How to Get Rid of Cats in The Yard

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Are you annoyed by the presence of stray cats in your yard? How do you feel with their annoying meowing sounds? Today I will teach you some ways on how to solve such a problem. It is not a permanent problem, and it has solutions.

Step By Step Solutions

Solution 1: Installing wire mesh fence 

This is the real solution that you can start with it. This solution majors on the source of the problem.  Stray cats are coming into your compound because there is a way. So, installing a wire mesh fence is a good option. If you have a wall fence, consider adding chicken wire on the top.

Solution 2: Remove the food source from your garden

The other reason why stray cats are bothering your compound can be because there is food. When there is food, they will always be coming to have some dinner.

So, removing any remains of food and disposing of it correctly can help solve the problem to some extent.

If you don’t have good food disposal, consider the Waste King Legend food disposal

Solution 3: use fruit peels

The third solution involves the use of grapefruit, tangerine, orange, citrus, lemon, and lime skins. Eat the fruits and store the peels, which you cut into smaller pieces, and place them in flower beds and other places in the garden. Cats hate the smell of these bowls and keep it away. Refill scrubs at least once a week.

Solution 4: using a motion-activated sprinkler

Do you know that cats don’t like being wet? So, this the other point that you can use to get rid of stray cats in your compound. There are more, and many motions activated sprinklers, which will automatically start spraying on any motion sensing.

One of the units that can help solve the problem is the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler. Get this and install where you suspect the cats get their way.

Solution 5: Growing plants that are repellent to cats

Cats are allergic to some plants. These plants include peppermint, geranium, garlic, rue, lavender, lemongrass, and, having these plants in your garden can be a very good repellant of stray cats.

Solution 6: Sprinkling coffee grounds in your yard   

Sprinkling coffee grounds in your yard can also help reduce the problem. Coffee is believed to be an enemy to cats and their presence in your garden can repel away them.

Solution 7: Apply Coyote and Fox Turquoise Squirrel in your yard

The seventh solution is to apply coyote and fuchsine granules in your garden, especially in the vicinity. Cats cannot afford to sniff the pellets, so they stay away from it, and this can help you solve the problem.

Solution 8: adopting a dog 

Our last solution of today is to adopt the aggressive dog. You can find many aggressive dog breeds that can help solve the problem. The dog can run after stray cats in your compound and chess them away.

One of the breeds, known to be unfriendly to cats is the Yorkshire terrier dog. This will run after any cat in your compound and chess them away. If you have this dog in your yard, you will understand this. Although it is an indoor dog, their fierceness can help drive away stray cats in your yard.

However, if you are going for this option, you must have dog food. Many brands can be purchased at your local food store while others online. Among the brands, include the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier food.

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If you try out any of the above solutions, you are in an excellent position to gain more and more benefits if you decide to get rid of cats and live happily. You don’t have to stress when there are many and more solutions to such a problem. To have the best results you can decide to employ multiple solutions. There is a crime in doing that, and this will guarantee an immediate and final solution.

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