Hill Science Diet Dog Food Reviews

Dog’s diet is of classic importance to dog owners. Several pet owners go as far as possible to obtain the best meal for their pets. This is not excessive for the care which your pet deserves. A chief contributor to your dog’s health and wellness is the daily meal allowance. Veterinary doctors advise maintaining a good recipe diet for your pet.

Having to change diet repeatedly due to food reactions and concerns may not be beneficial. It is best to garner useful information about a suitable diet for your dog type. You should stay on diet as long as possible till dog matures and a diet shift is needed. With this hill science diet dog food reviews, you get to know the best dog food product for your dog. A variety of beneficial diets for a range of dog breeds has been carefully selected to suit your choice.

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8 Hill Science Diet Dog Food Guide & Reviews

1. Hill’s Science Diet Grain for Adult Dry

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin Recipes

Hill’s Science diet is a carefully assorted value of nutrients from highly nourishing foodstuffs. Stomach digestive and skincare values are a benefit that derives from this dog food product.

Easy Digestion

There is a level of gut bacteria bio-load which is naturally present within the gut wall to help digest food. A dog’s digestion depends on it essentially. This is because most dog nutritional benefits are from dairy products. Dairy products come along with an urge for digestion by gut microbiome to unleash the available nutrients. This grain-free diet product is precise nutrition for the care of digestion and the skin. It contains a chicken recipe that supplies nice-tasting nourishing protein. Your dog’s skin is nourished therefrom.

Nutritious Grain-free Kibbles

Apart from the digestion care, the kibble size of the meal serves a desirous munch for your dog. The kibbles are a significant source of Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. These essential nutrients help to nourish the dog’s skin and maintain a healthy coat. Potato and Chicken recipe is an excellent diet, majorly for adult dogs. A food product is made with natural components. This avoids the indication of allergies recorded with synthetic equivalents.

Sensitive Stomach Care

Some pet owners have complained about a dog’s gut rejection of a trusted diet. This is not because a dog does not like the meal, it is as a result of microbiome imbalance. Microbiome needs to be sufficient in the gut wall to digital t meal. So, in catering for this, prebiotic fiber is added to this diet. This supports a balanced gut microbiome for your adult dog, especially one with stomach sensitivity.


  • It is made with natural ingredients
  • Food can be mixed with a variety of other dog meals
  • It has a dog’s sensitive stomach care


  • Dog food is not suitable for puppies or pregnant/nursing dogs. However, there are other dog diets with all these benefits with care for pups and pregnant dogs

2. Hill’s Science Diet for Large Breeds & Puppy Dry

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

Many dog food products supply vital nutrients to a variety of dog breeds. Large breeds of dogs and puppies can both derive nutritional values in adequate proportions. Pups desire a calcium-rich diet with other balanced minerals to grow strong bones and healthy canine.

For Muscle and Bone-joint Development

High-quality protein nutrients supplied from oat and real chicken meal ingredients help to build and maintain your dog’s muscle. With a healthy muscle, your pups can play around as they always crave and expend calorie benefits as well. A healthy muscle helps to shield the bones in large puppies, especially for their less coordinated movements. A cup per 2 pounds of 4 months plus dogs works a muscle miracle. Their leans muscles start to develop rapidly.

Healthy Coat and Eye Care for Large Breed Puppies

For growing dogs, there’s a need to monitor the quality of health given to coat. Dogs have to grow with a good coat shape that may not get better with age. From a mixture of component minerals, fats, and proteins, exceptional care is given. Dog’s hair is almost entirely made up of protein, lack of enough protein makes hair brittle, and start to fall. With the essential mineral ingredients, amino acids, and multi-vitamins added, a dog’s coat and eyes are both favored.

Brain Development

Dogs need to have reliance on the comfort of their brainpower. Cognitive performances are observed in your pet’s approval of training and disposition. A brain nourishing meal such as this vitamin-assorted food product is suitable for your dog’s mental health and performance.


