Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Having the cats relieve themselves in the house is not the best thing to do. Cat pee and poo are so harmful. To mitigate this problem, one has to install cat litters in the house and train their cats to use them. There are several types of cat litters. Some are old school types while others are made of most advanced technology.

The best type of cat litter that you should consider having is a self-cleaning type. How then does such a piece of equipment work? To know everything about this product in question, please read through this informative article.

What is cat litter?

A cat litter is an indoor cat waste collection box. It has several other names such as a sandbox, litter pan, cat pan or a litter tray. Other domestic animals that can use it include rabbits, small pigs, ferrets, and puppies amongst others. All these animals have to be trained to be able to use it effectively.

3 Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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8 Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

1. PetSafe Automatic

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

As the name says, this particular litter box automatically cleans itself. Whenever the cat goes in to relieve itself, the waste is removed automatically. There is no human intervention needed because the litter does everything for itself. It, therefore, means that it is safe to have it in the house.

The box is designed to suppress the odor wholly. Even after use, it is not easy to have the house smell. The crystal litter eliminates smell by absorbing the urine and making the solid matter dry. This process goes on for weeks then the disposable bottom is removed and replaced.

With this litter, you are guaranteed that it is leak-free. The disposable tray which holds the fecal matter is fitted with plastic lining. This helps in protecting the litter against leaking, hence preserving the neatness of the house.

The crystal in the litter does not contain dust. It does not stick to the paws of the cat. This means that your floor will not be dirty easily.

It is large. This means that it can accommodate cats of all sizes. Smaller dogs and rabbits can be easily accommodated too in this litter box. Its weight is manageable. Moving it from one end of the house to another is easy.

It is easy to set up the litter after removing the disposable tray. Setting it up takes less than a minute and it would be done.

It is in use worldwide and trusted by many people. When you buy this product, you are guaranteed quality.

2. CatGenie Self-Washing

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

When you buy this product, you will not be faced with the hustle of cleaning it all the time. It is self-cleaning and self-washing. This process repeats itself every time a cat uses it. There is no human intervention needed to make it clean.

The litter is large enough. It can accommodate up to two cats at any given time. However, the cats must be of standard size and not more than six months old.

The litter can absorb odor completely. You will be tempted to think there is no litter in the house. The litter uses granules which encourages the cat to dig for the poor and cover it. In the process, the odor is fully eliminated.

Setting up the litter is very easy and takes a very short time. When the removable bottom is full, it has to be removed and discarded. In the process, a new one is to be inserted. The procedure is not complicated.

When the litter cleans itself, it takes a very short time to get dry and be ready for the next use. It has dryer heats which help in hastening the process.

The item is very light and can be shifted from one space to another in the house.

It is very hygienic and does not harm the cat. The litter suppresses dirt in the house. You will always have a clean floor. This is because when the cat is coming out of the litter, its feet do not drag dust.

3. PetSafe Automatic

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

It’s best self scooping litter box. This cleaner automatically removes cat waste without scooping it manually. There is very minimal human interaction with the litter. As a cat owner, you are to move the litter from one location to another and to change the bottom part. Any other thing is automatically done by the litter itself.

When it comes to cleaning, this particular brand is easy. When there is enough waste in the tray, just open and remove it. The tray is to be discarded since it is not reusable. A new one has to be installed. Putting a new one is a simple and quick process.

The litter box is highly guarded against leaking urine and solid waste. This is because the disposable trays have plastic linings that are instrumental in keeping the floor clean and free of cat waste. The lining is tight.

With crystal litter in the box, there are minimal chances of having an odor in the house. The crystal litter absorbs all the urine and dehydrates the solid matter. In this process, all the bad odor is neutralized.

It is big enough. This means that it can accommodate cats of various sizes and various ages. Apart from cats, small dogs, rabbits, and pigs can also use them comfortably. Since it is light, it can be easily moved from one point to another. You should not let your pet friends get used to relieving themselves in one location in the house. Make their “toilet” moments enjoyable by frequently changing the location of the litter box.

4. Littermaid Cat

LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Its best cat litter for littermaid automatic litter box. When you buy this product, you will be assured of low maintenance costs. As long as you use it as per the provided instructions, maintenance costs will not arise. The litter box is self-cleaning. It can be used for up to one week without the need to discard the tray.

The odor arising from both the urine and solid feces of the cat is contained and controlled. This odor is strictly kept inside the litter box. It does not leak into the environment. The rake is responsible for removing the waste, while the carbon receptors keep the odor under.

Since it is self-cleaning, it has a rake that removes all waste immediately the cat uses the litter. The rake cleans the litter completely in readiness for a new start.

This particular litter is ideal for use by a single cat. In this regard, the cat is assured of privacy and freeness. This is because every cat will have his or her turn to relieve themselves.

The litter is very light. It can be moved from one location to another easily. This removes the aspect of boredom from the cats because they will not get used to a single location.

