How Often to Trim Cat Nails

It is very important to keep your cat’s nails short because critically curved and overgrown nails are not retractable. And this causes pain and there might be a problem with moving about. Trimming the cat’s nails will also make her look tidy and healthy.

Are your cat’s nails too sharp that it is causing damage everywhere in your house? And you wish to shorten them, so they will cause fewer damages. Then this article will help you find out how often to trim cat nails and also inspect it if necessary.

  • When the cat’s sharp pointy front feet has grown

Cats do have four nails and one dewclaw on the front feet, and four nails on the rear feet. Some still possess extra toes and they need trimming or they will grow into the cat’s foot. Since the cat’s claws are retractable, that is it tends to pull back inside the toe. You have to put small pressure on the toe to expose the claws so you can trim. You can easily trim a cat’s nail if the cat is willing because most cats have light-colored claws.

The part you trim is the sharp, pointy end of the claw. If you cut the pink part of the nail, which is called the pink, you will hurt the cat. You will get the cat to bleed and she will give you an extremely negative response. When you want to start trimming, start with the front feet first. This is because it is the most offending nail. Also, make sure you trim the dewclaw on the inner part of the foot. You may not trim the nail on the back feet often if your cat causes no damage to it.

  • When the cat’s nail has become harmful

Trimming the nails of your cat depends on your tolerance and also on the cat. If you consider it unnecessary to cut the cat’s nails you can leave it. But if the cat’s nails are very sharp that they cause you harm, or hangs on clothing. You might decide to trim them. Another reason that might make you want to trim the cat’s nail is to make the cat look neat. This is because the nails might start to curve and grow back towards the soft footpad of the cat. No matter the reason for you to trim the cat’s nail. It is recommended to be done every ten days or two weeks. This will prevent the cat from being harmful to people and other cats.

  • When the nail makes the cat looks unhealthy

Cleanliness before Godliness. Is it all the cats the need nail trim? Most of the cats that needed trimming are indoor cats. Their nails should be trimmed and inspected now and then. This is just to make sure that they stay healthy. And to prevent harming one another in case they are more than one. If you don’t trim inside cats, they will become very sharp because their claws are retractable. And as a result that they have nowhere to shed their nails. She might end up scratching on your furniture once the nails are overgrown.

  • When the nail becomes thick and brittle

Another cat whose nails need to be trimmed is the Arthritic cats. These cats do not get much exercise because they do not have much activity. So, their nails need trimming. Also the Geriatric (advanced in age) cats. Their claws are many times overgrown, brittle and thick, so, it should be trimmed more often. If your cat has hairy paws, you need to check it often to see if the nails are overgrown. This is because it is difficult to see the length of their nails.

However, outdoor cats seem to take care of their nails themselves. Trimming their nails may not be appropriate. So they have natural nails for climbing and defense.

How Often to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Now, how should you trim your cat’s nails? Many people do not trim their cat’s nails. But if you want a duller nail without that incredibly sharp hook at the end. You need to trim her nails every ten days or two weeks. But Arthritic or older cats on the other hand should have their nails inspected. At least, every 2 months and trimmed if necessary.

  • Choose the right nail trimmer for your cat

To get started with your cat’s nail trimming, you will have to make your cat reasonably willing. You will need a nail trimmer of your choice, a restraint plan. And a calm human helper if necessary. And it might be a great asset. The right tool will make the trim faster, smoother, and more convenient. Rather than using a tool that the cat may not like or harmful to it.

  • Train your cat to accept trimming

To make trimming street free, quick, and pleasant as possible. You have to train your cat to accept trimming. Make your cat get used to having their paws touched. And you should get to know that it is not too early to start clipping the nails of your cat. Don’t let your cat become an adult before you decide to start trimming her nail. It might be too late because she never understands the trimming.

  • Trim Quietly and softly

So, to get your cat used to having her nails trimmed. Before you get hold of the nail clippers, first, start by touching her feet, massage the feet. And don’t play rough with it. If you noticed she has turned it into play, wait, and let her rest or tired. Then you can pick her paw and rub it gently. Quietly and softly press on a toe to make the nail stick out. As a result that the claws of cats are retractile. Exposing their nails when you press gently in their toes requires some skills.


Generally, it is not compulsory to trim your cat’s claws. Although, trimming of the nails still depends on your pet’s lifestyle, be it outdoor or indoors. For outdoor cats having their nails is very important. They use it for hunting, climbing, and to defend themselves.

However, for indoor cats, you can provide them with a scratching post. Here, they can scratch their nails on for daily maintenance. And aging cats nails also needed to be trimmed. Due to old age, they become less active and their claws get longer and sometimes cause infection. I hope this article has shown you how often to trim cat nails.

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