  • Formula is suitable for large dog breed pups
  • It contains nutrients for muscle development
  • This dog diet maintains to maintain healthy eyes and coat


  • Kibble size seems to be smaller than usual. The small size kibble intention is to deliver the meal in stroke size to the pup’s gut for easy digestion

3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Sensitive Stomach & Skin Recipes

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin Recipes

An easily digestible diet is invaluable for any dog with a sensitive stomach. A kind of diet that makes the dog purge is not good enough no matter the benefits it serves. This dry dog food product contains the recipe for optimal stomach digestion. Prebiotic fiber which is present as content supports a balanced gut microbiome. This enables the product ingredients to be digested and converted into nutrients easily.

Hill’s High-Quality Ingredients from Top-notch Suppliers

Hill’s diet dog food product has been prepared from high-quality ingredients including real chicken protein. Its high-quality protein derivative provides clinically approved nourishment for bones and skin. Dry dog food product has also been confirmed to possess antioxidant property. This keeps the alarm for carcinogens in dog diet in a snooze! Antioxidants help to keep your dog free from stress identities. You’ll have to decide on your pet how often he/she eats if you need to regulate energy expenditure. A moderate level of antioxidant is ideal for the mentioned effect. Ingredients are processed from suppliers with standard facilities. So, the outcome of the derived ingredient profile suits the precise formulation advantage.

Vitamin E and Omega-6 Fatty acids for Skin Nourishment

A dandruff-free skin is possible with the care of skin offered by this dog diet. The continuous serving of skin nourishment helps to combat the effect of certain skin infections and their symptoms. Issues of dog irritated skin come up often as reported by pet owners. However, veterinarians and dieticians advise feeding the pet with a skin-nourishing diet to counteract the signs of irritation. This food in combination with food supplements provides the optimal skincare that your pets need.


  • Dog food product item contains stomach and skin recipe that is friendlier to adult dogs
  • Dry dog food is made with natural ingredients
  • Food helps dogs with indigestion


  • Food product is not ideal for puppies. There is a guideline allowance of nutritional value for every dog breed, the one for your pups is available in AAFCO nutritional profiles for dogs

4. Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine Digestive Care

One thing about prescription dog diets is that they all come with special healthcare for highly sensitive or sick dogs.  They need enough diet care to recover from sickness or allergies. A diet with digestive care takes care of your dog’s skimpy feeding habits and protects from stomach sensitivity.


Puppies develop a level of irritancy to certain stimuli, including a certain diet. Their gut walls are just getting developed, with the required gut flora to help digest their diet. You can use this diet to tailor your dog food shift without having any complications as it were. Pet’s nutritional needs change as they age, your vet needs to check them up on diet assessment. This Prescription Canine Diet i/d does a lot of check on your dog’s healthy state, even when in good condition. It is highly tolerable for a variety of pups and adult breeds.

Clinical Nutrition

The ingredients in this diet are formed into a basic formula that serves the purpose of immunization for your pet. When dogs are young, their immune system is less composed. This makes it less/inadequate to fight infections. Looking at the ingredients, you have a clue as to the beneficial support provided. Vitamin C sources provide a great deal of immunity to opportunistic infections. Vitamins A, B, and Calcium supplements fortify the healthy composure of eyes and bones for your pet.

Canine diet in 2 Kibble Sizes

There are regular and small bites for this dog food item. These kibble sizes offer friendly a crunch for your pup and adult dog.

Settles Digestive Issues in Dogs

There are cases where dogs have stomach upset as a result of food accumulation overtime.  This might be as a result of imbalanced digestive enzymes available for digestion in the gut wall. The composition of this prescription diet caters to the level of digestive enzymes that stimulates essential digestion. Indigestion is in part treated by this meal formula.


