How to Help My Indoor Cat Lose Weight

Does your indoor cat appearing fat and you have no idea how to make it thinner? In case the adequate answer is real, I am going to give you some important rules and suggestions. Just keep reading.

Much like humans, obese cats are generally more likely to get sick than cats of normal weight. If you can’t imagine your cat looking fatter, you should bring him to a veterinarian and let the vet analyze the weight of your cat.

A veterinarian knows how much a cat should weigh and can help you come up with a careful nutrition plan to prevent it from becoming overweight. When you go to the vet, be sure to ask what type of food is right for your feline in real condition and what to avoid no matter what. You can also ask him to suggest a specific brand to make your job easier.

There are many vets and you can book one trough online at

But if you can’t access the vet, you can try the below tips which we are sure they will work.

  • Quality cat feeds

The first step is ensuring that what you are giving to your cat is indeed quality. You should hope to buy good quality cat feed that has no grains.

Cheaper cat feeds come with more fat and are made with fillers which also do not feature the right nutritional supplements. Hence, cheaper cat feed can have many negatives to your cat. So, you should avoid them when you see them on the counter.

Buying better quality cat feeds is not overly expensive and you will likely need to take much less care of your cat. Buying a higher quality pet food will save you money in the long run as you will cut those frequent visits to the vet.

  • Ingredients

For those who prepare cat’s food at home, you should check on the ingredients that you including in the preparation.

You should know what are the ingredients that causes fatting and what that causes thinning.

Remember, however, that if you don’t want your cat to eat what you give him without stomach problems, you should gradually and not entirely change your cat’s food.

  • Reduce the amount

The other thing you have to do is to try and reduce the quantity of food that you are offering your pet. Many cat owners more often tend to feed their pet excess food, which adds weight more than anything.  purchase low-fat goodies at your nearby pet store and give them to your cat in restricted measure.

  • Exercise

Regardless of changing your cat’s diet, you should also opt for working out your cat. It is fundamental that your cat be subjected to exercise, especially when it is indoor. This is why you should make her some climbing gear that she can use to perform more activities. Also, make sure that toys are generally available for her to play and lose that extra energy that otherwise turns into fat.

Smart toys are also a great way to keep your cat exercising, and they can also strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

You can also play a prank on her: there are unusual plastic balls that are die-cut that you can put your food in and let her play with the ball until she gets all of the food out of the ball. So you will decide them to do more activity too, but give them extra food. If you don’t want this strategy to work, you’ll need to remove all food sources from your cat’s span.

  • Try not to share your food with her.

NEVER feed your cat food that you eat. Cats have exceptional needs and feeding them a similar type of food will only increase the likelihood that they will become fat. Likewise, she is more tempted to come on the table or go to the pantry and still eat your food. Additionally, while this can be unsavory for you, it is terrible for your cat as it will eat more than it is recommended and thus becoming fat at the end


By following the above simple recommendation, you should be able to note some weight changes in your overweight cat and which should be the obvious dropping of those extra pounds.   One thing we tell you to remember is that when subjecting your cat to weight loss program, perform frequent checks to see any positive changes. Also, frequent checks will ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Because many people after subjecting the program, at the end got disappointed after their cat looked too thin than they expect.

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