How to Make a Dog House Cool in Summer

Your dogs are at risk if they are exposed to too much cold and hot temperatures. Animals are not capable of controlling their temperature. Summer is fast approaching. Dogs staying in their kennels might have a hard time dealing with heat. It is the responsibility of the dog owners to keep their pet’s kennel cool during summer.

Here are some tips on how you can keep the dog house at the right temperature during summer.

Keep the Dog House Off the Ground

During summer, the ground tends to become very hot. If your dog house is placed directly on the ground, you need to raise it off the ground. It will keep the dog shelter cool by allowing the air to circulate better underneath. Less heat will enter the house from the floor. You can do this with ease in wooden blocks or old bricks.

Raise the dog house using 12-inch square pavers. Three or four pavers stacked under each corner of the house can provide stable support and raise it three to four inches off the ground. You can also use 4 x 4 posts, then cut them into six to twelve inches, and then attach them to the dog house’s sides or bottom for a permanent solution.

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Transfer the Dog House on a Cool and Shady Place

Position the house in a cool and shady place to keep the dog house cooler during summer. This will also reduce the dog’s exposure to the sun the moment it went outside the house. You can place it under a tree. If you cannot find a shady area, you can set up a shade cloth to cover the place.

The less amount of sun rays it reaches the dog house, the colder and safer it remains. On the other hand, the shade cloth can screen out 70% of UV rays and allows air to circulate as it provides shade.

Putting Up Insulation Panel

If you think insulation is only required during winter, you are wrong. It can also protect your dogs from the heat during summer. Put an additional layer of insulation using plywood or foam. You can add it to the roof and walls.

When the weather is favorable, you can easily remove and dismantle the added insulation. Do not forget to support it with a partitioned vent that you can overlay when winter comes and keep the heat inside.

Place a Block of Ice Underneath the Dog House

Others may find this ridiculous, but it really works. On a basin, place a pack or block of ice and position it underneath the dog house. Cold air will flow towards the house once the ice starts to melt. Repeat the process if needed or when all the ice has melted. The cold water can continue to keep the ground temperature at the right level.

Install Dog Cage Fans

Visit a pet store or an appliance center where you can find dog cage fans. You can buy one for your dog house. The fan will help circulate the air inside the dog kennel. Get one to stand and direct it towards the dog kennel to keep the temperature at the right level.

There are lots of it online. Choose the one that will fit the dog shelter. It is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry when the summer months arrive. If you cannot find one, you can use a free-standing fan and position it in front of your dog’s shelter.

Position a Baby Paddling Pool Near the Dog House

Dogs, when they feel hot, loves to cool down in the water. They usually lower their belly in the water. They can do that in a baby paddling pool that you can position near the dog kennel. The baby paddling pool can be bought online and in traditional sure. Choose the one that is durable enough to withstand the dog’s claws and weight.

Put Damp Towels Inside the Dog Kennel

If the dog house is placed on concrete floors, it gets hot because of the weather. The bottom has a high thermal mass, which means the dog house can get very hot quickly. You can place some damp towels on the floor to cool off your dog, but you should replace them regularly.

Position the Dog House In Line with the Wind Direction

Another way of keeping your dog’s house at a low temperature is by placing it where the wind’s direction goes. Natural wind improves ventilation and airflow, thus keeping the dog’s kennel cool during summer.

Installing an Air Condition Unit

If you have the budget, you can buy an air condition unit. This is the most reliable way of keeping the dog kennel cool this summer. Among the many methods of keeping your dog’s shelter cool, this is the most expensive yet very reliable. You must choose the right type of AC unit. Also, you can hire someone to help you with installing the unit.

Since the unit requires the use of electricity, make sure that your pet is safe.

Give Your Pets Lots of Drinking Water

To keep your dogs hydrated, give your dogs lots of drinking water to help them lower their temperature during summer. You should maintain a good amount of drinking water outside the dog house or inside the shelter.

It will help if you freeze the water overnight to remain cold even when it starts to melt. Make sure the water is clean all the time. We suggest you change it every day. Keep in mind also that too much water can result in water intoxication. Although the possibility of experiencing it is minimal, you have to be very careful.


Too much heat can kill dogs. Make sure to prepare them and their shelter before summer arrives. It is not enough to let the airflow inside the dog house. You need to add something to ensure they will not get sick because of high temperatures. Heatstroke is not only for humans. Even dogs and other animals can experience it. Take the steps required to keep your pet cool in its shelter, and if it gets too hot, you can consider taking the dog inside your house.

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