Best Slow Feeder For Cats

When it comes to feeding, cats feed at different speeds and rates. Some are fast eaters while others are slow feeders. There is difficulty in feeding slow eating cats together with fast eating cats because of varied reasons. The major reason among them is that they are likely to get starved by fast eating cats. There are feeders meant made to feed the slow eating cats. These feeders are of many types and brands. So which is the best cat slow feeder for your cat? This article is going to give you an in-depth analysis of the best feeders. Read through for more information.

What is a cat feeder?

A cat feeder is equipment that is used to feed the cat. An advanced type is the automatic one. This automatic feeder is programmed to feed the cat without any human intervention. There are different types of automatic cat feeders. Many however operate differently depending on the settings and manufacturer. The only human intervention with the automatic cat feeder comes in when adding the food portions and when cleaning the feeder. A human may also be needed to make appropriate settings and when placing in some utensils used for holding food. There are manual versions too, though not so common.

3 Best Slow Feeder For Cats Comparison

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  • Dimension: 14.6 x 14.6 x 3.3 in
  • Manufacturer: Catit
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  • Dimension : 11 x 11 x 5.5 in
  • Manufacturer: TRIXIE Pet Products
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  • Dimension : 1.6 x 2 x 1.6 in
  • Manufacturer: DotPet
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8 Best Slow Feeder For Cats Reviews 2021

1. Catit Senses Digger

 Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

When it is time to eat, the cat’s senses get activated by this slow feeder. It can activate all the senses such as feeling, taste, smell, and sight. This comes in handy to ensure that the cats do not miss a meal at programmed times. Also, the feeder allows the cat to eat the food at its slow-paced speed. This enables your cat to eat to satisfaction.

The feeder is excellent when it comes to cleaning. It is very easy to clean given the fact that it has rounded edges. This ensures that food doesn’t get stuck in the corners. At the same time, water freely runs through it while washing it. To better enhance the ease of cleaning, this too can be easily disassembled hence giving you an upper edge in cleaning. Cleaning can be done by the use of bare hands, just with soap and water. You do not need a brush to clean it. Once done cleaning, just rinse and you are done.

This feeder can carry any food type, both wet and dry food. The multiple tubes help in stimulating the cat’s pawing behavior. This feeder gives the cat a sense of nature since the cat eats the same way as in the wild.

The feeder comes at a lower price which is affordable to many cat owners. With an approximate price of $15, you are assured of a quality cat feeder. It is durable when well taken care of, and it will serve your cats for several generations.

2. Trixie Activity 

Trixie Activity

A premium slow cat feeder fitted with up to six tunnels for the cat to have some fun while poking in and picking the food. This allows the cat to move from one tunnel to a tunnel while having a treat during different meal times. Different tunnels can bear different food types, meaning that your cat will be exposed to a wide range of food at any given moment. Just fill the tubes with the food and let the cat have its moment with the meal.

The tubes are fitted with adjustable levels which allow it to vary the amounts of food released. This feeder can release little food and progressively to larger portions. This is done depending on the level of the hunger of your pet friend. This tool can be used as a daily feeder for cats as it is good at regulating the amount of food released.

To clean this feeder is an extremely easy task. It does not require one to use brushes which may even turn out to damage the` surface of the feeder. By use of natural soap and water, wash it clean and rinse with running water. Running tap water ensures that all the soap is washed.

This product is durable and will serve your cats for many generations. Feed more than one cats by use of this feeder. It comes at a cheap price of about $14, depending mostly in the region. See your cats grow healthy by use of this slow cat feeder

3. DotPet Slow Feeder Bowl

DotPet Slow Feeder Bowl, Ceramic Fun Interactive Feeder Bloat Stop Cat Bowl Preventing Feeder Anti Gulping Healthy Eating Diet Pet Bowls Against Bloat,.

When it comes to quality, this feeder possesses it fully. It is made of high-quality ceramic material. The feeder does not keep or retain an odor after serving the cat with the food. Ceramic used in making this feeder is not toxic and it is very safe for the cats to use. This implies that the health of the cat is guaranteed. The feeder smells new and fresh always hence making it the favorite for any cat to feed in.

