How Much are Dog Crates

Dog owners are confused about which they should buy a cheap dog crate or the expensive one. Keep in mind that not all expensive products are worth buying, and not all cheap products are of low quality. This also applies to purchasing dog crates. The most important thing is that it provides what your dog needs and what you are looking for in a dog crate.

Many dog owners wonder why dog crates differ in price when they have the same features. One factor could be the size. Of course, the bigger crate uses more materials than the smaller one. Another reason could be the manufacturer of the crate. If a well-known brand makes it, most of the time it is a bit expensive. Why? Because they are paying for the Trademark.

So, how much are dog crates? The price of your canine crate may vary depending on its size, materials used, added features, and others. The more features it offers, the more expensive it is.

Types of Dog Crates and Its Cost

Crates are created to provide shelter for your pet dog. It is a safe and comfortable space that will keep your dog protected from the weather and other elements. As mentioned above, the price of dog crates varies depending on the different factors. In this post, we will focus on the crate price based on style.

The price of crates may vary from $25 to $571. It depends on the material it is made of, the size, and the type. Here are the different kinds of dog crates and their typical cost.

Plastic Portable Dog Carriers

The plastic dog carriers are usually used for small to medium-sized dogs. This type of dog crate is beneficial for dog owners who usually travel by plane. There are two types of portable plastic crates, the soft and hard. The hard crates are generally made of molded plastic, and the smallest crate may cost $25. Soft crate, on the other hand, is made of nylon and is recommended for calmer dogs. The price starts at $35 up to $200 depending on the crate size.

Wire Dog Crates

The most popular type of dog crate is the wire crate. This type of crate is usually foldable to transfer it easily from one place to another. It is available in different sizes, and your dog can see the view of the house. Cleaning is also not a problem. You can add a thick blanket or cushion on the bottom to make it more comfortable for your dog. Most of the wire dog crates are big, so it is not recommended for smaller dogs. The wire crates usually cost from $60 to $350.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates

This is not recommended for all types of dogs. A soft-sided dog crate is made of nylon and easy to get damaged compared to wire or plastic crates. If your dog loves to chew or scratch, this is not the best dog crates for your pet. The soft-sided crates are not recommended for initial crate training. For calm dogs, this could be a comfortable kennel for them. The typical cost of a soft-sided crate is from $20 to $200.

Decorative Crates

This type of crate is exactly what it sounds like. It can be a dog kennel and decorative furniture at the same time. An example of this crate is a credenza or an end table. Most of the decorative crates not portable or easy to clean, but they are a bit costly. This kennel and furniture in one will look lovely in the living room. But, it is not recommended as a training tool. Decorative crates typically cost from $100 to $570.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

This is not as popular as the other type of crates. However, for those who have giant breed dogs, heavy-duty dog crates are perfect for them. If this is the only available big crate that you can find in the market, do not worry as it is big enough to house your giant dog.

A heavy-duty dog crate is durable enough to survive the chewing and rigorous action of your pet. Keep in mind that a crate is manufactured not to put in prison your pet, but a place for them to be comfortable and safe. If you want to protect them from damaging elements, keep them in the crate.


So, it does not matter how much a dog crate will cost. The most important thing here is that your pet dogs are comfortable and safe. Just make sure you choose the one that will fit their size and have enough room so they can move easily. Buy a crate that is durable to survive your active and playful pet.


Types of Crates for Dogs