Best Portable Dog Crates

If you are traveling most of the time and you always take your dog with you, this best portable dog crates guide is for you. You can check out the six portable carrying tools we have reviewed in this post. Choosing a collapsible dog crate is not as easy as you think it is. So, we have included the unique features each product has, to make it easier for you to decide.

Before we start with the review, it is best that you know first what a dog crate is and why dog owners should have one.

What is a Dog Crate?

The dog crate is also known as an indoor kennel or dog cage. It is designed to serve a safe, secure place that a dog can stay for a couple of hours. Most of the crates have a wireframe. Also, they have a removable tray in the base, where you can place the beddings. You can also find a dog crate with a collapsible design that is best if you are a traveler and you want to take your pet anywhere you go

6 Best Portable Dog Crates Reviews 2021

Our pick

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

1. Petnation Port-A-Crate

The Petnation Port-A-Crate is an indoor or outdoor dog crate that enables you to take your pet with you anywhere you go. If you need to travel for several days, such as for vacation, business trips, and others, and you need to carry your pet with you, this portable home is perfect for you.

It has a unique design that provides a sturdy enclosure for your dog. The exterior has a premium quality tight weave mesh material, while the steel frame endoskeleton offers greater strength and support for the fabric.

The mesh windows are holed similarly to a honeycomb to make sure airflow throughout the crate. This provides a more comfortable place for your pet to enjoy. To access the interior easily, it has two doors to enable easier access. You can roll up the door and secure it with fastening straps. Also, it has industrial strength zippers to secure your pet safely. The crate has door latches.

Cleaning this dog crate is very easy. Each model is made of a water-resistant material. You can use a stain and odor remover to clean the crate and allow it to air dry. For thorough cleaning, just remove the washable cover from the steel frame and dump it in the laundry.

If you are wondering if it is safe enough for your pet, we are happy to tell you that it is. All the parts are made of non-toxic, lightweight materials without sharp or small parts that could harm your pet. It has rounded corners to protect your pets against damage. For proper ventilation, it has mesh windows to allow the air circulates properly.

It is best to measure your pet first before buying this dog crate, as this can only carry up to 70 pounds only.

Our pick

AmazonBasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

2. AmazonBasics Travel Crate

The AmazonBasics Travel Crate is a reliable tool to carry your buddy anywhere you go. It does not matter whether you are just going to your friend’s house or just having a relaxing time at home. This dog crate will provide comfort and convenience to you and your pet. It is a soft-sided dog crate that you can easily set up within seconds.

The carrying tool has a zippered closure to ensure the safety of your pet. It is helpful for crate training, and it is easy to contain your pet temporarily; it does not matter where you go. Your pet will always have a safe and comfortable resting place whenever it needs to rest.

This crate can carry large dogs that weigh up to 80 pounds. You can use this crate if you have Old English Sheepdog, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Retriever, or German Shepherd.

It has a sturdy but lightweight PVC frame to keep the crate’s overall shape putting unnecessary weight on it. The heavy-duty polyester fabric at top, sides, and bottom provides a softer surface to curl up against than a metal-sided crate. You can also add a dog bed to the surface to provide a warm and comfortable place for your pet.

The dog crates round corners will keep the car and floors protected from nicks and scratches. In cleaning, you can use soap and water to hand-washed the crate and let it dry. For better ventilation and to have your pet a better view outside, it has a mesh window. You can unzip the three-sided front door and roll it up securely so your dog can freely get in and out of the crate.

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3. AmazonBasics Premium Travel Crate

For a stylish way of transporting your pet dog, the AmazonBasics Premium Pet Crate is recommended. This dog crate provides a soft, comfy space for your pet when traveling—storing it when not in use is easy, as you can collapse it down and store it in a safe place.

It is recommended for road trips while traveling on the plane and also when visiting the vet. You can use this instead of the bulky hard-shell carriers. It gives your canine best friend less stress while traveling.

Your pet can view what is going on outside with its screened window panels. It also has a designated place for dog treats and toy storage. Adding a fleece bed and several other accessories for your pet dog is also recommended.

It has soft-sided polyester with a high-ceiling interior to reduce the pet’s travel anxiety. For better ventilation, it has multiple mesh windows so your pet can look around while traveling. When not in use, you can simply fold the crate for easy, effortless storing.

