Best Motorized Cat Toys

Cats especially the indoor ones do have a lot of dull time just sleeping indoors. Such a characteristic sometimes takes a toll on the health of the cat. This is because such cats do eat but perform less physical activity. Outdoor cats, though, do not face any health problems because they are always engaged in physical activity. The owners of less active cats are always encouraged to provide toys for their cats. This article has all the information which you need to know about the best cat toys. Please read on to understand more and for the best decision making.

What is a motorized cat toy?

A motorized cat toy is a type of toy which has some electric power. It is always activated and hence it can make erratic movements. Such movements can provide the cat with a lot of fun. The movements are designed to stimulate the cat to do some physical exercise. The cat’s instincts and desire to hunt too are awakened. The dome of the toys is designed to appear like real rodents such as a rat and a mouse. By design, these rodents are the cat’s favorite wild meal. They then end up having the urge to hunt in the wild.

3 Best Motorized Cat Toys Review

1. MalsiPree Robotic Interactive Toy for cats

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This is a premium cat toy which is USB chargeable. Charge it anywhere and everywhere with any compatible USB charger. This ensures that your cat never gets bored because the toys are assured of having power anytime. It is equipped with a strong battery too which can last up to eight hours without going off. The battery capacity and can be charged in a record of 150 minutes.

To avoid damages and accidents, the toy is fitted with a sensor that can sense obstacles. It can maneuver around such obstacles without any collision. This helps the toy to last for a long time. Sensors also help the toy to avoid stuck due to the erratic movements and ability to sense such difficult surfaces.

It has a feather-like extension which the cat can play with while the toy is moving. This ensures that the cat is entertained while at the same time enjoying the movements of the toy. One of the best things about this toy is that it gives the cat some time to relax. It was designed with a timing which is: for every ten minutes of play, it goes off for about two minutes. This makes the cat have some short break before resuming play.

Give the best playtime to your cat with this premium tool. It has almost unlimited features which will make your cat enjoy every bit of play. If the cat does not like it, you can return to the store of purchase for a replacement within 30 days of purchase.

2. Pawaboo for Cat

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When it comes to durability, these toys beat that. Cats love pawing and scratching material such as furniture. The developers were well aware of this fact hence this toy was made to withstand that. It is made of strong plastic which the cat can insert its paws while playing. The toy is comfortable too and has a provision where they can have a rest after playing. It has a soft top where the cat can sleep as well. Apart from the above, the toy is so safe for the cat. It won’t harm the cat physically as well as its health.

Activate the cat’s hunting and playing desires with the help of this toy. With a model mouse hidden in the toy, the cat will be made to hunt for it. Since the mouse will be appearing and disappearing, the cat will be left hunting for it.

The tool can be used by anyone since it is easy to operate. It does not require some prior knowledge for one to operate. With a single press of a button, the toy will buzz on and the cat will be in for play. Insert the batteries, turn it on and let the cat get entertained.

Control the pace with which the cat is engaged. The toy has both high speed and slow speed movements. Run the slow speed when the cat is tired and high speed when it is active. Speed to can be slow to high for starter cats.

3. Interactive Robotic Toy for Cats

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One of the things to look for in a toy is the capacity of the battery. The larger the capacity, the more the time your cat will be entertained without interruption. This toy has a battery which when fully charged can last for up to eight hours without going flat. The battery can be charged within the shortest time of fewer than 3 hours. It has an inbuilt battery hence you do not have to worry about break downs associated with frequent disassembling.

The toy when switched on displays some erratic runs. This amuses the cat so much and keeps it more playful. The cat ends up engaging in a lot of physical activity which is instrumental in keeping the health of the cat in check. The toy also keeps on changing colors on its led bulbs. This helps in preserving the eyes of the cat while at the same time attracting the desire of the cat.

It is an interactive kind of toy which involves the cat in playing. This is because it has a self-rotating ball. This is the ball that the cat chases while it is in motion. The toy is safe for use by the cat. It does not harm the cat either physically or in terms of health.

For more exposure, the toy comes with additional accessories that your cat will fall in love with. This means that the cat has a variety of items to choose from to keep it preoccupied.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Motorized Cat Toys

Warranty and guarantee

Before buying any product, you should first check on the warranty provided and the warranty for performance. Look for the warranty terms and conditions, what it covers and what it excludes. See the duration with which the warranty is provided and whether it is even provided. One has to consider whether the product has a free return period. In many cases, the product might not look like you expected. This means that you have to check if the product allows you a limited return period or not. Many cat toy companies allow you to return the product for free within thirty days of purchase.


Cats are cheeky as these toys. Whenever the toy is on and playing, the cat would always want to counter its movements. This is either by clawing it, jumping on it or even fighting with it. The toy has to be made of strong material to counter such innocent moves by the cat. A good toy should give the service to two or even more generations of cats. But that might not be the case always because it is always in use and gets “tired” too. Durability should always be backed by warranty too.

Battery capacity

In many instances, you may not have some time to play with the cat. This is because you may be preoccupied with so many other things. To help your cat to be active, you need to have the toy on. Therefore the toy has to have a good battery to store power for a long period. Since the cat will be on its own for a better part of the day, the toy should give him fun the whole day. Good battery too should be able to be charged in the shortest time possible.


Cats having toys daily exhibit good health and fit body. This is because they are kept in good physical conditions all the time. When purchasing a toy, it is always good to consider the needs of your cat. The features with which a toy offers too should be key in decision making.

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