  • Dog Canine prescription diet is suitable for dog’s canine sensitivity and distemper
  • It comes in 2 kibble sizes that are perfect for any dog
  • Dog diet package is clinically approved by AAFCO


  • Diet is only recommended by veterinary prescription and is not suitable for normal daily feed. However, it could be mixed with other usual diets in prescriptive proportions

5. Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Allergen-Free Dry

Gastrointestinal upset is one of the major reactions that precipitate from food sensitivities. A lot of other conditions such as dog ear problems, irritated skin, and coat problems arise as well. Dogs with high intolerance have sensitivities to certain constituents of common dog foods. They are liable to all the mentioned complications if exposed to any of these food items. The best way to protect a dog from irritation is to stay on diets such as this. A dog needs the right food when there is an adverse reaction to a common diet.

Ultra Allergen-Free Dry Food

Allergens may be particles f grain or other food products that irritate the gut wall.  They can cause indigestion and ultimately, gastrointestinal upset. This allergen-free prescription diet helps dogs to manage food sensitivities.  Chicken liver protein and corn starch integrate into a nutritional provision with care so tender on the gut wall. Biotin vitamin component stimulates digestion and helps to promote other skin and bone care benefits.

Canine care for Variety of Breeds

For the puppy, adult, senior and young-adult breeds, diet type may disallow typical dog breeds from feeding well. To cater to feeding anomaly observed in natural skimpy eaters, the z/d diet formula enables your pet to feed appropriately. You can give it as well to add to your dog’s weight under a short span, say about 1 pound in a month.

When buying any prescription dog food diet, consider if remedies are essentially recommended for use by veterinarians. The prescription diets with all of the benefits they offer are not good for ordinary daily diet venture.


  • Diet comes in formula with the recommendation for all breed sizes
  • It is suitable for use as care for a dog with a coat and food digestive allergies
  • Prescription food item can be mixed with new pet’s food


  • Prescription diets are not advisable for use as regular feed. A prescription diet can be supplanted with a healthy diet after a recommended period of use without regret

6. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Food Chicken & Barley Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Chicken & Barley Recipe

A high-quality protein and natural fiber are essential for lean muscles and healthy digestion. Without adequate care for an adult dog breed, the muscles tend to flail easily and lose shape. With this kind of diet, enough care is rendered in maintaining good muscle. It also helps to keep body weight.

The benefits of taking this diet seriously are that it will enable you to watch your dog improvement in a rapid measure.

Balanced Nutrient for Grown Dogs

The formula in this chicken recipe has the quantities of the required daily allowance of nutrients for an adult dog. The natural ingredients composition is of absolute recommendation by the veterinarian for a great taste and satisfaction.

Fuels Specific Energy Need for Adult Dogs

Adult dog breeds consume higher energy than pups and other young breeds and hence need greater calorie supply from the diet. Some adult dogs are adapted to exerting tasks as the run and play throughout the day. As a means of supporting their unavoidable energy consumption, a reliable diet as this is essential.

Barley has a total calorific value of 354 per 100 grams and that translates to a great deal for your adult pet per serving.

Coat and Skin Care

A dog coat is a vital part that needs attention, especially in a grown dog. All the nutritional supplies that are needed for an intact coat tend to taper out as dog ages. The best measure is to supply a nutritional fat diet to scale up the resource and help dogs derive from nutrients easily.


  • Adult’s diet needs adequate fat supply and this food product is formulated to supply adequately
  • Food item is packaged with natural fibers to support healthy digestion in grown dogs
  • Food item is made in the USA with natural ingredients that you can trust


  • Diet may add to the dog’s weight excessively. You should mix dog food with other diets of quality to check weight

7. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Weight Management

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Perfect Weight for Weight Management, Chicken Recipe

Dog’s weight is one of the vital indicators every pet owner has to check while using a recipe. This dry dog food for weight management has nutrition with weight breakthrough that your grown dog can fully enjoy.

