Best Natural Cat Litter

It is every cat owner’s joy to see that their pet is well taken care of. A cat litter is specifically made to collect indoor cat’s urine and feces. In this review I will be introducing you to some of the finest product in market. These best natural cat litter products are all natural, and are packed in recyclable bags.

The natural material used varies which consequently affect the product’s ability to absorb water and smell. But trust me; I have outlined only the best product suitable for your lovely cat. They are all clumpy which greatly reduces dust while pouring. They contain no additives as they are 100% natural. Below are more detailed review of each product, do follow through.

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8 Best Natural Cat Litter Reviews 2021


sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Litter

The sWheat scoop multi – layer cat litter is an all-natural litter. The product has a great absorption and clumps faster than most litter. It is perfect for a multi cat house where there is more frequency in urinating. There are no chemicals like sodium bentonite or silica dust that are even presence in the natural clay. rolex milgauss replica for sale new These chemicals can cause skin irritation on the cat and they might be reluctant using the litter. Silica dust can cause a lot of respiratory problem both to you and you cat. The exclusion of these chemical from this product is a big advantage.

It has the name suggest made from wheat great and is completely odorless. This product also contains no added fragrance or dye. It also completely neutralize even strong smells with it effective odor control mechanism. This helps to retain the natural smell of the home environment and does not alter it in any way. The smell control is also long lasting and can be used up to a week even in a multi cat home.

The package used for this product is completely recyclable and they pose no environmental hazard. It is the best alternative to clay litter. And if you care more about the environment you should go for such alternative product as this. Unlike the clay which mining involves cutting down a lot of trees and wildlife and causing erosion. This product raw material is completely home grown, and poses no threat to the environment. It is an eco-friendly product

Care should be taken when handling used litter. The used litter contains a lot of metabolic waste and can be dangerous especially for children, nursing mothers, pregnant women. People with low immunity should avoid handling cat litter; this extends to diabetes and people living with AIDS.


The manufacture of this product place a high value on it and this reflect in the product’s name.  Let’s take a closer look. This product’s ability to control odor is outstanding, it retains the fresh smell of the environment. It is unscented and does not alter the overall smell of the home environment. It is made from whole corn kernel and contains no added perfumes or chemicals.

The lightweight formulation makes it easy to carry about and to use. It clumps easy and is perfect for a multi–cat house. This product is totally mess-free and very easy to scoop, unlike clay. Clay comes with difficulty such as being hard to scoop and often time requires a chisel to scoop. This is totally unnecessary with this product. It readily absorbs moisture and clumps fast, this product is very easy to dispose of as it is flushable. This helps eliminate the stress associated with having to dispose of it in the trash. The safety of flushing down the used litter has been proven and it is also septic safe.

The product is close to 100% dust-free and silica dust is absent. Silica dust has been linked to causing respiratory disease both in cats and in-human too. It is perfectly formulated and the clumpy part does not mix with the non – clumping litter. The multi-cat tailored product is lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Like most alternative litter, the package is completely recyclable and is eco-friendly. Unlike clay mining which exposes the environment to erosion, destroys natural habitat and wildlife this product is homegrown. The raw material which is majorly corn kernel is gotten naturally. And its harvest does not include such a destructive approach as clay mining.


Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Cat Litter, Unscented, 26-lb bag

This is another natural cat litter. Its secret ingredient is the walnut shells, well, that’s no longer secret. This amazing litter contains no added addictive, fragrance, or colorant. It is very safe for your cat and kitten as it does not contain silica dust or sodium bentonite. Silica dust has been shown to cause respiratory disease and is thus hazardous to your cat especially the kitten. Silica dust has the same health degrading effect on humans as it is to cat. The absence of sodium bentonite which is usually present in clay helps to eliminate skin reaction.

The materials are all eco-friendly and as stated previously are made of wall nutshell. It package is biodegradable. Harvesting raw materials do not cause harm to the environment, unlike clay mining that causes erosion and destruction of wildlife. The manufacturer boast of a 100% solar-powered plant which further enforces their claim of the product being ecofriendly.

