How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean Without Brushing

Hygiene is one of the attributes that should be maintained always. Many people love saying, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Being hygienic means that you are clean and neat all round, both in the body and the environment. Pet owners, however, have to do more in terms of cleanliness. This is so especially if your pets have their time in the wild.

One of the delicate places in pets that should be kept clean always is the mouth. This comprises of the teeth and the tongue. The mouth should be kept clean always to avoid infections. Brushing a cat’s teeth is one of the options. However, the cat may not love the process; hence you should be creative in cleaning. So how do we clean the cat’s teeth without brushing? Get more information from this article.

Do cats need teeth cleaning? Is it necessary?

The cat needs teeth cleaning. It is very necessary. Failure to do the cleaning will lead to the building up of plaque and tartar which will eventually destroy the teeth. Cats use their teeth for self-defense. They, therefore, need a lot of protection from the plague and tartar.

How then do we keep the cat’s teeth clean without brushing?

Cats are carnivores in nature. They do unknowingly clean their teeth in the wild by:

  • Chewing the meat from prey.
  • Chewing the skin.
  • Playing with other cats, by way of soft bites.
  • Chewing the bones of the prey.
  • The cat’s mouth tends to clean itself during the moments when the cat is feeding on its normal food.

Apart from that self-cleaning exercise, you can use a soft terry cloth to wipe off any excess food. You can also use a cat toothbrush to do the cleaning. Cat toothbrush is the best option as it is specifically designed to clean the cat’s teeth. This excess food usually hangs on to the teeth of the cat.

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What are some of the things to avoid when cleaning your cat’s teeth?

While cleaning the cat’s teeth, it is important to note that you can’t use certain things. These include:

  1. Normal human toothpaste.
  2. Raw salt of any type.
  3. Baking soda.

While the pet owners can use these agents comfortably, they pose a danger to the pets themselves. If the cat swallows any of the above agents, it would take a toll on its health. For safety, just use a soft cloth to clean the cat’s mouth and teeth.

Are there kinds of toothpaste specifically designed for cats?

With the advancement in technology, pastes specifically designed for cats have been developed. They are available in local chemists. If in case you don’t find it in your area, you can order them online.

Good examples of cat toothpaste are:

  1. Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste.
  2. Virbac C.E.T with enzymes and mostly with Vanilla – Mint Flavor.
  3. Virbac Tartar Control amongst many others.

Bear in mind that these may not be the preference for your cat. You can choose any other brand which fully suits your pet. Always consult your vet on the best toothpaste for your cat.

Is it necessary to clean the kitten’s teeth? How do you do it?

Just like the cat, kitten also needs to have its teeth cleaned. It is important to maintain hygiene for all your pets. To clean the teeth, use the finger toothbrush until it gets used to having its teeth brushed. Then at this point, introduce it to a cat toothbrush. By the time it gets used to the finger toothbrush, it will definitely have to get used to teeth brushing.

How often should you clean the cat’s teeth?

Ideally, this should be a daily exercise. Adult cats can have their teeth cleaned naturally by chewing meat in the wild. With kittens, they are a bit delicate and have to be assisted with the cleaning daily. So in essence, brush your cat’s teeth daily, even if it has chewed meat and other foods. Just once a day brushing is okay for the cat. Introduce them to this exercise when they are young so that they get used to it.


Cats need to have their teeth cleaned. There are ways of cleaning without brushing, and you can also clean by brushing. Cats too can have their teeth cleaned by chewing things like meat, skin, and bones. Kittens need to be assisted in the cleaning of the teeth as they are a bit delicate. Always observe hygiene and keep your pets clean.

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