Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat

Actually, the raw diet for dogs is increasing in prevalence. People with dogs have a common misconception about raw meat for their dogs. They tend to think that dogs should eat raw meat as they would do in the wild. In case you have once wondered “Can I feed my dog raw meat?” then this is the appropriate article to read.

Can dogs eat raw meat?

That is a bit obvious question considering all canines normally eat raw meat in the wild. Ordinarily, dogs can digest raw meat, however, that does not imply they should consume it. All meat of this sort has the uncertainty of carrying bacteria such as listeria and salmonella. These are not just toxic to your dog but also to you as well. For a while, it has been known that uncooked meat has bacteria. In fact, the CDC, FDA and others have become against

You might argue that dogs eat raw meat in the wild on their own without any problem. So the question remains, is raw meat good for dogs? Raw meat is not the best for your dog because of the following reasons.

Dogs are not like wolves

It is true that wolves and dogs originate from one ancestor, however, unlike wolves; dogs are now domestic species. And this has gone on for a lot of years. Dogs can digest and make use of starchy meals through enhanced amylase production with the aid of the AMY2B gene. The AMY2B gene is a genetic feature that has augmented severally during their history of evolution. For this, they are now physiologically omnivores and not obligate carnivores just like their counterparts- wolves. This is actually an indication that they do not have the need for meat in their nutrition.

Raw diets are not well managed

Mostly, raw food diets are not perfectly nutritionally stable. Some researchers have discovered low phosphorus, low calcium, extreme vitamin A and D in raw diets, among other shortcomings. If left unmanaged, the nutritional unevenness can lead to health problems in dogs with time.


Raw meat always has the risk of being contaminated. Regardless of whether your dog consumes a “human grade” meat, the risk will always be there. Some of the day-to-day pathogens that can be available in meat are E. coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella. Other pathogens are Echinococcus, Sarcocystis, Cryptosporidium, Neospora and Clostridium. This is also the case with raw meat for dogs. Thoroughly treating your meat is the only sure way. Otherwise, the potentially deadly pathogens can harm you or your dog.

Health risks

According to Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM, meat is among the foods that carries the greatest levels of toxic chemicals. The other foods in this category include cheese, bones and milk. Those that obtain the highest levels of the chemicals are the consumers at the top of the food chain. These are animals that consume other animals that feed on plants. This implies if your dog feeds on raw meat, the chances that it will get the risks are high.

From the above, raw meat seems not the best for your dog. However, there some benefits that raw meat can have.

Why you may consider giving your dog raw meat

  • Raw meat is not highly processed just like kibble. First, the ingredients are not cooked out by high heat amounts. This shows that all the nutrients come right from the source. Essentially, there are no extra salts, sugars but only meat.
  • Raw bones can be excellent for your dog. Uncooked meat has bones containing a lot of calcium. Apart from this, the hard bones can be a good exercise for its jaws.
  • It is what their forefathers used to consume and get the most from. This is the “Biologically Appropriate” food. If done appropriately, it can greatly balance their diet.
  • Less waste, less stool and healthier stool.


Meat can be an ideal source of healthy fats and protein. Notwithstanding, there are some potential dangers if your dog eats raw meat. The raw meat puts your dog at risk for some contamination like salmonella (bacterial). Normally, salmonella causes gastrointestinal illness which can be dangerous. Generally, raw meat is not prescribed for dogs with kidney or liver failure, puppies or dogs with cancer. You can still give your dog raw meat after thorough disinfection. However, to minimize the risks, you should give your dog cooked meat.

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