Dog Weight Management

Fats and dietary protein present in diets help a dog to add weight. If their allowance is not regulated adequately, the dog might add excess weight and find it uneasy to move. Over 70% of adult dogs lost weight over trial within ten weeks with this diet.

Muscle Maintenance

Hill’s Science adult dog’s diet has body tissue development benefits that support muscle maintenance. It can help alter the usual flex habits of dogs with stretch disturbances.

Each product’s ingredient profile has been carefully monitored and handpicked to serve with adequate nutrients.  Conversion of fat into calories is useful for energy sap that disallows overmuch weight gain.

However, when feeding your dog with this item, check the dog’s weight periodically, say weekly. A good time to discontinue is when the weight seems correspondent with the dog’s life span.


  • It is easy to manage an adult dog’s weight with this diet
  • Diet does not make a dog lose shape and fitness overtime
  • You can mix the diet with other diet products and maintain a healthy nutrition


  • You need a vet or pet food expert to advise on the use of dog food recipe

8. Hill’s Science Diet Adult, Small Bites

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Bites, Chicken & Barley Recipe

For small bites, some adult dogs find convenience in masticating. This food item is the food of choice for adult dogs that have been exposed to mouthful bits of morsels as a people. They have developed a custom from it and cannot easily adapt to large kibbles.

Non-choking Bite Kibble Sizes

Everything from regular kibble to inedible substances poses a potential choking risk to the dog. Some adult dogs feel that chewing is expensive, so they gulp their meal recklessly. Small bites will help to avoid potential choking risk.

Filled with Natural Ingredients

Natural fibers are present in a diet for healthy digestion. Quality chicken without any by-product supplies a high-quality protein for healthy skin and bones. It is made free of synthetic food items that could be irritating.

Nutrition for Healthy Skin and Coat

Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids give your canine a beautiful coat and skincare.  The quality of protein nourishes the skin and makes it free from dandruff.

Other benefits to be derived from this food item are; healthy digestion and antioxidants to eliminate free-radicals and carcinogens.


  • Diet is essentially composed of natural ingredients
  • Kibble size is perfect for adult dogs that gulp their meal
  • It contains antioxidants to help manage stress in pets


  • Dog food item might be too small for a heavy munch desired by some adult dog breeds

How do I know the nutritional guideline for my pets?

AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles have dog foods registered with the mark; “complete and balanced”. Before this, the dog food item must meet the nutritional standards established by AAFCO.

What particular dog food is good for my puppy?

Dog food that claims to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for “growth” or “all life stages” is adequate for most puppies.  The puppy might weigh 50 pounds or more as an adult. However, be sure to read on how to choose the best puppy food to lower the risk of hip dysplasia.

What determines whether a particular dog is a large breed puppy?

AAFCO specifies a large breed puppy as a dog whose adult weight is projected to beat 70 pounds. A good margin recommended by a majority of veterinary and pet food experts, 50 pounds plus is a large breed puppy.

What is a food allergy?

Food allergy occurs when a dog’s immune system identifies a particular food ingredient as an irritant or toxic material. This then creates wary antibodies to fight the invading enemy (which is the food). It is better to feed a dog with prescription allergen-free diet if a dog is markedly allergic

What are the common dog food allergens?   

The pollen is an allergen to people, in cases of hay-fever, gluten-laden grains in diet serve as an allergen to a dog.


Your pet diet requires a guideline allocation in every desired nutritional benefit you intend. Food products listed in this hill science diet dog food reviews contain regulated quantities of essential nutrients. This will help your pet to derive necessary vitamins and protein nutrition as much as adequate. I suggest you come up with a formula of your own, but that might be inadequate.

Deficiencies may boil down to infections in puppies and weight loss in adult dogs. Skin and coat health is vital to the indicative measure of the dog’s wellness. You need protein diets to take care of them. Healthy bone and strong teeth care for sensitivities and stomach indigestion come along with some of these formulations. I recommend you get a diet product today, maintain it and easily assess your pet’s health benefits.

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