Best Nail Trimmers For Cats

Domestic animals usually grow nails which need to be trimmed every now and then. Trimmed nails bring some sense of comfort to your pets. It is therefore necessary to get the best nail trimmers for cats. This article is going to take you through the steps of selecting the best trimmer for your pets. Indeed this is a one stop guide that will provide you with all the necessary information that you will need before buying the trimmer of your choice. This article presents the best researched data that is important in comparing different products. Indeed you will find it being an invaluable to your decision making.

Top 3 Best Cat Nail Trimmers Comparison

Affordable Quality
Pet Republique Dog and Cat Nail Clippers and Nail Grinder Series

Pattern Name

  • Cat
  • Mini Clipper
Best Choice
Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

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  • Handles feel incredibly comfortable

5 Best Nail Trimmers For Cats in 2020

1. Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

Pet Republique Dog and Cat Nail Clippers and Nail Grinder Series

Being one of the best nail clippers, this trimmer is highly recommendable to anyone who wants to trim the nails of their pets. If you have pets that are small in size, then this is the right trimmer for you. It was made and designed specifically for smaller pets such as small dogs, kittens, rabbits, puppies as well as cats amongst some few other small domestic animals. It has sharp stainless razor blades that can be used for a long period of time without wearing out.

In fact it gives you service for more than a year or two. They are high quality manufactured with a touch of professionalism during manufacture process. This means that it won’t easily fall apart or wear out. It will give you long service without breakages and interruption. It has handles that do not slip off while using, and won’t require much effort to be applied while trimming your pet’s nails.

This trimmer has been designed with safety features that will prevent you from harming your pet when trimming. It will also help you trim the nails to the required size, meaning it won’t cat it to the smallest undesired size. It is well recommended by professionals as well as other satisfied users who have interacted with it and found it to be the perfect trimmer to own.

2. Dremel Cordless Pet Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

This is one of the best trimmers that allow you to trim the nails of your cat, dogs and other domestic animals in a quick, easy and safe manner. This is because using of nail clipper at times to trim is painful and undesirable for your pet. It is fitted with rechargeable batteries and uses grit sanding drum to trim the nails in a harmless and in a humane manner, in a way that is comfortable to you too.

With its ability to trim very fast, this machine will enable you to do the work in minutes in the comfort of your home. It is highly recommended by professionals in the field. Many people have been able to use it, and satisfied with this product.

It has two variable speeds which drives its sharp razors safely and carefully to grind the nails of the pets. Even with that speed variability, the groomer and the grinder gives you a safe, highly effective and less stressful alternative to the use of trimmer and grinder.

The batteries that come fitted in this trimmer last long and will give you a long service. It is also so easy to change the batteries when they are fully discharged, or when even fully written off.

3. Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

This is one of the best trimmers that make your work easy and safe. It is designed with high quality grade material that is stainless steel material, that are long lasting, strong enough to withstand the pressure of bending, ability to resist scratch due to the hardness of the dog and cat nails, ability to withstand rust from the exposure to the moist environment, ability to stay sharp for a very long period of time, even after using it severally. You and your dog will definitely love this trimmer.

Because of the sharpness of the blades, it will enable you to work at a high speed, applying very less effort. It enables you to trim the nails to the most desired level without necessarily cutting it to be too short, which then would be uncomfortable to your pet.

This trimmer has the ability to give you smooth nails after trimming, meaning you won’t have rugged nail surfaces. The smoother the nails of your cat, the comfortable it will be able to walk around. The handles of this trimmer are made in way that fits your fingers easily. The rubber coating provides a good grip to your hand meaning you will be able to do your work comfortably without sliding. You will love to have it.

4. Epica Number One Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Enjoy trimming the nails of your pet with this epic trimmer. It provides the best services that you will enjoy. It is so easy and comfortable to use. It has sharp durable razors that will give you long lasting service that will love and enjoy. The trimmer itself designed to give you many years of service without interruptions.

This trimmer was created for the medium to large size dogs. These dogs have relatively hardened nails that cannot be trimmed using ordinary trimmers hence the need to use this model specifically.

When not in use, this trimmer can be locked with blades in a locked position. This will protect you from accidentally cutting and harming yourself. This safety feature is an additional advantage to those people who have young children who can access this trimmer.

The blades of this epic machine works so fast meaning you can trim all your pets in a very short time, and reduce the painful effect that occurs when cutting your pets nails

This product is the ultimate choice that you should have in your home. Your pets will enjoy its performance, while you will love the service it will provide to you. It is highly recommended by other users who have been satisfied with its use.

5. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer For Cats

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard to Avoid Over

This trimmer for your dog is one of the best machines in trimming and maintaining nails. It is equipped with a safety guard that aids in preventing the over cutting of the nails of your pet. It has extra accessories such as the nail file and sharp razor blades for effective cutting. It is equipped with non handles that do not slip off. Indeed it will give you a professional grooming of your pet, all done at the comfort of your home.

This trimmer is so easy to use, and at the same time a powerful machine. It has the capability of trimming even the hardest nails with just a single cut and a single press. It is also fit to use as it will not harm your pet. It has been fitted with safety features that will help you not to cut your cat’s nails to be too short, as they require some of it for their natural grooming.

Animal trainers have given it thumbs up, with a good recommendation. This trimmer is made of high quality materials which is stainless, and sharp blades for efficient performance of its work. It is also quite comfortable to use in grooming your pet. You will love it when you try it

Buyer's Guide For The Best Cat Nail Trimmer


As you set in to purchase to purchase, one of the most important things to check is if the warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Get to understand if the warranty covers the entire trimmer or if some parts only. You will also need to know where the warranty can be provided and the duration granted before it expires.

Some manufacturers usually send their technicians to rectify the fault, while others would require you to ship your product to their stores for rectifying/replacement. However, many trimmers are made to last such that even many buyers do not claim warranty.


How durable is the trimmer that you intend to buy? This question should be within your focus as you set out to buy one. No one would like to have a trimmer that breaks down every moment you use. You will always have to go for trimmers that will give you service for the longest time possible. If you want more years of service, you will need to consider purchasing the Pet Republique Nail Clippers. Though it may not portray other customer needs, it stands tall when it comes to durability.

Ease of use

There are many nail trimmers and clippers being sold around. There are some which are very complicated to use and it won’t give you an easy time when working on your pet. In fact it may end up making your pet feel uncomfortable when walking around. Always go for a trimmer and a clipper that is simple and easy to use. If you do not understand how to use, you may end up having roughly trimmed nails which will cause more harm than good to your pet.

Availability of accessories and spare parts

This is so important because there are those easily wearable parts in the trimmer that needs to be replaced quite often. This could be covered by the warranty or even not, depending on the manufacturer. You will always need to invest in the trimmer that has spares in your locality otherwise you may end up spending more to replace parts by sourcing it from distant markets, or even being forced to replace the entire trimmer if the spares are not available locally. This may be too costly for you. You won’t love that, would you?

The cost

Trimmers come from different manufacturers who charge prices depending on their features and production costs. A market survey on the cost will be necessary for you to undertake before deciding on the product to settle on. The most important aspect to check side by side with the cost is the comfort of your pet when trimming its nails, and the ease of use.

You may not need to purchase a low priced trimmer which will likely give you hard time when clipping the nails, and on the other hand, you will not need to buy the most expensive trimmer if it will challenge your ability to use it. Always carry out a market survey of cost against other prevailing factors, which may make the cost irrelevant in this case. Market survey is very necessary for a best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often do I need to clip or trim the nails of my pets?

Usually, this question does not have a unilateral answer but the frequency should depend on the speed of growth of your pet’s nails, for younger cats, it is important to trim it once every 6 to 8 weeks. Older cats would need a check-up after approximately every two months. It is important however to ensure that you trim the nails to the desirable levels whenever they grow. Do not let it to overgrow and do not trim it to be too short as well because your pet needs some bit of it for comfort when walking and playing. Many people however do not bother trimming their cat’s nails.

Do all cats need trimming of the nails?

There are indoor cats and outdoor cats. Outdoor cats do not to be trimmed regularly because nails are their tools of work when looking for prey, other than being fed. They have a mechanism of trimming their own nails. However, for defense and preying purposes, they should have natural claws.

Indoor cats, being that they do not go out for preying most of the time should have their nails occasionally checked, inspected and trimmed as and when necessary.  Regular trimming keeps them healthy and clean.

In case of an accident when trimming your cat, what should you do?

Always have styptic powder in your home. This is so useful when you accidentally trim the nail till it bleeds. It stops bleeding instantly, and please be remember to be sorry to your cat after injuring him/her. Do not continue trimming when your cat is in pain as it may not wait for more harm to happen. When it calms down later, you may continue trimming the nails. Always be careful not to harm your cat, as it may lose trust in you when trimming.


Keeping your pet neat should one of your priorities every day. I believe that this article has provided you with the much needed information on the things to look for and consider when buying a trimmer and a clipper. This is a one stop, up to date information center for you. It has everything that you need to know. We will always strive to make it updated so that you don’t miss any valuable information that you will need before buying a trimmer for your pet. Always make your pet happy by keeping it neat just the way you would always want to be yourself.

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