How is Freeze Dried Food Made

Are wondering how to freeze drying food for cat is done? And is it safe for cat? If you are looking for answers to such questions, then this piece of work is for you. We are going to discuss several ways and the steps of freeze drying food for cat at home. We will also reveal if it safe for your cat. Well, let’s see.

What is freeze drying?

For those who don’t even have any idea what freeze drying is all about, it is basically a moderate freezing process that preserves all the healthy benefits that are normally lost through cooking at high temperatures. From the beginning, the food is solidified in the machine and finally dried. Most of the nutrients are handled raw or after gently preparation.

During the procedure usually the excess amount of water is expelled from the fortifications and this keeps contaminations or bacteria away! It is also a motivation why frozen and dried food can stay replica rolex watch boxes fresh longer than normally dried snacks. For sure, after freeze drying you do not have to stress that if you leave the food in a bowl for a whole day, microbes are created that are harmful to your cat.

The origin of freeze drying

The idea of freeze-drying was originated from World War II. It was a way of extending the time food could last, with the aim that the warriors could eat incredible, healthy foods. Before the concept of freeze-drying, the food used to cool before it reaches the fighters.

But today Freeze-drying has solved this huge problem. It was not long before the public saw the incentive for this process!

What can be freeze-dried?

Not all food stuffs can be freeze-dried. Natural foods are the least demanding and best for you to prepare at home. Remember that only the water sublimates (excreted), so that the acids and other natural elements in food remain.

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The procedure involves several steps:

First, flash freezing

This is done by solidifying the foodstuffs exceptionally fast at shallow temperatures. This protects the ice from becoming gems and damaging food cells.

Second; moisture removal

This is done by sublimation (conversion of heavy ice to steam) – usually using a vacuum chamber.

Finally; storage

The foodstuffs are then locked and stored in moisture and air-tight packaging and preserved for future use.

Ways to freeze dry food at home

1. Vacuum chamber

In a vacuum chamber, you can freeze your food at home. After solidifying your food, place it in a vacuum chamber with a siphon level below 133 x 10-3. As a result, the sublimation process is fast, and you can schedule more food in less time. At the point where food is completely sublimated, you can put it in your store.

2. with dry ice

You can use dry ice to freeze-dry food. If you wrap your food in dry ice, it can lead to a nearly inactive state and play off the process by productively sucking off the moisture.

3. Freezer

You can freeze-dry by using your freezer instead of a vacuum chamber. But it takes a little more. First, cut small pieces and then spread it on a pierced plate in your freezer. In a few hours, the food is completely solidified. It takes about seven days for the complete sublimation process to take place (all moisture is removed from the feed).

4. Machine dryer

Of course, there are machine dryers for home use – in any case, they are generally more expensive than the above strategies to dry out the things you need to keep.

Storing freeze-dried food

After freeze-drying, it is now time to store your food. It is genuinely required that you use a vacuum sealer such as Food Saver to protect your store. Although few people have been successful with zip fasteners, it is so difficult to get the most of the refresher. For sure, buying buying one of these vacuum sealers will help you to maintain an estimation of your deposit options.

Is freeze dried food safe for cat?

Are you wondering whether freeze, dried food is safe for your cat? What I tell you today is that it is safe and healthy.  Freeze drying not only leaves the nutritional value undamaged but it also makes it easier to store and consume the food.

It only aims to dehydrate the food, and not to add anything. So it is safe for your canine.

Moreover, freeze-dried food smells natural.

Is freeze dried food healthy?

With the facts that freeze, dried food maintains its natural and nutritional value; the food will be of healthy importance to your cat. The process only dehydrates the food leaving other nutritional elements undamaged.

What about its benefits to your cat?

Freeze drying procedure is not only beneficial to your cat but also to yourself in the long ran. Actually there are many benefits and here are some of them.

The end product will be portable. Yes, because of its light weight, you should think about using it when you go with your pet.

Long lasting advantage over other fresh feeds. Microscopic organisms need water to survive, but in a freeze dried food they cannot because there is no water. However, if you rehydrate, be sure to take some precautions like putting what has been left after your cat is full into fridge and not be kept there for no more than 24 hours.

Ideal for emergency situations. For those people who leave is storm –areas, might sometime find it difficult to go outside when there is indeed nothing in the house to feed their cats. So, with freeze drying drying, the food will last longer, maintain the right fortification and can be an advantage in such situation.

And while the process involves almost no heat, all the nutrients are preserved in the best way.


Your cat is your essential friend. You need to feed him well and safely. Freeze drying is a perfect way of preparing for emergencies. It is the best way to deal with disaster while maintaining the natural diet or suit those cats with allergies. So don’t worry about how safe or healthy it is.

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