This is one of the usual questions that cat owners keep on asking themselves. It happens that cat grooming services are usually expensive. When one feels the pinch of this expensive business, they start considering doing the grooming by them. The question then that many start asking is which is better between the clipper and grinder?

Most cat lovers know that they have to trim their cat’s nails. Failure to trim may result in clawing when playing with your pet. Sharp nails too can hurt other people and make your cat untidy. At most, it may destroy your beautiful expensive furniture.

To find out which is the best, this article will provide you with all the information. Read on and find out more.

What is the importance of trimming your cat’s nails?

There are many benefits of taming your cat’s sharp claws. They are:

  • Sharp nails can cause harm to you, your family, or even your guests. Cat nails are not clean all the time. It may then cause the person to scratch to be infected.
  • Cats usually struggle when clipping their nails. They scratch them on surfaces to trim the nails. By helping your cat trimming its nails, you make them relax and less anxious.
  • It helps your cat by preventing declawing. Cats need their class for hunting and protection. They need the ability to climb up when in need of safety.

In your house could be expensive and beautiful furniture. They include carpets, cabinets, sofas, and many others. If you do not trim the nails of your cats, they will destroy them. Protect your furniture by always keeping the nails of your cat short and manageable.

Nail clippers

The pros

  • They are very easy to use. No prior experience needed when using it.
  • It does its work faster. When trimming your cat’s nails, speed is of the essence. This is because your cat may not be patient enough to wait for their claws to be trimmed.
  • They are very effective when used in trimming the cat’s nails.
  • Trim your cat’s nails without causing him any injury.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It comes in many types for you to choose from. These types include:

i.    Pliers style: This particular type has a good grip. It provides a stronger cat and is so useful in trimming long cat nails. Its contoured blades enable it to fit in any nail.

ii.    Scissor style: It resembles a scissor, though shorter than the actual scissor. It has shorter blades that allow you to trim the nails of your cat which is impatient.

iii.    Guillotine style: Has both a blade and a ring on its head. You have to be perfect before you use this trimmer. The goodness is that it cuts quickly when in the correct position.


  • It can be noisy. This noise scares away cats.
  • If not used carefully, it may harm the nails of your cat causing it to bleed.

Nail Grinder

Basically, these are battery operated machines. It helps keep the cat claws short and smooth. It is fitted with a round metalhead. When switched on, it rotates to grind your cat’s nails.

Pros of nail grinders

  • They are relatively easy to use. You do not have to apply a lot of pressure when cutting your cat’s nails. It is just switched on, have it in the correct port. It then starts grinding the nails of the cat.
  • It is safe to use. Safety shields are fitted to guide the nails of the cat. This helps in preventing injury.
  • Some brands are designed so as not to grind for more than 5 seconds. This is an added safety measure.


  • It is noisier than the trimmer because of its rotating motors. This scares away cats.
  • They cannot operate without batteries. If the batteries are dead, then you won’t be able to grind your cat’s nails.

Due to its technology, grinders are generally a bit expensive to buy. They are also expensive to operate because of frequently buying batteries.


Having examined the above, it is now up to you to decide which is better between the two. Both have their pros and cons. Based on the cost and ease of use, then the trimmer is the best option. It is not complicated and works well with all cats.

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