Best Natural Wet Cat Food

A natural diet is recommended for you cat. What this essentially means is that you feed them something as close to what they would eat in the wild as possible. One way to get this is to feed them with wet cat food.

We have compiled a list of some of the natural wet cat food you can choose from. This article also includes a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Similarly, we have answered some of the questions users might have about making the right choice of food for kittens.

Natural Wet Cat Food Comparison

Images Product Details Price
  • Main ingredients: Deboned beef
  • Weight: 5 Oz” L
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  • Main ingredients: Turkey
  • Weight: 2.6 Oz ×2
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  • Main ingredients: Seafood
  • Weight: 3 Oz
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Top 8 Best Natural Wet Cat Food Reviews 2021

1. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Cowboy Cookout

 Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Cowboy Cookout Wet Cat Food, 5.5 oz, Case of 24, 24 X 5.5 OZ

Merrick Purrfect cowboy cookout is made with deboned beef as its main ingredient. Thus it serves your cat as a source of balanced and complete nutritional needs. It helps by adding much-needed moisture to your kitten’s diet which makes it such a great choice for complementary feeding.

Morsels of this wet cat food are gravy-styled which makes it easy to eat and equally highly digestible. With this food, you can be sure that each meal you serve your kitty is high in essential protein and fatty acids. These help to replenish your cat’s fur & maintain a soft skin in addition to promoting normal healthy functioning of your cat.


  • Adds moisture to your pet’s food
  • No artificial ingredients


  • Contains Carageenan

2. Wellness Grain Free Canned Cat Food Minced Tuna

Wellness Natural Canned Grain Free Minced Tuna Dinner Wet Cat Food, 3 oz, Case of 24, 24 X 3 OZ

Serve your cat grain-free balanced nutrition for everyday wellness with this natural cat food. It contains tasty bits of real minced tuna with light and delicious gravy. This serves as an additional source of water to keep your beloved kitty hydrated.

Additionally, this carrageenan-free food is made with only natural premium ingredients and is free from products, artificial flavors or coloring that might be harmful to your cat’s diet. It is made in North America and with strict compliance to food safety regulations guaranteeing your cat’s absolute welfare always.


  • An additional source of healthy hydration
  • Tasty bits of Tuna in savory gravy


  • Some cats don’t like minced bits and prefer cubed instead

3. AvoDerm Natural Grain Free

AvoDerm Natural Grain Free Tuna & Crab Entree in Gravy Canned Wet Cat Food

AvoDerm Natural wet cat food is made with premium, all-natural ingredients and is nutrient packed for your cat’s benefits. It is made with California avocados and avocado oil which are rich in Omega 3 fats. This is in addition to Tuna which is a source of premium protein and the main ingredient in this cat food.

Similarly, AvoDerm Natural pet foods are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and also serve as a source of antioxidants which are known to help by protecting and maintain proper immune functions in your cats.


  • Healthy balanced nutrition
  • High-quality protein sources


  • There are cases of variations in each batch purchased by users

4. Reveal Wet Canned

Reveal Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food 2.47oz Tuna Fillet - 24 Pack

This top quality wet cat food by Reveal operates on the “less is more” principle. With limited ingredients, you can be better assured of the quality of this food. This particular product has succulent Tuna as 75% of its total composition. Also, it is free from grains, fillers, or any form of artificial flavor or preservatives.

This complementary cat food serves its purpose as an intermittent food supply for your pet. All its ingredients are sourced from trusted sources with absolute compliance to environmental and social standards.


  • Ingredients are ethically sourced
  • Limited ingredients


  • Does not contain added taurine and vitamins

5. Halo Holistic

Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food, Indoor Seafood Medley Recipe, 5.5-Ounce Can

Specially formulated for adult cats, Halo Holistic wet cat food delivers all the premium protein and proper hydration that your cat needs. There is no rendered ‘meat meal’ at all in its composition, rather this cat food is made with naturally sourced whole Salmon. This makes it an absolutely healthy choice for your pet. It also contains Non-Gmo vegies and serves as a source of fatty acids for healthy skin.

It is highly digestible and has an inviting aroma and irresistible taste that cats are known to love. All that in addition to the fact that this wet cat food serves as a source of extra hydration for your cat makes It a top choice be considered.


  • No rendered meats
  • It is quite moist which is good for hydration


  • There were complaints about the fact that it contains some veggies (peas and carrots) although most cats still like it that way.

6. Instinct Original Canned

Instinct Original Grain Free Real Beef Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature's Variety, 5.5 oz. Cans

This wet cat food is formulated based on the principle that cats are meant to be served with a raw natural diet. Each can contains high quality and responsibly sourced real beef and oils which makes up 70% of its entire composition. The rest of it consists of nutritious veggies, fruits along with other wholesome ingredients.

