How Often to Change Litter Box

Normally, you have to replace your cat litter twice a week. And if you are chanced and you have enough time to spare. You can make it every two days. But scooping the cat litter box should be done once or two times a day. You have to keep your cat’s litter clean as much as possible. This is if you don’t want to keep dealing with the regular mess in your house. This article will explain to you how often to change the litter boxes.

Types of a litter box

Cat litters are of different types, scooping or clumping litters, the traditional clay litters. The plant-derived or biodegradable litter and the crystal-based or silica gel litter. Out of all these, many cats will love a fine-grained litter. This is because they feel softer in their body. Now that you have found the best litter and is of your cat’s choice, carry on using this type. If you keep changing it, it might result in your cat not using the litter box.

  • Knowing your cat

Even so, if your cat has its life outside and it prefers dirt, you can place the litter out of your houseplants. Put some medium-sized rocks on the soil which is in the pot. Or you can lure them to staying in the litter by mixing some soil with the normal litter.

  • Setting up a litter box

Setting up your cat’s litter box is very essential if you want your cat to make use of it. You might want to reduce odor or prevent the cat’s litter from being tracked. So you decided to place the litter box in a spot that is out of your way in the house. But if you placed it in a place your cat does not like she might not stay in it. So you have to strike a balance.

Find a place that can give your cat some privacy and is convenient, to place the litter box. Avoid things that might scare the cat away from staying at the spot you want for her. Like noise, heat radiating appliances, and washing machines.

Normally, you have to make your cat litter box clean as much as possible. If your cat discriminates, then you have to scoop feces out of the box every day. Replacing your cat litter box depends on;

  • the number of cats you have
  • the number of litter box you have
  • the type of litter box you use.
  • how often you clean the litter box

Generally, the guideline placed down to change the litter box is two times a week. Scooping the cat litter box should be done once or two times a day. But you can replace it every two days or once a week. This depends on your chances, and how much time you have. If you have enough time to clean the litter box every day. You might need to change the litter box every 2 or 3 weeks.

You have to change the litter box if the litter is smelling. Or the litter is wet or that there are many clumps you should change it.

Whenever you change the litter box always scrub it with mild dish detergent. Alongside this, you can add warm water or use vinegar and water to clean the litter box.

If you wash the litter box regularly, you won’t have to change the litter very often. This is because the plastic material of the litter box will not absorb cat odors with regular cleaning.

Replacing the cat litter can be done more often than needed. It can be twice a week, once a week, or even every day. But the rule of thumb is that you should add three to four inches of a new one. You do this after you have removed the old litter.

Note that pregnant women should not be allowed to change the cat litter box. This is because they might contract toxoplasmosis. And don’t the litter go into the water supply when cleaning it.

To keep your cat litter box clean and nice, you have to scoop away waste every day. Your cat will also be happy to stay in the litter.

When you change the litter completely and you have washed it clean. Let there be adequate litter in the box. This will allow your cat to dig a little, cats love that. Let there be two to three inches of litter for non-clumping litters. And three to four inches of litter if it clumps.

If the litter is good enough, the cat will appreciate it. So you should avoid the litter from being messy or giving some foul smell. Here are some steps to follow in making a litter box clean and to entice your cat to use it.

  • If the poop of your cat smells and gives a lot of odor. You have to clean it immediately after the cat finished pooing. If the box stinks, it might stop the cat from staying there. And this will make your cat poop or pee anywhere in the house.
  • Another thing is that if you have more than one cat. Then you will need more litter boxes, and you need more time to scoop every box. But there is a simple way to how often you change your cat litter boxes. This trick is for those who have more than one cat. What you have to do is count the number of cats you have, divide it by the number of boxes. This will help you know how many times you have to clean the litter boxes every day. For example, let’s say you have four cats and you have four litter boxes also. According to this equation, you only need to change the litter at least once for each box.
  • Replace the whole litter at least once a week to make the box look tidy and neat.
  • Make the litter you will place in the box sufficient enough for your cat to be able to burrow. This is to satisfy their instinct behavior.


If you own a cat you must have a litter box. The litter that is in the box will help soak up your cat’s urine. And it helps in hiding their feces. So this litter box needs to be cleaned always, and the litter has to be changed.

Now how often to change the litter box depends on how often you clean the box. It also depends on the number of cats you have, the number of litter boxes you have. The type of litter box you use and how often you clean the litter box. This article has shown you how often to change the litter boxes. Good luck with it.


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