The feeder has a lot of ridges which are useful in preventing gulping by the cat. It also ensures that the cat feeds slowly since picking the food by the use of the tongue is restricted. Cats also pick their food by the use of their paws. More so, the ridges restrict their picking hence allowing the cat feed at a slow-paced speed to the desire of the owner.

The feeder is durable and can withstand constant usage for a prolonged period. It is very easy to use and to wash. The surface is very smooth. It rarely allows food to stick to it, and in the case where it sticks, it is easy to wash it off. By the use of water and soap, all the germs are gotten rid of. The ridges and pores are rounded hence do not hide any leftover food. With a simple cleaning, get rid of any food odor. Just keep it dry when not in use for better results.

4. Pioneer Pet SmartCat

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder

The design of this slow feeder for cats is meant for those pet keepers who truly want to restrict feeding habits for their cats. This funnel-shaped feeder makes it easy for the cat owner to load and or refill food when it runs low. The design of the feeder also allows it to distribute food automatically to all the feeding points. This allows the cats to feed at a slow-paced speed which is a little bit healthier. The feeder stimulates the cat to eat when the time is due since the food is restricted. This is economical.

Since the food is restricted, cats eat less every time. This leads to cost savings and a reduction of bills. It makes the cats do some exercise while going round the feeder looking for food to pick. This makes the cat remain healthy even when feeding. It makes the pet friend feel like it is in the wild hunting.

The design allows it to be cleaned with a lot of ease. It does not have to be scrubbed using hard brushes which may damage the surface. A soft brush can be used to remove food that has stuck to the walls. This is done with the use of natural soap and water. Make sure that you wipe dry the feeder when not in use. The cost of owning one is quite low. You will not break your bank account to acquire one for your pet friend.

5. Interactive CATCH Feeder

The Company of Animals Catch Interactive Feeder

Engage your cat’s mentality by use of this slow feeder for cats. The feeder has a lot of ridges that are deep enough to challenge the cat to very time-consuming feeding time. This ensures that the cat eats healthy always. It is also a sure way of making the cat consume less food according to the economy. The cats are forced to learn how to pick food bit by bit until it gets satisfied.

While the cat is being challenged while eating, boredom is minimized or even fully eliminated. This enhances the general health and well-being of your pet friend. With this feeding habit, the cat is inspired by nature like feeding habits. It also encourages the cat to hunt for some food from the wild. The feeder slows down eating, which is so beneficial for obese and overweight cats. With restricted eating, the cat will be exposed to a bare minimum amount of food at a time, hence reducing the exposure. This greatly promotes the health of the cat and effectively checks on its weight.

The feeder is durable and can several generations of your cats. It is non-breakable and can withstand the use by cats. When it comes to cleaning, with its curved corners, it is very easy to clean and to get rid of any form of bacteria. With natural soap, water, and a soft brush, you are good to go on with the cleaning. To own one of these kinds of feeder, you won’t have to drain your pockets, as the price is pocket-friendly.

6. Slow Feed Cat Bowl

Simply Pets Online Slow Feed Cat Bowl - Large Puzzle Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs - Slow Down Eating - Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre - Designed by...

Are you in possession of a cat that is obese? Do you want to monitor how the cat eats its food? Are you interested in regulating the amount of food that your cat eats? Well if that is the case, then this is the right kind of feeder which you need. It is ideal for daily use by the veterinarian cats. This feeder works well for those cats that are obese already. It regulates the amount of food being consumed hence putting under the control the bloating of the stomach as well as obesity. It is ideal for daily use for maximum results on the cat.

The feeder comes in different colors to stimulate the cat to eat properly. Different colors of the feeder give the cat the impression that it is feeding food all these times. This, therefore, stimulates it to eat the food during meal times albeit being highly regulated. Different colors of the feeders too also allow the cat to feel the presence of nature within. This feeder stimulates the cat to eat slowly and healthy.