The fibrous material of the walnut which it contains helps to neutralize bad odor. It contains no perfumes and basically retains the smell of the home environment.  This product’s ability to absorb moisture is also impressive as it absorbs more than three times more than clay. It clumps very fast and the clumps are tight, the clumps are formed in less than 15 seconds. This product’s ability to clumps fast and absorb smell has made it a product of choice for multi-cat homes. The litters are easy to remove and dispose of.

To maintain high hygiene, it is advisable to remove the clump daily and should be refilled as necessary. For a single cat household, this product can last up to a month. This makes it a very economical product to use.


Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter

No brand does it better when it comes to product effectiveness and safety than Purina. We all want a tidy litter box that is both efficient and safe for you. The product is unscented and all ingredients are sourced out naturally. It locks out small with the presence of activated charcoal, which absorbs all smell molecules. Moisture is been absorbed away with the help of the clay content of the litter. The clay content makes sure that the litter box is dry and tidy always. Don’t worry; the clay is almost 100% dust-free. You can be sure of the safety of your cat and home. It does not cause any respiratory problems due to the absence of dust.

The activated charcoal content has been proven to be better than baking powder in trapping bad smells. This invariably means it is better than most alternative litter in odor management as most use baking powder. It is a non-messy product and does not cause tracking. Purina tidy cat litter is totally free of addictive and dyes. The materials are all sourced naturally and are biodegradable.

The product is perfect for a single cat and multi cat home. The clumps should be removed every day and the litter can last up to 10 days without losing it effectiveness. It is perfect for sensitive cat parent as it is unscented and helps lock out the ammonia smell away.

There is a bit of a controversy about how the clay is sourced. It is argued that sourcing for clay can deprive animals of their natural habitat. It has been linked to causing of erosion and loss of vegetation. So some environmentalist has kicked against the mining of such plant. Some manufacturers like Purina mine the clay in an ethical manner though.


ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter (Package may vary)

Okocat is a premium product, definitely one of the best on the market. The product’s ability to absorb moisture and clumps fast is impressive. The clumps are very solid are thus are very easy to scoop. It is advisable to scoop the clumps every day. Texture-wise, this I one of the best in the market, it has a soft texture.  It is soft on the paw and other delicate areas on the cat’s body. And can be used by little kitten too.

The product stops smell in a unique way. It prevents the bonding of ammonia with liquid or waste. The formulation stops the smell before it starts. This helps to prevent the formation of ammonia which is usually responsible for the bad smell. It is completely free from dust and extra care was made to ensure it remains dust-free. The wood fibers were perfectly screened and dusted over and over again to get this perfect product. This product is completely biodegradable from the wood fiber to the package. Only a few car litters are flushable and this product happens to be one of the few. It has been proven to be septic safe. And it also saves you the stress of throwing into the trash or landfilling.

It is sourced from a natural origin, and the wood fibers were ethically obtained without causing environmental havoc. The product contains no artificial addictive, so its all-natural claim is true. It is easy to transport from one location to another due to it lightweight. The product is premium and also gives you good value for your money. It lasts up to 3 months. It is advisable to remove the clump daily. Also, clean the litter box with a sanitizer at least once a month.


SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

Here is another amazing product from a smart cat.  It is a 100% dust-free product so you won’t have to worry about it causing respiratory irritants.  Its texture is nice and sand-like; it is soft on paws and kittens. The product clumps when it comes with contact with moisture. It continues to do so till all moisture has been absorbed leaving the litter tidy and clean. The clumps are easy to scoop and dispose of.  It is advisable to scoop every day.  Clumps are formed fast and are tightly packed and the formed clumps make it impossible for the odor to escape. The product’s ability to absorb moisture and form clumps makes it suitable for long use.