This dog crate features a top handle to carry your pet conveniently anywhere you want to. The interior bed provides a comfortable spot for your pet to rest. It has cushy plush construction and fluffy fleece exterior. You will find handy zippered pockets on top and side where you can place your dog’s snack, leashes, clean-up bags, and toys.

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4. Petsfit Portable Soft Collapsible Dog Crate

This is another quality product from a famous company. The Petsfit Portable Dog crate is a collapsible dog carrier for indoor and travel use that can carry dogs up to 100 pounds. When it comes to comfort, this is where this dog crate stands out.

The designer makes sure that your dog is comfortable all throughout your journey. It has some form of padding, and it also has a removable fleece pad added. You will also notice the side pockets on the container to keep the dog necessities as you travel. Some collapsible dog crate seems to overlook this feature.

It does not matter if you are using it outdoors or indoors; this dog crate will keep your best friend safe. The spacious pet crate fits a dog up to 24 inches. Thus, a good option for medium or larger dogs. Also, it uses a quality screw-in frame to provide better stability. The dog crate has two doors, which enables the dogs to go in and out easily.

Despite having a rugged construction, it is a good pick that you can easily bring with you thanks for its foldable design. Also, it has several meshes design to provide a well-ventilated shelter. Your pets are well-secured as it features durable zippers.

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Petsfit Travel Pet Home IndoorOutdoor for Dog Steel Frame Home,Collapsible Soft Dog Crate

5. Petsfit Travel Pet Home

This is yet another reliable dog crate from Petsfit. Just like the other models of the same brand, it has many essential features and has a similar construction. The only difference lies in size. With a dimension of 36 x 31 x 24 inches, it can accommodate larger dogs.

Petsfit Travel Pet Crate can provide safety traveling for your pet dog and, at the same time, a comfortable resting place indoor. This dog crate has three entry points for your pet to choose from, and the crate remains that frame, which makes collapsing and transport easy.

With this Petsfit 36 inches, Travel Dog Crate has a sense of security. It uses good material to fasten the dog crate if needed. It would be hard for animals to get in and out if it is fastened well because of the clips on the zippers.

Some breeds are anxious to find a way to claw through. So, it is best always to cut the dog’s nails before you travel with your pet. Dogs that are trained in their crate can travel comfortably and sleep well in this soft sided kennel with a soft fleece pad. The pad is removable so that it will be convenient for the pet owner.

The main idea of developing this Petsfit dog crate is to provide comfort and safety to your pet when traveling. We consider our pets as part of the family, so they also deserve to have convenience in life. This collapsible soft dog crate is made of high-quality materials that assure you that your pets will not get harm.

Our pick

6. Veehoo Folding Soft Dog Crate

Not all soft crates can provide the comfort the pet owners are looking for. Some are made of less durable materials, which makes them not suitable for bigger dogs. For puppies who enjoy tearing up everything they see, the soft dog crate is not recommended, particularly for crate training.

But do you need to sacrifice comfort and convenience because of your very active pet? This folding crate designed by Veehoo has a tightly weaved mesh fabric. It only means that as compared to other products, it won’t get damaged easily to the biting and claws of your pet.

This three-door, the semi-closed design gives your pet dog quick and easy access to their home. The steel frame has spring action, which makes it easy to set up and store. And for those who love going out with their pets, you are confident since it has a locking mechanism that will keep them safe and secured as you drive around.

This dog crate is available in six different colors. You can choose the color that best matches your dog’s style. Veehoo dog crate enables you to take your pet during family vacations, vet visits, trips, or if you just want your pet to relax in the comfort of your home.

When it comes to ventilation, this dog crate is one of the best. It has a five-sided honeycomb mesh that allows air to circulate freely inside. The semi-closed design lets you easily monitor your pet.

To let your dog come and go freely, it has three roll-up doors, and it opens up with Velcro. This crate is easy to set up and fold for easy storage.

Dog Crate Factors and Features to Consider

With the different types of soft crates in the market, choosing the one that will fit your dog is quite confusing. Before buying a soft-sided playpen, there are factors and features that you need to consider. You need to determine how suitable a soft dog crate will be for your pet.

There is a crate for every pet and lifestyle. You can choose based on age, condition, size, temperament, and usefulness. To find the best dog crate with all the essentials for your dog, you need to know what to consider and what to look for. Consider the following when searching and deciding.


