How to Fix Cat Dandruff

Dandruff in cats is caused by many factors. It is not a walk in the park to have your cats suffer from such skin-related issues. You have to look for a quick solution to fix this problem and alleviate your cats from suffering. The question is, what are the options available to eliminate this problem? How best can you deal with it? I have developed this article to guide you through all the possible options of eliminating this menace. Please follow through for more information.

What causes dandruff in cats?

To understand how to eliminate dandruff, then it is important to know what causes it. Dandruff in cats is caused by:

  • Allergies.
  • Health issues.
  • Hydration.
  • Nutrition/diet.
  • Dirt.
  • Parasites and so on.

If you can fix all the above problems, then you will have eliminated all the dandruff related problems. I am going to explain how to deal with all the above agents.

How does one fix the cat dandruff?

Nutritional/dietary issues

If the dandruff is caused by the meals which the cat is eating, then it is high time you try changing it. Introduce foods that have the right amount of fats. Fats are good in keeping the fur shiny and the skin fresh, clean, and supple. Good fats are found in omega 3 foods. Fish oil, for example, is excellent in maintaining skin health. You can also try to give him some coconut oil. It is also good for skin health. Oils should be introduced little by little because they can bring about stomach upsets. Consult your veterinarian on you can best do this.


Deworm your cats regularly. This exercise should be done once every three months. Worms cause the skin of the cat to be sickly. They also make the cat weak and unwell. You should challenge yourself to do the deworming of all your pets every three months.

Regular bathing

If the cat stays for some time without taking a bath, then it is natural that dandruff will start developing. Bath them at least once every two weeks. You should be careful not to over-bathe the cat. Too much of it will alter the cat’s skin pH hence exposing it to attacks by dandruff. If you cannot manage such a time table, then you will need to lay down a guideline on how you will do it. Regular bathing helps in keeping dandruff away.

Get a dandruff shampoo

This is one thing I would advise you to buy. It is specifically meant to deal with dandruff. Double-check what you are buying so that you don’t end up acquiring the wrong thing. By this, I mean that you should buy a shampoo for a cat and not a human or dog shampoo. Cat shampoo should be deployed especially when the problem has become so bad. Talk to your veterinarian so that he can guide you on the best model to buy. I have recommended to use Zesty Paws Pure

Consult your veterinarian

Your veterinarian should be having all the history and records of your cat. Before taking any action on the cat, get his opinion first. He will guide you on what to do to deal with the menace. The vet will be able to examine the cat more so that he can ascertain if there is an underlying medical condition. If that is the case, then he will be able to treat it at the earliest time possible.


If you get to understand what allergens your cat reacts to, then it will be easy to deal with it. Allergies are responsible for the cause of dandruff as well. Your vet will be able to guide you in such a case.


Hydration helps to keep the cat’s skin moist. If the skin becomes dry, then dandruff will attack easily. Provide a lot of wet food, milk or even water for the cat. These foods can keep the cat’s skin fresh and supple. This will help in fighting off dandruff and digestion issues.


Several issues can make the cat have dandruff. Such a condition is not good for the health of the cat. It makes the cat become weak and lose a lot of fur in the process. You can always fight dandruff following the guide as explained in this article. Whenever you are not sure about anything, you should always seek the services of your vet. Make your cat healthy and happy by improving its skin appearance. Make it a rule to regularly check on the health status of your cat.

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