Smart cat litter has no added fragrance and traps a bad smell. As the litter clumps, it traps bacterial that normally cause bad smell and deprive them of moisture. It helps prevent fecal odor too which the same mechanism.  It is made entirely from grass which is 100% natural and is grown in the United States.  The litter and replica rolex under 100 package are both biodegradable. The litter attracts your cat naturally into the litter box. Maintaining the box is made effortless with this litter as it is easy to scoop out and maintained. It is not advisable to flush the litter as it septic safety has not been established. Smart cat lightweight litter makes it easy to be transported from one place to another.

Unlike the clay which mining involves cutting down a lot of trees and wildlife and causing erosion. This product raw material is completely home grown, and poses no threat to the environment. It is an eco-friendly product. The product is also very easy to access as it is available in all pet stores throughout the country.


ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi Cat, 18lb

Arms & hammers litter like all product in this review is an all-natural product. It is complete devoid of any addictive or fragrance. The product moisture absorption ability is quite impressive with up to twice the absorption as clumping clay.

It forms clumps at a very fast rate and the clumps are very tight and hard. This among other factor makes it suitable for single and multi-cats homes. The ability to form clumps faster affect the product duration of use. Clumps formation also helps to trap bad smell among other ingredient added. Arms & hammers litter is completely dust free. You will not have to worry about your cat developing any respiratory disease due to silica dust.

It is made primarily of corn fiber and baking powder. The baking powder helps to effectively neutralize bad odor from the urine and feces. Corn fiber plays an important role in neutralizing the odor and moisture absorption.

It mineral oil content finds usefulness in dust control in the litter. It is about half as light as the traditional clay. Arms & hammers litter ability to control odor is quite superior to other litter. It has about three ingredients to battle bad smell (baking soda, corn and plant extracts).

It is sourced from a natural origin, and the corn fibers were ethically obtained without causing environmental havoc. The product contains no artificial addictive, so its all-natural claim is true. It is easy to transport from one location to another due to it lightweight. Also, it is relatively cheap and gives you good value for your money. It lasts up to 3 months. Always remove the clump daily and clean the litter box with a sanitizer at least once a month.


Purina Tidy Cats 247 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

This is the second product by Purina in this best cat natural litter review. Purina have a wider product differentiation than other brands. They have arrays of products with different litter material and different property. The Purina tidy cats 24/7 performance clumping cat litter is a bundle packed product. It contains four 12 Ib. bags.

Like the previous Purina product discussed, this is made majorly from clay and activated charcoal. The activated charcoal has been proven to be more effective in odor control than baking powder. Activated charcoal helps to lock away bad odor, it effectively absorbs ammonia smell.

The clay granules helps to absorb moisture form the urine and feces and forms clumps. Clumps formation makes it easy for scooping and invariably affects the duration of use of the litter.

It is advisable to scoop every day and sanitize the box once in a month. The clumps are formed fast and are tightly held. This ensures that the litter is looking tidy at all times. The litter does not form tracking which can be an eye sore.

All ingredient used are sourced naturally and are biodegradable and does not cause pollution to the environment. This product is tailored for a single cat house who intend to use for long and a multi cat home.

The product can last for about three months and is relatively cheap. It is unscented and helps retain the smell of the home environment. Scent matters especially to sensitive cat parents.

There is a bit of a controversy about how the clay is sourced. It is argued that sourcing for clay can deprive animals of their natural habitat. It has been linked to causing of erosion and loss of vegetation. So some environmentalist has kicked against the mining of such plant. Reputable manufacturers like nestle Purina mine the clay in an ethical manner.

Buyer’s Guide For The Natural Cat Litter

The market is saturated with tons of cat litter. Well, the purpose of this natural cat litter review is to guide you into choosing the right one. Everyone wishes to get the best from the market, to buy a product that gives good value for the money. Cat litter is a must-have tool in every cat owner’s home. With the right one, your cat can comfortably pass out it excreta without causing discomfort to your cat. The right product should be efficient, safe and easily accessible. Price is another factor you should consider. Below are a well-detailed list of the factors to take note of while shopping for the best product

Clumpy or non – clumpy material

Some material clumps when they come in contact with moisture or feces while others do not clump. You should know the difference between the two products and which is best for you.