For free movement, your pets need enough space in the crate. A dog crate should be around two to four inches taller and longer than your dog’s height and length. This will make sure that your buddy will have enough room to do the stretching and to turn around.

You should learn to measure your pet for a kennel to help you determine the space required inside.


During your pet’s training, your dog will likely to test how durable the crate by scratching, and trying to chew or make a hole on it to escape. The materials used in manufacturing the kennel should be durable enough to survive your pet’s habits. Also, the design is an essential factor to determine if it will contain your pet.

Storage and Portability

It is best to choose something that can be folded easily. But some are not strong or secured enough for long travel. A metal cage that can be folded could be too bulky during casual trips but are convenient for storage or transport. Hard plastic that cannot be folded or disassembled to a smaller size is not recommended for smaller spaces. But, it offers security on the ground and at home.

Visibility and Ventilation

Dogs need enough airflow in the dog crates. Fabric kennels allow adequate air to pass through and, at the same time, filters the light. Some have fewer windows or slots that limits the visibility for your pet that are reactive to stimuli.


In searching for a kennel, its ability to contain your dog is essential. Security is of high priority when it comes to finding the best dog crate for your pet. The design and material of your crate should keep your dog inside. It should not provide any opportunities for your dog to escape or harm itself. You need to consider what could happen, not just inside but outside the kennel as well.

You need to consider anything that might put the safety of your pet at risk. Doors that your pet can open easily might cause harm to them once they got out. A flimsy framed kennel can put them at risk of getting toppled over while on the road. A weak design may cause a kennel to open or disassemble, which might harm your dog.


Dog kennels made of metal or hard plastic could be a good choice when it comes to longevity. However, your pet might have a hard time adjusting to it as compared to a softer kennel. If in case you need to decide between durability and comfort, crate mats could help you. Some companies include a soft mat if you purchase their crates.

How comfortable the crate will be for your dog will depend on you. But, there are instances that you need to ask your vet’s opinion on choosing the right kennel. Some animals have medical conditions that you need to consider when deciding. These dogs are stationary most of the time, so you need to provide them a comfy fabric for their crate.

Other Considerations

If you do not have a plan of leaving the town with your fur-buddy, but you still want to get a dog crate, some portable kennels provide comfortable amenities for indoor use. When choosing a dog crate, you need to consider also whether you will use it only at home or when traveling.

At Home

If you do not have plans of moving the kennel, then you can consider buying a crate that is not foldable or collapsible. A dog in training requires a kennel that is made of steel or hard plastic as they tend to chew or scratch the crate. Your buddy can easily destroy a soft or collapsible dog crate, but it is more comfortable as compared to heavy-duty crates.       

In Transit

You need a more secure kennel if you are traveling long distances with your pet. If you are traveling on air, you are required to get a kennel with doors that can be fastened tightly. The doors should be made of nuts and bolts to make sure your pet will not escape. Every airline has its regulations when carrying a dog. So, make sure that you do some research before buying a crate.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Here are some questions most pet owners would ask about portable dog crates:

Is it recommended to use dog crates when traveling?

Traveling with your pet dogs can be tricky. You need to contain them while in transit. They must be comfortable. A soft-sided dog crate can provide the comfort that they need while traveling. Dog crates have a soft fleece pad so they can rest comfortably in the car.

Should a dog be able to stand in a crate?

The dog should be able to move comfortably while in the crate, and that includes standing up and turn around. However, some crate might not be able to allow them to move that much.

Is it okay to put toys in the crate at night?

Placing the toys at night in the crate could help your puppies feel at peace and could help them to sleep soundly.

Do I need to cover the dog kennel with a blanket?

Never place a blanket to cover the crate. It is a must that your pet should be able to see what is going on outside the crate.


After reviewing six of the best portable dog crates, our top pick here is the Petnation Port-A-Crate. It comes with soft walls and windows to keep your pet connected in the outside world while staying in the kennel. This crate is also available in different sizes so you can choose one that will fit your pet’s weight and height.

Petnation also provides the portability that you might be looking for in a dog kennel. It also offers the security that you need when traveling. If you are looking for convenience and comfort for your pet, Petnation Port-A-Crate is highly-recommended.

I hope this guide provides all the information you need to help you decide. If you have questions or inquiries, feel free to comment below.

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