How to Collapse a Dog Crate

In North America, 26% of 500 pet owners use dog crates. 14% out of the mapped population have difficulty collapsing their dog crates for whatsoever intended purpose. Here is a simple follow-up guide at your fingertip to save you the difficulty.

Most dog crates are collapsible so that they are easily kept when not in use. This helps to avoid taking a lot of space with them. You’ll need to learn to fold your dog cage freely. Most collapsible crates are made from fragile materials, they can be hassled if not handled properly. This article will provide you with stepwise methods on how to collapse a dog crate without a hassle. Follow through the instructions, you will be using your dog crate for better.

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate/cage is a structured wire-frame closure for the dog. It is ideal for use in transportation and while keeping a dog for security. Dogs need their den, a refuge for their keep while on a security mission. It can be used however as a restraint training spot for puppies who need to have toilet training. These are among many other uses. However, a disadvantage is that it takes a lot of space when conveyed in a car or storage.

Metal or plastic wires are arranged in crossing patterns to lay a net of the crate. There are grid points where the net can be pushed to release from the framework position. Follow these simple steps and easily release crate.

Step By Step Guideline

Shut and Latch the Crate Door(s) 

12 out of 20 metal wire dog crates come with the main door, the rest have other smaller openings.

  1. Remove toys, meal tray, and bottom liner that could get in the way of folding. Close the front cage door and other crate-equipped openings. Latch them into fixed frame positions. Metal cages have distorted fold when the door is not well latched.
  2. Check owner’s manual for dog crate if provided; there are different models of crates. If the manual is no longer available or absent, crate collapsing methods are only a simple routine.

Fold Down Shorter Side of Crate

On the shorter side of the crate, locate 2 main tabs that hold the side panel to the top of the crate.

  1. Press down the top wire on these tabs, in the middle, to release tabs. This will release their grip on the top panel of the crate.
  2. Pull the side towards you enough to unfasten this side of the crate.
  3. Lift the top panel softly, then fold this side down to the floor.
  4. Repeat the above methods for the other short side of the crate.

Fold the Main Frame of Crate

After releasing the two-panel sides, push the body of crate towards one of the long sides. It flattens out on the floor by itself.

  1. Fold back the off-thrown top of the crate on the flattened rest of the body
  2. Latch the flat framework to keep from unfolding when conveying, or when in storage.

Questions and Answers

I can’t find the shorter side in my dog crate, what next?

Some manufacturers model the dog crate in several different frameworks. Ensure that the one you have is collapsible and look into the owner’s manual if available. Request for one if possible and check for instructions. If not, check online to find videos for your brand of the crate.

How best can I carry my collapsed crate?

Get a large bag that is durable enough to hold the impact of metal wires. Store and transport your crate in it.

What do I use to latch my metal wire dog crate? 

Most metal wire crates come with twistable wire material to latch your crate with it. However, if yours does not come with one, a twistable thin aluminum foil or soft copper may be useful.

How do I set up my dog crate for use?

Check manual instructions or watch instructional videos online to guide you.


You would have learned with this helpful article, how to collapse a dog crate. I recommend trying it for the first three consecutive times might prove a bit uneasy. It becomes smooth after a period as it easily follows the collapse pattern. Majorly, metal wire dog crates are most suitable for folding, less or no plastic crates can be folded. So, you should consider your options before purchasing a type of dog crate. Follow the owner’s instructions in the manual if provided before you go ahead with the procedures itemized in this article. Collapse your dog crate and take your pet along anywhere you go. Dogs love to take their home along wherever they go, you’d love it too!

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