How to Cut Cats Nail

While some cats do not bother about the random manicure, other cats show some degree of resistance. Some will be reluctant to sit and be good patients. In some cases, many cat owners cringe at the fact of trimming or cutting their cat’s nails. This is because they are not very certain about how to approach it. Ideally, the cat nails trimming should a smooth experience for you and your cat.

In fact, you should never be scared with hurting your cat or facing its rage. The following tips will help you understand how to trim your cat’s nails.

Before you embark on the actual trimming, getting the appropriate tools is prudent.

Tools for cat nails trimming

Cat nail clippers

Actually, trimming does not require any complex tool. Simple cat claw clippers are preferable. The rounded blade assists you apply equal pressure over the whole upper part of the nail, which is more pleasant for your cat. More so, the thin head allows you to see your cat’s little claws.


Usually, this is the most essential part of the trimming process. Before you begin, ensure that you have your cat’s best treats. In case they come in larger pieces or sticks, cut them into small, bite-sized pieces before beginning the work.

Things to do some days before the actual trimming process

  • Without trimming her nails, introduce your cat to the nail clippers. Let them get used to it a week before the actual trimming.
  • Again, get them used to hold their paw. Hold their paw and smoothly stroke the pads of their feet as offer them a treat.
  • Learn to extend your cat’s nails. Normally, cats have the mechanism that enables them to extend to truck their nails and you need to master that.
  • Locate the quick. This is the pink area in your cat’s nail. It is the area in which all the nerve endings and blood vessels are.

Let your cat get used to the sound that the nail clippers usually make.

Steps on how to cut cats nails

Step one

Sit in a chair or on the floor in a well-lit place where you and your cat can be relaxed. Have all your tools ready. Further, make sure that there is a proper treat for the kitty to be given after the trimming.

Step two

Place a thick towel right on your lap and softly hold your cat there. Hold the paw and gently press one toe from the upper part and bottom to elongate the claw.

Step three

When you have a suitable view, place your clipper at least some millimeters away from the edge of the quick.

Step four

Trim the claws vertically (do it from top to bottom instead of from side to side). Actually, this minimizes the amount of force your cat will experience. Trim the nail in one steady motion.

Step five

Now, it’s time to reward your cat with a treat and praise. Do this again with each claw as the cat allows. For the first time, it might take you more than one attempt to achieve this. You don’t have to worry if that is the case. Always keep the trimming process stress-free instead of finishing quickly.

Dealing with bleeding while trimming

Occasionally, you may cut your cat’s nails too short making them bleeds. In case this happens, just press the silver nitrate stick or styptic power against the tip of the nail. Afterward, treat your cat and stop the nail trimming for that day.

How long should you wait to trim your cat’s nails?

All cats with claws should be trimmed consistently. However, the frequency will depend on your cat’s level of activity. Generally, you need to trim your cat’s nails before they become too sharp.  Letting it grow beyond this increases the possibility that your cat may injure you or even damage the claws. Basically, it’s good to check them on a weekly basis to find out whether they should be trimmed.


In case your cat becomes hostile or too difficult to manage, have a break. Never keep trying to trim it. It is just not worth it to risk injuring yourself or the cat. Alternatively, you find it necessary to seek the services of a professional to do the job, don’t hesitate. Reach a reliable groomer or your vet to consider your options. This way, you will a risk-free trimming and more skills on how to cut cats nails.

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