The durability of this cat feeder is unmatched. It does not break easily, while it lasts longs to feed your cats for many years. Also, It is also ecofriendly and it has been certified by several regulating bodies for its friendliness to the environment. The feeder comes at a pocket-friendly price which will not push you to break your bank account. With only $19, you will be able to own this best slow feeder for your cat.

7. Lorde Slow Feeder Bowls for Cats

Lorde Slow Feeder Cat Bowls, Ceramic Fun Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Puzzle Cat Bowl Healthy Eating Diet Pet Dog Slow Feeding Bowls

Looking for a quality slow feeder for cats, this is the best choice to go for. It is an odor-free and non-toxic feeder made of ceramic material. The feeder is so healthy for your cat to use daily. It is free of elements such as lead and cadmium which are highly dangerous for the health of the cat. If lead and cadmium are consumed, they take a toll on the health of the cat. It is also free from dishwasher and microwave safe. Using this feeder on your cat will prove to be efficient and time-saving.

Enhance the health of your cat with the use of this chemical-free feeder. It makes the cat undergo prolonged eating sessions hence effectively checking on the weight and health of the cat. If the cat is allowed to eat quite fast, chances are high that it will be overweight and obese. To minimize this impact, this feeder comes in handy for the cat’s use. By the use of this feeder, eating is highly regulated, hence preventing the cat from having a bloated stomach. This is because the little food consumed is used in bodybuilding and not causing health problems.

The feeder is quite easy to clean. With the use of natural soap and water, the tool can be washed with a bare hand or a soft brush. The use of a hard brush is likely to harm the surface of the feeder. This makes it wear out quickly.

8. UPSKY Slow Feeder for Cats

UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Fun Feeder No Chocking Slow Feeder Bloat Stop Dog Cat Food Water Bowl with Funny Pattern

The proponents of slow feeding are the experts or vets themselves. They so much recommend that all the pets should have a moment of slow feeding to check on many issues. To this point, a slow feeder is necessary. This feeder is excellent for the task. Always keeps your cat healthy by allowing him to have small food portions at a time. This feeder restricts the amount of food that your cat consumes at any given time. It, therefore, makes it economical for the cat owner to own a number of them.

The feeder is made of materials that are safe to use by your cat. The material used is non-toxic and safe to handle cat food. Using this feeder will prove to be harmless to your cat. When you are done using the feeder, you can recycle it instead of throwing it to the environment. The feeder is durable meaning that it will give you several years of without breaking down.

The feeder is easy to clean. With the use of soap and water, you are good to go. It also saves time because cleaning it is an instant process. Once you are done with scrubbing with a soft cloth, rinse it with running water from the tap and wipe it dry. Always keep the feeder clean and dry when not in use.

This is arguably one of the cheapest feeders being sold today. With only $6, you will get this best feeder for your cat. It is cheap and long-lasting at the same time.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cat Slow Feeders

Whenever you want to buy a product from the market, it is always advisable that you carry out a thorough market survey. This is to help you establish the best product as per your specifications. At the same time, you will be able to carry out a cost comparison analysis and many other factors. When buying a slow feeder for your cat then, what do you need to consider? Here is the guide.

Ability to deter and or discourage fast eating

Many are the slow feeders in the market but they do not really like a slow feeder. When you are told that a slow feeder is indeed a slow feeder, then it should be. A feeder should have as many deterrents as possible. This is to make the cat access the food at a slow speed and in the end, make the feeding exciting. At the same time, it stimulates the cat to be active, to do some practice and be physically fit. The feeder should allow the cat to pick some little amount of food all the time to keep its health on the check. It should also be able to prevent obesity and being overweight.


When cats are being fed using a slow feeder, chances are high that it may be somewhat impatient in picking food. This may lead to it breaking the feeder in search of food. To mitigate this, always buy a feeder that can withstand the cats’ aggressiveness. A good feeder should be able to feed many generations of cats. Luckily, many slow feeders are made of a strong material which can last for the longest time possible. Others do not have even the remote chances of getting broken down since they are a blend of tough material. However, it may not be the choice when first buying. So a market survey is necessary.

