How to Keep a Dog House Warm in the Winter

It’s a fact that winter weather is challenging not just for humans but also for dogs. As a pet owner, you need to make some adjustments to your winter dog care routine once winter arrives. You need to protect them against the harmful effects of harsh winds, snow, dry air, and freezing temperatures.

As dog owners, you should take care of your furry friend when you get hold of your dog. Supplements can help your pet boost their immune system to keep them healthy. It will help them grow healthy and develop their skills and help them fight colds and other diseases. This will also prepare your pet dog to survive the coming winter.

Winter does not have to be unwelcoming to many dog owners. If your dog is staying outside the house, there are ways to keep its kennel warm during the cold season. We have gathered these tips and shared them with all the dog owners, so they will not have a hard time dealing with the cold.

Best Way to Keep a Dog House Warm in the Winter

Position the Dog House in a Warm Place

If your dog’s temperature falls below 990 Fahrenheit, it may start to shiver and might experience hypothermia, which is quite dangerous. Keeping the doghouse warm will help keep your dog healthy even if it stays outside for a few hours.

Find a warm place in your backyard where you can position the doghouse. It can be on the covered patio or inside the garage. Make sure the doghouse is not placed on a cold ground. You can put it on a thick pad of wood, insulation, or straw if you find a wood pallet, the better as it can keep the dog kennel inches away from the ground. Also, placing it in an area where there is enough sunlight can help the doghouse warm.

Purchase a Heated Doghouse

One way of keeping the dog kennel warm is by the use of a heater. However, there is danger involved when using an electrical device, particularly if your dog loves to chew everything it sees. Some heating materials like heated mats can keep your dog warm, but there is a danger in using it. These warming tools are recommended only for calm and tamed dogs like cavalier king Charles spaniel. If you decide to use these heating devices, monitor them regularly to avoid burns and accidents.

Weatherproofing the Doghouse

If it is hard to keep the door indoors, some weatherproofing can keep your pet warm. If you choose this method to keep the dog kennel warm, you need to consider the breed, behavior, and kennel type. Some of the materials that you can add to the dog’s kennel to keep the cold out include foam insulation sheets, additional layers of cedar shavings, old blankets, and carpets to tack up on the walls.

You can also purchase some protective coverings to windproof the exterior of the dog kennel. It helps cover the holes or cracks in the roof or walls to keep your pet house insulated. Use dark-colored materials as it can retain heat from the sun.

Install Carpet or Vinyl Flap

Keep the entryway of your doghouse protected. Install carpet or vinyl flap to keep the cold wind away. You can also consider making a lean-to having a sloping roof on top of the doghouse entrance keeping the wind and rain out. You can place agility tubing or an open-ended barrel for an agility dog to keep the doorway entry protected.

Build a Heating Solution

If you are well-versed with tools, installing a light fixture on top of the doghouse is a good idea. It can keep the dog kennel warm. You can apply this solution only if the doghouse has enough headroom where you can install the light high enough away from your dog.

It is best to use a ceramic light fixture as it is much safer. You can put a fire-resistant guard or baffle around the bulb. This will minimize the danger of contacting the bulb. Using red lightbulbs or pet-safe bulbs instead of white bulbs is recommended.

Add A Heat Source

If your dog kennel is made of plastic that is not insulated, you can add a safe heat source. You should be aware of the things that might cause a fire. Using a heat source with dangling cords or wires that your dog might chew is also prohibited.

You can use a heat lamp that you will turn on when it is the coldest in the evening. This tool does require electricity, so your dog is safe from getting hurt. A microwavable heating pad is also a good idea to keep your dog warm since it does not require electricity.

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Use the Heat From Your House

Position the dog house near your house. Use a dryer hose and install it from your home to your dog house. Create a hole on top of the doghouse that will accept an aluminum dryer hose attached to the house interior. Connect the hose on one side of the doghouse and the other side of the house. Position a small fan to blow the heat towards the doghouse.


This coming winter, protect your pet and keep them warm. You can ask your veterinarian what temperature your dog can withstand. Hypothermia is very dangerous not only to humans but to animals as well. If not attended right away, it could lead to death. Prepare the things you need, so you don’t have to worry about your pet when winter comes.

With all the preparation that goes into, you are confident your pet dog will survive another winter. Keeping your pets warm will prevent hypothermia, frostbite, and other complication because of the weather and should be the priority, not just for your family but also for your four-legged ones. Share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.

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