How to Get a Cat to Use a Cat Tree

Cat trees are special spaces for your cat. And this place should make the cat comfortable, promote your cat’s exercise. It should be a place of relaxation for your cat. Now that you have picked a perfect cat tree for your cat but she is not using it. Instead of resting in her tree, she is on your sofa. Don’t worry, this article is here to help you with how to get a cat to use a cat tree.

Different Methods to get your car use cat tree

Getting your cat to use the cat tree as the new resting space might be difficult sometimes. Especially if your cat has not gotten used to it. So when you put her in the cat tree you still find her in the place she is used to. Don’t worry, you can teach your cat to get used to her tree. And to even love being in there. However, first of all, take note of your cat well. Check and see if it’s not that she has some difficulty in climbing or jumping. If you noticed this is the problem the next thing is for you to visit your veterinarian.

But if that’s not the case, here are some simple steps for you to take. With these methods be sure that your cat will surely love her cat tree.

Method 1:

Carefully pick the best place to put the cat tree. When it comes to the location of the cat tree. You can choose the place where your cat has gotten used to. Another thing to take note of when placing the cat tree is how close your cat is with you. If your cat takes pleasure in your interaction. Then you need to place the cat tree where your cat could see you. And you give her attention, praise, and affection when she is on the tree. You can also massage and caress her while she is on the tree. And let this be your habit. And you reduce how you play with her when she is out of the tree. Don’t place the cat’s tree away from where people are. Cats are social animals and love to be around people. Especially that will give her attention and pet her. Cats like to smell a certain way. So they will try to rub themselves on everything to get used to the smell.

Method 2:

Whenever your cat is in her tree, always endeavor to play with her. You will create a positive relationship with this. And your cat will love to stay in her tree to let you play with her. One fact is that cats love to play. So if they just have to sir in their tree doing nothing will bore them out. If you give them the opportunity of playing with them while in their tree. It will allow them to stay longer in their tree. Thereby getting used to staying in their tree. So make sure you give her much attention when she is on her tree than when on the ground. This method should do the trick of making your cat get used to her tree.

Method 3:

Another method is to put what your cat loves best in the tree and make her see what is there. You can entice your cat with her favorite treat. This is all to make her stay in her tree. Make your cat understand it’s only when she stays in there is the only way she could get the catnips. You can sprinkle catnips around the area of the tree. This method is very effective and it’s a very easy thing to do.

Take Note:

Fear and stress. Cats are very curious. So when they are stressed they show their curiosity, and they may fear the cat tree. Note as well, when getting a cat tree doesn’t pick a weird one. Instead, look for a good looking one, this is just to entice your cat to get used to staying there. And get rid of the object that your cat might be afraid of from the tree’s surroundings.

Make sure that your cat’s tree is very safe. Very safe that your cat could feel it. Don’t give her anything to be afraid of. This is majorly the reason for the cat tree in the first place.


Getting your cat to get used to a new space might be somehow difficult. But with the above simple steps, how to get a cat to use cat trees will become very easy.

However, if your cat still feels reluctant at times you can place the cat’s food near the tree. You can also hang the toys she loves to play with on the cat tree. Make her play with them in the tree. Don’t forget to play with her. Caress her and give all attention she needs.

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