How to Keep Cat Food Away From Dog

Are you finding it hard to keep the cat food away from a dog? Are you here because you are seriously searching for the solution? You are not alone. While this has been a problem for many, it doesn’t imply is solvable. In this piece of work, we are going to talk on a number of ways that you can use to keep the cat food away from the dog.

Step By Step Guide

Keeping your cat's food high

The first way to keep the cat food away from your dog is to store the cat food at a higher point. It should not shock anyone that your cat is a bit more agile than your dog. Even so, keeping your cat's food on a ledge or raised furniture is a decent way to keep your dog from stealing cat food. Obviously, this strategy requires a decent place to keep the cat food off the ground, which may need some thought.

Using Computer-controlled pet food

The best and most competent technique to separate your cat's food and dinner from your dog is to use a specially designed item for that purpose. Are you thinking about such kind of tools?  One of the tools is the automatic pet feeding system.

This spatially productive vault houses your cat's food and water bowls to prevent interruptions by other larger pets. It also serves to keep dogs away from your cat food. The shape of the vault expands within the space and at the same time limits space. Feed Safe is the ideal way to keep the cat food away from the dog.

Storing the cat food in a different room

Another way of keeping cat food away from the dog is to store in a different room. Storing the food in a separate room can also help classify that as only for cat and the dog cannot enter.

This can be an ideal alternative if your dog is counteracting the higher point approach. Remember there are other dogs can still jump to higher points and when you store the food on a higher point, they can still access it.

Try installing a gate

You may not have secure entrances or enough room to allocate your own room to each pet. Use a baby gate or obstacle for pets to separate lobbies or stairs and create separate feeding areas. Baby gates can be stacked with the goal that huge dogs cannot skip. They can be arranged with a cat-sized opening at the base so that only the cats can get to the feed on the opposite side.

Employ a feeding schedule

Fixed feeding routine is more beneficial for pets and gives you the opportunity to check who eats what. You can pick up any remains and confine them safely for the pet's next dinner.

Go for boxed dinner 

In the event that your cat and dog size differ enormously, try out boxed feeding. Cut a small opening in an appropriate plastic storage compartment just big enough for the cat to get past it. In this way, it will be only for the cat to feed on the bowl or box as the dog will be big not to enter through the small opening.

Give a test to puzzled toys

Employing puzzled toys can also show some promising results in an attempt to keep cats food from the dog. Most dogs will not mess around with the cat’s toy so your cat’s food may be considered unreachable. 

There are also puzzle toys for larger cats and coordinated subjects in which canned food for cats stays crispy and dogs do not come.  These toys can be purchased either from online or you can try asking from your local pet store.


From the above few approaches, keeping the cat food from your dog should not be a thing to worry about again. Thanks to the many approaches that we have recommended. If one approach doesn’t show any promising results, try changing to the next approach until you do away with your problem.

 Thank us later, as the above approaches will surely work, almost all of them.

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