How to Control Cat Hair

Cat hair grows always, whether shaven or not. There are those with short hair while others have long hair. Those with long hair take between four to six months to grow fully when you have shaved. Short-haired cats take a little short time to have the hair fully grown. It takes three months or less to grow.

It is important to control cat hair from two perspectives:

1.    From growing too long

2.    From remaining too short

3.    From falling

How to Control Cat Hair

From growing too long

Long cat hair can cause health problems. When long, it may become loose and fall off. At the time when your cat is grooming itself, it will swallow loose hair. This will cause it to develop hairballs, which may cause serious harm to your cat.

To avoid all the above problems that arise from long hair, shave your cat regularly. Set a regular timetable to do it. You can do it once or twice in three months, depending on your timetable. Get the advice of your vet.

From stagnating being short

If your long-haired cat has hair that “refuses” to grow, then probably it has an underlying health issue. It could be having worms, skin problems, eating problems or even any other problem. You will need to get the services of your vet as the cat hair is supposed to grow fine.

Give your cat healthy foods which will cause the hair to grow normally. Apart from the foods, get him proper medication. Monitor its health for a good amount of time.

From falling

Falling fur is environmentally harmful. It makes the house dirty and it may be ingested accidentally by you, your children or your guests. If ingested, it won’t be a good thing in your body.

To help control hair from falling, try doing the following:

  1. Regularly brush its hair using a soft brush. It helps loose hair to fall down in a controlled manner. Do it once or twice a week.
  2. Use a grooming glove if it doesn’t like to be brushed. This makes your cat feel like being it is petted. In the real sense, however, you are helping it drop the loose far.
  3. If your cat loves water, give him a warm bath. Warm water helps in removing the loose hair.

What is the cause of the cat’s hair falling off?

Cats commonly experience loose hair falling off. This happens usually happens because of health issues. The common causes include:

  1. Parasite and worm infections. When these parasites penetrate to the skin, the fur starts becoming loose and falls off.
  2. Skin allergies also cause the hair to be lost by a way of falling off.
  3. Underlying health problems in your cat can cause it to lose fur.
  4. Hair loss too can happen when your cat is nervous. Nervous disorders can result in your cat over-grooming hence losing more hair.

How dangerous is the loose cat hair?

Loose cat hair is dangerous to both the cat and the owner. When your cat is grooming, it swallows these loose fur. It, in turn, causes hairballs in its digestive system. Hairballs are quite dangerous to your cat. It causes health problems to your cat, with the worst being death.

Before it dies, it will experience problems such as:

  • Poor eating habits.
  • Growing skinny
  • Problem when excreting
  • Blockage of the intestines and other vital organs.

To the owner, it makes the house to be untidy. Fallen hair may get into your food. If you happen eat this hair, it may cause health complications in the future.

How can I stop my cat hair from falling off regularly?

  • Do regular brushing, preferably on a daily basis.
  • Groom your cat.
  • Treat any health disorder in your cat.
  • Give him healthy food.


Cat hair grows rapidly. This is so for a healthy cat. To control the hair, you need to feed him well, it helps with growth. Brush him daily. It helps in regulating loose falling hair. Shave long hair regularly. Get your vet to examine your cat and work on any health problems. Make your cat free of parasites and worms, as they cause skin problems. Skin problems can make your cat lose hair rapidly.

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