep them warm. In these cases, they should be given proper care. Greyhound is a breed that gets cold easily when not active. An insulated dog house can help them warm, and also you can add a fleece blanket or a coat that can help provide the insulation they need.

Purchasing an outdoor winter dog house can be quite challenging when it comes to giant breeds, but the above-reviewed products cater to all types of dogs. However, bigger dog houses may cost you a bit.


Subzero weather is not suitable for your dogs. Dirt, snow, rain, mold, rust, cold, rain, and lots of other potential issues may take place. It depends on where you position your dog’s winter igloo. You may need to check if it is still in good shape regularly. Strong winds, snow, and rain can easily deteriorate your dog houses. A strong dog house is weather resistant.

Hygiene is also essential, so you need to wash up and dry your dog’s beddings regularly. Damp materials can keep the cold longer and affects the insulation inside the house.

Wall Thickness/Insulation

The most vital factor when looking for dog houses is insulation. It is best if the house has a thicker wall. The thicker it is, the better. With regards to keeping your dog warm, any added foam is an advantage. Keep in mind that not all dog houses are insulated, so you should look for one that has better insulation.


Raised dog houses are more preferred because it keeps the house dry. It lets the air circulate properly, thus, providing enough heat during winter and colder in summer. Also, they look much better as compared to the traditional dog kennels.


There are over seven to nine elements in every dog house. Search for the one with an easy to understand instruction and check the time needed to set up the house. The good thing about insulated dog houses is that they do not require tools and special skills to assemble the house. It requires only a few minutes to complete the setup. An easy assembly pet house is more preferred.


Cleaning the dog house has made it easy with a removable rook. With this feature, you can also easily make any adjustments. The best dog houses typically come with this feature. Also, it is much easier to reach your dog whenever it is inside.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is a dog house made of plastic much better than wood?

Dog houses made of plastic are durable and are much lighter than wood. It does not absorb odors, unlike wood. Cleaning plastic is also easy, as you only need a hose and soap. Because of the latest technology when it comes to manufacturing, injection molding is utilized to develop a wide variety of styles.

Does your dog need a luxurious dog kennel?

If you can afford it, why not. But, if you just want to protect your dog, no need to buy a luxurious kennel. Having a simple dog shelter that can protect it from the weather is enough.

How big should a dog kennel be?

An outdoor dog house should be enough to enable your dog to lie down, sit, turn, and stand up comfortably. Make sure that your dog does all these things before buying your chosen dog house. It should be large enough to accommodate it comfortably.


Our top pick is the Pets Imperial Insulated Dog House. It provides the insulation your pet dogs need to keep them warm and cozy during the freezing weather. The best dog house is made of wood, which makes it durable that will surely last longer. So, for your dog house needs it is best to buy the one that is worth your money, and Pets Imperial Dog House is one of them. If you find this buying guide helpful, feel free to share this with others.

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