With this litter, the house is maintained clean. This is because it is designed with high walls to prevent dust spillage. On the other hand, near the entrance is a ramp that is used to clean the paw. This helps in ensuring that the cat does not come out with dust every time it gets into the litter. This best litter for littermaid.

5. Simply Clean PetSafe

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Litter Box, Works with Clumping Cat Litter

This product comes with a waste bin which is so easy to clean. You have the choice to either line the waste bin or just leave it as it is. In any case, it is environment-friendly and won’t let waste drop to the floor.

The litter box is self-cleaning. It has bowls that rotate while at the same time shifting the clamps. These rotations ensure that waste is removed and placed in the lower tray. After about every half an hour, it makes a complete rotation. When the tray is full, one just has to remove it and dispose of it. It is an easy process that takes a short time. A new tray has to be put in place of the old one.

Having this item in the house is an ideal idea because it does not make the air feel contaminated. This is because it is covered. Secondly, it has a carbon layer which plays a very critical role in eliminating odor. Carbon absorbs the urine completely while at the same time it dehydrates the solid waste matter.

The litter is fitted with a motor that does not produce any noise. Cats are always averse to a noisy environment. The motor is responsible for the rotation of the bowl. To know whether the litter is on and working, just observe the LED light which is installed to the system.

It can be easily moved from one location to another in the house because it is extremely light.

6. LitterMaid Multi

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

One of the best cat litter for littermaid. This particular litter box can cater for more than one cat at one instant. Cats which are over 15lbs can use this litter without damaging it. The self-cleaning system is active and completes any task in a very short tie. It is fitted with a rake which acts on the waste as soon as the cat leaves the litter box.

The litter box has a sensor that actively senses when a cat has just left the box. Unlike other boxes that have sensors that work long after the cat has left, this particular one has sensors which act almost immediately.

It has a strong odor control system. The litter has strong carbon receptors that dry up the urine and dries the solid waste matter in a very short time. As it works on absorbing the odor, it also removes the waste and places in the lower tray. When the tray is full, one has to remove it for disposal. This is a process that takes a very short time to be complete.

The maintenance costs of this litter box are very minimum. Since it is not required to scoop the waste daily. Scooping can be done once a week hence the rake is on reserve more than being in use. This helps in extending its useful life and minimum breakdowns.

The litter is not heavy and can be relocated from place to place in the house. This also ensures that the cats enjoy their moments in there because of a frequent new environment.

7. PetSafe Self-Cleaning ScoopFree 

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills - Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter - 6-Pack

When you have this litter in your house, you are guaranteed of cleanliness. This is because the dust does not stick to the cat’s feet. When it comes out of the litter, all the dust is left on the foot stamp at the exit.

This is one product I would recommend it to anyone. Because of its long time use worldwide, it has gained a standing trust. This means that the product is of quality and durable.

With this product, you will not feel a sense of odor in the house. The crystal cat litter absorbs all the liquid content from the cat’s waste. Urine is made dry while the solid matter is fully dehydrated. This waste is then scooped and placed in the lower tray in readiness for disposal.

It is easy for a person to replace the tray. Whenever the tray is full, it has to be taken off and disposed of. A new one is put in place to replace the old tray. The process is pretty simple and takes a very short time to complete.

This litter is ideal for use by one cat at a time. The cat is therefore assured of some privacy while relieving itself.

It is light. The litter can be lifted by one hand and moved from one location to another. This helps in ensuring that the cats will enjoy a new environment all the time.

It is durable and can give you service over a very long time.

8. Omega Self-Cleaning

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

It is easy to use self-cleaning cat litter. With a little training, the cat is made familiar with the litter. It is fitted with a rake scoops the waste once in a while and takes it to a lower tray in readiness for disposal. As with other litters, the tray is removed in totality and disposed of. A new one has to be placed. The tray is not reusable and that explains why it has to be replaced every time it is full.

It is designed with a grill that is used to separate the clean surface from the part which contains litter.

The litter does not leak urine and other waste. This is because of the plastic lining which reinforces the protection of the litter. The waste is collected in an easy to pull out tray. When it is full, the tray is pulled out and disposed of. A new one is put in place of the old one. This is because the tray is not reusable.

The litter box is larger. It comfortably accommodates pets of all sizes. Mostly, large body cats are well catered for by the use of this litter box.

It is very easy to use. Just set it up properly, train your cats how to use and everything else will fall in to place. Assembling it too is not a complicated process. It takes a very short time and some little expertise to have it ready.

With this product, it is very easy to control dust and odor in the house.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Cat Litter Box For Self Cleaning

In the market today are several cat box litters. They are being produced and sold in large numbers. This makes it even more challenging in deciding the one you need to buy. It, therefore, means that you need to do a lot of market survey before buying one. What then should one put into consideration when looking for a self-cleaning cat litter to buy? Here is the list:

The size of the waste bin/tray

There are various sizes of waste bins depending on the type of litter box that you buy. It is always wise to consider buying a model which has a large waste bin. This is to help you not have to empty it daily. The reason is that you could be too busy to be able to work on the litter daily. There is nothing wrong with buying a litter box with a smaller waste bin. If you are available to clean it anytime, then it is well. There are two types of model, flushable (self-cleaning) non-flushable). The non-flushable should specifically have a larger bin. This will help you not to clean it every day especially if you are committed somewhere else.