Ease of cleaning

Being a feeder, the level of hygiene that should be maintained for this tool should be so high. Cats, especially those which have sensitive stomachs demand a lot of clean environment when feeding. This may lead to serious problems if some small form of contamination occurs.

Contamination may come in due to a dirty utensil. The feeder you should not be the type that tends to hide dirt. A good one should also not let food stick to it so much. The best type should enable one to wash it simply by use of water and a bar of soap. In the extreme, it should just demand a soft brush to complete the task, but not a hard brush. A good slow feeder too should not have corners. This is because such corners are good at hiding a small amount of food. Such foods may poison the food when it is introduced to the feeder. When rinsing the feeder, water should just be able to run freely over it. This water should take with it all the remaining food particles, soap and any matter which needs to be gotten rid of.

Ease of disassembling and assembling

In many instances, you may need to dismantle the feeder and reassemble it back. This is so especially when cleaning. There are those feeders that may be a bit difficult just to wash as it is. It requires that you separate the parts for a better experience when cleaning. The process of dismantling should, therefore, be so easy. This will help you not to break your valuable feeder while cleaning it. Putting it back should not be a problem too.

It should just fit in with a lot of ease just the way it came out when dismantling. In case it becomes difficult for you to perform this operation, do not break the feeder. Please refer to the manual to find out how to do it. You can also get someone who knows how to operate it to dismantle it for you. The process should not, however, be complicated. It should be so easy to carry out the process since it does not require one to carry out a mechanical process. The best thing to know, however, is to understand how to remove and put it back.

Safety features of the feeder

Some feeders are toxic and carcinogenic to the cats. The market today is full of unscrupulous dealers who make substandard products for cats. Such people are only concerned about money at the expense of the health of your kitty friend. Feeders produced by such kind of people are so harmful to the cats. If you notice that your cat is always having health problems especially after feeding, chances are the feeder is the problem.

A feeder that poisons every bit of the food will make your cat have stomach problems and general body sickness all the time. You should, therefore, be able to find out what the feeder is made of before buying one. A good one should be made of ceramic. Ceramic is generally non-toxic, does not retain odor and easy to clean. It has no carcinogens and it is never harmful to the cat. Ceramic feeders are durable too and they are true slow feeders.

The cost

There are many feeders in the market. Prices ranges exist. With as little as $5, you can own a feeder. There are those which can even cost you up to $30. So whichever you will choose, it should be cost-effective for you. At the same time, it should be the best feeder for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Do all cats need a slow feeder?

A slow feeder is meant to check on an array of things. These include things such as weight management, health check, and cost savings amongst many other factors. If your cat tends overeating, which may lead to all the above-mentioned problems, and then it will need a slow feeder. Should your cat be the type that has health problems with the recommendation of frequent eating, then it may not be wise to restrict what it eats. Cats that are diabetic for example need a lot of food for them to regain the much-needed energy lost all the time.

Is it good to have cats share the slow feeders?

Having your cats to share the feeder should not be a problem. It leads to cost savings because you will not need to buy a slow feeder for every single cat which you own. There are instances when you may not need to have them share the feeder. When the cat, for example, is sick, it should have its feeder. If you have a violent cat, it may also need its feeder. Another thing that may call for the separation of the feeders is the rate at which each cat feeds. Fast eating cats require their feeders in order not to make the slow eaters to starve.

Do kittens need a slow feeder?

Kittens are at their delicate stage of growth. At this time, it is not recommended that you restrict the amount of food which they eat. You should let these small friends have as much food as possible since it is entirely used for bodybuilding. Restricting their food at this stage of life may lead to stunted and unhealthy growth. Let them eat as much as they can.


The health of your cat should be one of the biggest concerns for you. How you feed your cat and when you feed it matters a lot when it comes to its health. When the cat is exposed to some food which it eats without restriction, chances are high that it will become obese and overweight. As a good pet owner, you should always regulate how you feed the cat. The use of slow cat feeders makes it so ideal to control the amount of food eaten. It also helps to keep in check the health associated with overeating and frequent eating.

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