The clumpy ones form a clump when they come in contact with moisture. Time taken to form clumps, hardness, and tightness of the clump is dependent on the material used. We will get to that later. The clumpy ones are easy to scoop and they do not form a mess.  Clumpy litter last longer than the non-clumpy ones. But they are generally more expensive than the non-clumpy litters.

The non-clumpy ones do not form clump after contact with moisture. They basically retain their shape but the moisture sinks. They are required to be changed more frequently than the clumpy ones. It is, however, a cheaper alternative than the clumpy ones.

Material used

The raw material used to make the litter is an important factor to consider. The material used varies and they affect the property of the litter. The material can vary from clay to wood fiber to wheat starch to mention a few.  This can affect the litter’s ability to clump. The duration at which it takes to clump and the tightness of the clump formed. Clay litter usually absorbs fast and keeps the smell away but can be dusty. It contains a substance such as silica dust that can cause respiratory issues. Clay litter is, however, cheaper than most material used.

Other materials such as wheat, wood fiber have been formulated to form clumps. This makes it easier to scoop and thus ensuring tidiness. They do not contain some respiratory irritant seen in clay and are dust-free. You may want to consider these types especially if you are looking to avoid dust.

Some litter can contain more than one material. An example is containing clay and activated charcoal. This type of litter has two materials that perform two different functions.  The synergy of those two materials, however, increases the product efficiency.

The better the material used, the higher the price of the litter. We’ll discuss about that in the next highlight.


The litter price is probably one of the most important factors you may want to consider. Before choosing you should always consider the size of your budget.

Price can directly affect all other factors. For example, the price can affect the type of material. It can also dictate if the product will be a clumpy one or not. Price can vary with each manufacturer; it is dependent on the amount spent in manufacturing. Some companies are better at producing than some which save them money in production. Such a company can sell at a lower price than others. It has nothing to lose. Price is also dependent on government policy, location of the company amongst other factors.

All-natural products are more expensive than synthetic ones. The clumpy litters are also more expensive than the non-clumpy ones. The clumpy one requires more technical manipulations than the non-clumpy ones. One thing is certain; the relatively expensive ones gives more value for your money especially those mentioned in this review. Do not be reluctant to spend if you have the money and get your cat the best product.

Presence of artificial additives

Addictive are basically color or fragrance added to the material. Addictive can be added to improve the litter smell or appearance.

Addiction are generally not safe and should be avoided. Some cat parent are sensitive to smell while prefer the litter unscented. While some prefer it scented.

An all-natural product like those mentioned in this review contains no addictive and are safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How does the litter box smell?

The odor of the litter box is dependent on the material used for the cat litter. Some are perfumed, some are not. The odor is also dependent on the duration of use.

Can I flush down the litter?

Well, that is totally dependent on the material used. Some products such as the world’s best cat litter are flushable. They have been proven to be septic safe and can save you the stress of disposing of out in the trash. Most, however, are not flushable.  Check the product label to know if the product is flushable or not.

How long can I use my litter for a single cat?

For a single cat home, the litter can be used for a little more than a week. 10 days should be ideal. The clump of a clumpy litter should be removed every day. And you can do well to sanitize the box for at least once a month.

Should I be worried about the litter tracking?

All products mentioned in this review are all an anti mess. They help eliminate the messy tracking that is common to the clay and conventional litters.

Are these products safe around children and kitten?

The reviewed products are all-natural. They contain no toxic product and are free from every human and cat irritants.


The right choice is greatly aided by the right information. This is exactly what this review has done. So I will recommend that you make the proper use of this information to choose the right product. The right product should be able to tick every box from safety to price. I am sure most products mentioned will do so satisfactorily.

They all are healthy choices. The raw material used may vary. But I can assure you that every of the 6 amazing product in this review is a good choice. Prioritize your cat and home comfort and get one today.

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