How Tight Should a Dog Collar Be

A dog collar makes it easy to identify your dog in public. And you feel comfortable holding your dog while you walk down the street. A dog collar can also serve as a mode of identification for the dog. However, it is important to keep your dog comfortable with the dog collar. Dog collars are of different types, and knowing how to fit the collar on your dog is essential. The dog collar should not be too tight or too loose. If too tight it might harm your dog. And if too loose, it will slip off easily. So, this article will guide you on how tight should a dog collar be.

Things to Note

If the dog collar is too tight, there might be risks of:

  • Choking, restricting the airways if the dog
  • Causing your dog pain and chafing.
  • Obstructing the flow of blood flow to your dog’s brain.
  • Losing furs and skins on your dog’s neck. And this will cause infections.

Therefore it is important to get these risks to their best minimum. Any of your preferred dog collars should be comfortable on your dog and not too tight.

How to fit different types of Dog collar

Dog collars are of different types, and knowing how to fit them correctly is very important. If well placed on the dog’s neck, it will fit conveniently on his neck.

  • The traditional type of dog collar allows you to connect more than one dog connected. The two main purposes of this dog collar are that you can attach a strap to it. So you can take your dog out for a walk or chain him down. Another purpose it serves is that you can easily connect more than two dogs. And as many as possible.

So, the question is how tight should a traditional dog collar be?. It is very important to make sure that the dog collar is fitted correctly. This is to prevent choking your dog. And to prevent it from slipping off when you are out for a walk.

When connecting the fog collar, you can make use of a rule called, the two fingers rule. Using this rule, you place your middle finger and the pointer finger between your dog’s neck and the collar. If you can easily slide in the two fingers, and you feel convenient, then the fitting is correct. But if otherwise, try to loosen the collar to allow your fingers to slide in easily. Another thing to note is that if your fingers move freely when you put them in. If this is so, then the collar is too loose.

  • Another type of dog collar is the martingale dog collar. With this dog collar, you can also walk your dogs down the street. This dog collar has a secondary loop, which is attached to the back of the collar. This secondary loop allows the collar to tighten when you pull it. But the dog will still feel convenient with it. Now, to be able to make your dog more comfortable when you tension the secondary loop. This depends on how tight should a martingale dog collar be.

To snug the martingale dog collar on your dog, first, check the size when the collar is on your dog’s head. This is how to know where to tighten to make your dog safe. When you have placed the dog collar in position, the two rings will come close to one another due to tension. These two rings hold the secondary loop in place.

The closeness of these two rings determines how tight and how lose the dog collar is. The collar is too large or loose if the 2 rings touch the dog collar. If they are more than one inch apart, then the collar is too tight. To get the correct size, make sure that there is a small gap between the wrings. With this, the collar will not slip off and your dog will feel comfortable and not being choked.

  • The dog harness is another typical dog collar. This is sometimes more preferable than other collars. The dog harness cannot easily slip off the dog neck and they feel more comfortable on dogs.

How tight the dog harness should depend on the type of dog you have. You may make use of the two fingers rule for dog harness also. By putting in your pointer finger and the middle finger between the dog harness and your dog’s neck. With this, you will determine how to snug the harness on your dog.

However, the dog harness has some exceptions. You may have to tighten the harness more, but make sure it does not choke the dog. You do this if your dog often goes wild and breaks off the collar. On the other hand, if your dog calm or older, you don’t need to tighten the harness. They may be fine with a loose harness. You can easily tighten the harness without causing harm to the dog.

This is because the harness is not around the neck, and this accounts for its leniency on dogs. And when loose, it cannot get off easily. Ensure you check how comfortable the dog is with the choice of the collar. You should know that there will be a change in the weight and size of your dog. So you will have to change the collar also. Therefore, it is necessary to test well the collar snugs on your dog regularly.


Make sure your choice of dog collar is safe and it will feel comfortable on your dog. A dog collar that is fitting should stay on your dog, without causing pain or discomfort. And making use of the two fingers rule. Your hand should slide in easily between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Besides, you can remove the collar frequently and examine your dog’s neck to know if the collar causes harm or not. If it causes harm, you need to replace it or change how you fit the collar. Hope this article has helped you on how tight should a dog collar be.