How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats Fast

Fleas can be very annoying to you and your cat. It makes your cat look sickly and uncomfortable. They are the agents of dry, itchy skin in cats. You should ensure that you rid them of your cat, all the time.

How does cats get fleas?

If you are rearing dogs in your homestead, then that is the primary source of fleas in your home. When your cat and the dog inte4rracts, then that is when the fleas are transmitted. Even if your cat is an indoor one, it will still have fleas from your cat when it comes into the house.

What are some of the ways to rid fleas of your cats?

Some of the recommended methods are

  • Fleas love hiding in long hair. You will need to trim your cat’s fur quite often.
  • Using a metal flea comb, comb your cat from head to tail twice or thrice a day.
  • Take the comb and dip it inside water mixed with detergent. This kills off all fleas that came off with the comb.
  • Spray your dog cat’s residence with the same mixture. This helps eliminate any remaining fleas that were not in the fur.
  • Make sure that your dog is clean, to avoid contracting fleas.
  • If you are not a fan of keeping dogs, then it would be high time to get rid of them too.
  • Always bath your cat with warm water. Fleas do not like water. The effect is then that they will die. This happens by drowning the stubborn fleas.

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What is the period that flea treatment takes to be effective in cats?

It depends with the strength of the medication used. However, most of these drugs do act on fleas within a single day to get rid of them. It is also effective to prevent further infestation for up to three to four weeks in cats and four weeks in dogs.

Can fleas cause dandruff in cats?

Fleas make the skin of your cat to become so itchy. You cat will then scratch itself so much to the extent of losing its fur. The exposed skin will develop to be dry. Dandruff then sets in.

Coconut oil is known to kill fleas on other animals. Is it the same case for cats?

Coconut oil has an ingredient called lauric acid. These ingredient can be rubbed to the cats’ fur. The acid can too be administered orally. This kills and repels away fleas. Apart from that function, another advantage of coconut oil is that it makes the skin moist and eliminates yeast.

Yes indeed coconut oil works well for cats too. Indeed it doesn’t discriminate, but it works well in eliminating fleas in all living animals when applied.

Do baking soda kill fleas?

Baking soda kills the fleas by destroying the environment within which the fleas live. It dehydrates and kills the larvae including the eggs. By so doing, it prevents any further outbreak that can easily spiral out of control.

What are the signs of fleas infestation?

When your cat is infested with fleas, it won’t be hard to notice. Look out for the following symptoms to know whether your cat is infested or not.

  • Skin irritation due to flea bites.
  • A slight change in the color of your pet’s skin.
  • When in contact with a drop of water, specks turn reddish-brown.
  • Check for the presence of flea bites in the skin of your cat.
  • Frequent discomfort by your cat. When your cat seems to be grooming all the time, check for the presence of fleas.
  • Flea visibility in your cat’s fur.
  • When your cat is unable to relax in one position even for a moment is a sign of flea infestation.


Fleas are the worst enemies of your pets. In all circumstances, ensure that your pets are not infested with these health-threatening insects. They can easily do harm to your cat. Fleas can also hamper the good health of your pet. Always apply medicine to the fur of your pets to do away with fleas. Consult your vet on the best kind of medication that your cat deserves. Do not let fleas bring discomfort to your pets.

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