How Does Hairball Control Cat Food Work

How does hairball control cat food work? Hairball control cat food is a formula designed to help eliminate hairballs in cats. Cats tend to swallow their fur when cleaning and grooming itself. Its digestive system, however, is prepared to handle the digestion of fur. It then expels this fur with the waste later during excretion. Not all cats, however, have the problem as they have a robust digestive system.

Methods of hairball control

Adding fiber to food

Many people do consider that adding fiber to the cat’s food helps in hairball control. This could be true or even wrong. Scientists, however, believe that adding fiber to the food may cause more harm than good to your cat. It may cause additional problems such as urinary bladder inflammation and cystitis. It also causes a problem of dehydration. Before therefore deciding to add fiber to your cat’s food, you will need to consider its negative effects first.

Brush your cat regularly

Brushing your cat regularly helps reduce the overgrown and lose fur. It is recommended that you do it even daily. This will eliminate the fur that your cat would otherwise swallow. If you notice that your cat eats grass regularly, chances are high that the stomach upset it is undergoing through is caused by hairballs.

Hairball control cat food

Look for hairball control food, certified to help eliminate that problem. These foods are quite effective, despite some concerns from a section of users. This food is becoming more popular and available. Many cats do face this problem and due to a weak digestive system, they may require additional support to eliminate them. Hairball cat control food is perfect for this course. This food is also ideal in providing much-needed nutrition, as well as a balanced diet for your cat.

Apart from the three methods above, what else can I give my cat?

Olive oil is one of the components that many people are not aware of, but it works well in cats to eliminate hairballs. This oil aids in the digestion of food and in the process help in eliminating hairballs. This oil can reduce the number of stomach aches that your cat is suffering from.

Apart from olive oil, mineral oil and corn oil can do the magic too.

Is there any association between wet cat food and hairballs?

One of the main causes of hairball in your cat is wet cat food. If your cat is an indoor cat, chances that it may get farther due to increased moisture in their wet food. Always mix wet food with dry food, you can also add some fresh milk to this mixture to minimize intake of hairballs.

What home remedies can I give my cat for hairballs control

  • Oils and butter will help lubricate your cat’s digestive system and expel the hairballs. Give your cat a little oil or butter now and then.
  • Apart from the oils, there are also hairball gels that aid in expelling hairballs from your cat’s system.
  • Frequently, break away from the normal foods you normally feed your cat with and embrace foods that are meant to help your cat expel the hairballs lodged in its stomach.
  • Consult your vet for any guidance on how to minimize or avoid the problem in totality.

Brush your cat always.

Does hairball have the ability to cause your cat to die

Depending on the size of the hairball, the effects are diverse. The larger the hairball, the chance that it can choke your cat will be higher. Over some time, when the hairball grows bigger, it may block your cat’s intestinal blockage, hence causing more devastating effects.


Hairball is a common problem that affects several cats. Some cats can digest and expel these hairballs due to their robust digestive system. However, some cats are not lucky enough to be able to withstand this problem. These cats would then need to be assisted now and then.

There are several ways of preventing this problem from happening. All cat owners should be able to know these causes to prevent their cats from getting into such devastating problems.

These hairballs in your cat’s systems can cause serious problems such as blocking the intestinal system leading even the death of your pet.

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