How to Cut Cat Nails With Human Clippers

Do your cats have long nails? Hope you are not like most Cat owners who think that it’s typical for long nails, but it’s not. Cats like individuals they are also bothered when their nails are too long. This is seen when they sometimes lean on trees and try scratching. Do you ever think about what is behind the move? It is to cut scratch off their long nails.

So, it is wise to start clipping your cat’s nails and let your pet stay happily. Clipping your cat’s nails is not a problem. Most cats happily sit in the lap of the owner during cutting. To ensure that the cat sits quietly on your lap with no development in mind, lean your hands to the cat’s neck and back end to keep the cat in your lap. It is currently easy to hold the hair trimmer with the other hand.

However, to successfully trim the nails, you need to have a good clipper. The market is flooded with clippers which most of them are expensive. Here are some of them.

Reasons why you should cut the nails of your cat

Most of us understand the importance of our cleanliness. It is not only important that we become more and more beautiful, but also important for our well-being. It is the same for our pets, particularly cats. They also need to stay clean for several reasons. For instance, there are some reasons why you should trim the nails of your cat. Here are we look at some of those reasons and which should convince you to take the step.

Secure your furniture

Even though the cat nails should not be trimmed, there are several reasons why it is a smart idea to cut your cat’s nails, and lessening your cat’s tendency of practicing with your expensive furniture is just one of them. Truly, I wouldn’t rate it number one, especially since it’s not overly difficult to distract your cat’s normal scratch. With so many mind-boggling scratching post decisions and scratching pillows, pots, plates, and just the tip of the iceberg, your furniture will probably not be the best option for your cat.

Articulation of affection

Trimming your cat’s nails is also an obvious articulation of your veneration for your pet. At the time your pet is trimmed, this articulation is not only noticeable to the people in the area but something that your pet feels extremely positive and compensatory. In general, pets need to stay both intellectually and healthy when they are perfectly and fully groomed. Also, intermittent preparation naturally makes your pet look, smell, and feel incredible.

Carry on with a comfortable life

Trimming your cat for sure will make life more and more pleasant for you and your cat. Wondering, how this can be possible? If you have one of those cats that always want to embrace, you and sometimes have those sharp tips in your skin then it can be ideal if you consider trimming or cutting short those sharp tips. If you remove the end of these hooks, you can then appreciate playing with your cat with no worries or injuries.

For your cat, cutting their tips can prevent excruciating broken paws that can result if a sharp claws gets stack in the flooring. What’s more, if these paws are a little less lethal, the damage will be reduced if your style-conscious cat chooses to give the side of your couch a hip new restless “look.

Cat clippers for money

SHINY PET Cat Nail Clipper

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit

These creative puppy nail clippers by SHINY PET can be used to ensure that your cat doesn’t have long nails that can be a bother to your coaches. The cutting edges of this cat nail cutter are made of hardened steel, while the handle is made of amazing plastic and is provided with an enemy of sliding coating.

These cat nail scissors can be used on just about any little creature, including rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, flying creatures, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc.

CleanHouse Pets Cat Nail Clippers

CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers, with Pet Safety Guard & Lock

These are the second-best option, though it will cost you some pennies. These treated steel pet nail clippers accompany inherent, mobile well-being.

In essence, squeeze the button near the sharp edge to remove the hair clippers and start cutting the nails. No matter if, you need small nail clippers for cats or huge nail clippers for dogs, we have you for sure.

These two items will facilitate you keep your cats nails short t and maintained

What if you don’t have money to purchase the above items? You can use the human clippers to achieve you objective. Here is how you can do it.

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Using human clipper to cut cats nails 

First, Make sure it is sharp 

Use a grinding stone to sharpen the hair clipper, the sharper the clipper, the better and faster process.

Hold the human clipper with your right hand

Pull the cat’s leg out and squeeze the paws together to expose them. Take the hair trimmer in the direction of the paws. Lightly press on the handle of the   clipper to cut the paws.

They will hope to see fair-colored paws as most cats have. The shadow of the paws makes it easy to see the veins that supply the paws with blood. Carefully search for a pinkish color in the direction of the nail; this is known as a quick. When cutting the paws, make sure to remove about 2 millimeters from the quick.

In case you cut the quick, though a very rare encounter, the cat will feel a lot of pain and can try to retrieve his leg. So it is necessary to be keen about this area.

To avoid cutting quickly, hold the hair trimmer against the nail. You will most likely cut through, without lifting your finger.

Cut the hooks, which are lightly shaded, as it is not painful, with just one cut on each nail.

Don’t hold parallel

Make sure you do not keep the hair clipper parallel to the nail. This cuts side by side, which may not be perfect, which will pierce the nail.


To ensure that your cat does not accidentally scratch you or catch your body, you need to clip its nails. With this piece of work, it is now easier to use human clippers to achieve your objectives. It is safe and can help you be free from the stress of buying another clipper for cats.

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