This is one of the most popular brands out there and is widely reputed for its nutritional benefits. It is rich in animal protein which ensures strong muscles in cats if all ages. Sensitive cats or those with allergies can be safely served this food as well since it is free from grains and other potential allergy-triggering ingredients.


  • Grain and gluten free
  • Suitable for cats of all ages


  • Expensive brand

7. “I and love and you” Essentials Grain Free Can

 And Love And You Chicken Me Out, Purrkey Turkey, Oh My Cod! Pate Grain Free Canned Cat Food, 3 Oz

Cat’s love variety and with this can food, you can give them all the healthy variety they need thanks to its impressive composition. This special variety multi pack contains chicken, Salmon, and Tuna all in tasty gravy so you can serve your kittens all the healthy and tasty variety it needs. It is also perfect for those with many cats all with different tastes.

It contains no fillers and other controversial ingredients such as Carrageenan. Additionally, it has been specially made to supply all the needs of cats of all ages and breeds. Whether you own rambunctious kittens or adult cats, this canned dog food is just great for them.


  • Optimal balance of key nutrients
  • Variety pack


  • None

8. Blue Freedom Adult Pate Indoor Chicken

 Blue Freedom Adult Pate Indoor Chicken Wet Cat Food 5.5-Oz

A diet rich in Amino acids and other essential nutrients is best for your cat. And blue wilderness has exactly what you need with this indoor wet chicken recipe. Not only does it supply essential proteins but it also serves as a source of other vital nutrients as well. Yet, you can be sure of the safety of the ingredients it contains at the same time.

In addition to chicken, it also contains ingredients that have been specially chosen by expert nutritionists that meet the needs of cats that spend most of their time indoors. This includes healthy veggies and fruits like carrots, potatoes, cranberries and so on. These serve as a vital source of phytonutrients needed for healthy functioning.


  • Naturally healthy
  • Highly digestible


  • There were complaints about the packaging

Buyer’s Guideline to Buy Natural Wet Cat Food

wet cat food review

As a pet parent, you owe it to your cat to find the healthiest and safest cat food for it. At the same time buying the wrong food will also waste your money and time. Here’s a quick guide that can help you make the choice of the natural wet cat food for your kitten conveniently.

The label

The label of the cat food says a lot about it; if you know how to read it. When reading the label, there are important pointers to look out for. This includes:

a) The ingredient list, the protein source is usually listed first followed by other ingredients. Watch out for ingredients your cat might be sensitive to

b) Look for additional ingredients like taurine, and phytonutrients are important as well.

c) The name of the product says a lot about it too.

Additionally, watch out for terms like “by-products”, artificial colors and preservatives and ambitious terms like having “and/or” between the ingredients. This suggests these ingredients can potentially vary by batch which can be a problem for fussy feeders.

Company and country of origin

Apart from researching the food itself and its performance, you might want to dig around and find out more about its manufacturers.  If possible, find out how the company operates, where their ingredients are sourced from, how much research they do and so on.

Also, expect the quality is a concern, it is preferable to buy canned cat food manufactured in your country. It is recommended that you feed your cat fresh food and shipping food from abroad most times defeats that purpose.

Your cat’s age and lifestyle

Your cat’s taste, lifestyle and even nutritional requirements will vary as it ages. Kittens, for example, need more protein and fats in their meals than senior cats. It is important you feed your cats only food formulated for its age grade. Alternatively, you can look for food that cuts across all age grades. Also, if your kitten has specific health conditions, you might have to speak to your vet for the natural wet cat food for it.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Is a grain free diet better for my cat?

There has been a surge in the popularity of grain-free cat food in recent times. Many people seem to believe a low carb diet is great for cats. This is still a rather controversial subject and the wisdom of placing your cat on a low carb diet is still subject to what your Vet has to say.  It is best to speak to your vet before changing your cat’s diet.

Why the fuss about the country of origin? 

There are a number of reasons reviews emphasize on country of origin. First regulatory conditions vary from one country to the other.  Having a canned food shipped in from abroad isn’t always a safe option considering freshness and possibility of damage in transit.

Is wet food better than dry food for my cat?

Wet food obviously has a higher water content which is important for keeping your cat hydrated. But they are a lot more expensive compared to dry food too. Generally, the variety is recommended when dealing with cats. Thus, you might want to feed your kitten a combination of wet and dry food for the best results.


Finding the natural wet cat food for your kitten might take some time, but it isn’t impossible. Following the buyer’s guide highlighted above can help you make your choice faster. Of course, you might have to try out a number of options until you find one that your kitten absolutely loves. You can go through our list of top brands to help you make the right choice.

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