The litter type

With continuous use, the cats will fall in love with a particular type of litter. If you bring in something new, then it may be difficult for the cats to adjust to the new environment. They may even end up relieving themselves outside the litter. This is not a common thing, however, though it happens. To avoid such a thing, you just have to train your cats and they will get used to it. Everyone has what they like and so do cats too have the likes and dislikes. In any case, buy them a litter of their likin, or train them on the new model.

The ease of cleaning

Even though they are self-cleaning, these litter boxes need to be cleaned from time to time. There comes a time when the tray needs to be changed. In other instances, the components in the box need to be replaced so that it remains fresh and new. You should, therefore, look for one which will not give you a lot of stress when doing such replacements and cleaning. There are models which are very easy to clean, while there are those which are complicated as well. Remember to buy a model which you can easily work on.

The weight

Once in a while, you have to change the location with which the litter is placed. Having it fixed in one corner of the house is not a good idea. Always look for a brand that is very light to move around. You should change the location once in a while. This will encourage your cats to know that you care for them. It might not be the case all the time, however, but it is good to take them to a new environment once in a while.

The size of the litter box

If you have various breeds of cats, then it is important to buy a litter that will accommodate all of them. This does not necessarily mean that you buy a litter that can accommodate several cats at once. What you need to do is to buy a larger litter box whereby either big sized or even small-sized cats will fit without a problem. Remember that other domestic animals in the house may need to use it. You should, therefore, put that into consideration when buying a litter. I would suggest that you try buying a slightly bigger one just in case it is being shared by several domestic animals.

The scooping time

A litter box should take a very short time to scoop the waste and self-clean. Those models which automatically scoop the waste tend to be costly as compared to the traditional old models. However, it is worth it that way. It is important to buy a litter which has a very short scooping time. You do not have to let the cats wait in line while the litter is scooping the waste. It should be instant so that the next cat is not inconvenienced.

Litter boxes that scoop the waste automatically have sensors that are activated after the cat has left the litter. If you want a model that works instantly, then you have to buy one with adjustable timers. They act almost immediately as soon as the cat steps out of the box. These tend to be pricier, but it is worth the investment. You should not, however, be scared by the cost which comes with these litters. It is better to spend a lot at once and have a long time guaranteed convenience.

The price of the litter

Advanced litter boxes are highly-priced. The price, however, is manageable and not likely to break one’s bank account. It is worth noting that the higher the price, the better the amenities which come with the product. Traditional models, for example, comes at a lower price. It works fine but you still have to do a lot of work manually. Such works include cleaning the litter. The advanced models come at a higher price, but it does almost everything on its own. Human intervention is almost limited. You should, therefore, weigh several options that come with the litter before deciding on one to buy.

The warranty

While some manufacturers offer a limited warranty, some might not even bother to offer one. It is therefore important to establish whether what you want to buy is covered or not. Try to establish what it is covered and what is excluded. Get to know the warranty terms and how it may become invalid. Go through the manual for more information on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How do I teach my cats to use the litter?

Cats learn how to use a litter in a continuous exposure process which takes about a month. The best time to train them to use litter is when they are young. In most cases, the mother to the kitten is responsible for the training. When the kitten observes their mothers and other cats use the litter, they gain confidence in it. In the long run, they grow to be experts in the use of the litter. When young, the kitten might not be aware of the location of the litter boxes. It is up to you to show them where it is located.

What can make a cat stop using a litter?

A cat can easily lose interest in the use of the litter. In some cases, it can be due to medical conditions. It may also lose interest depending on the experience it met inside the litter box. You should always study your cats so that you can know what they like. A slight change in their preferences will greatly affect their perception of the use of the litter.

How many litter boxes should I have in my house?

One litter box will work well. However, if you have a lot of cats, then you should consider increasing the number of litter boxes. It is also advisable to have different kinds of litters for cats of different sizes and ages. Huge cats, for example, will require litter boxes that are slightly bigger in sizes. If you have other domestic animals such as the rabbits and the pigs use a litter, then you may need more. The number of litter boxes required for the house is therefore determined by some factors. Among them are the users of the litter box, the age, different types of domestic animal users and so on.


When shopping for a cat litter box, always buy one which you are sure that it is self-cleaning. Avoid as much as possible a litter box that you have to clean manually. Such litter boxes will inconvenience you in the future especially when you are away. It is good also to check on the general characteristics of any product before committing any money. It also a best cat litter for small apartment.

You will be greatly disappointed if you buy a product which is not optimal. I do urge you to carry a thorough market survey before settling on a product to buy. Give your cats a nice excretion experience with a litter with which they will fall in love with.

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