How to Make a Heated Outdoor Cat House

When cold seasons come calling in, it would be so necessary to provide a warm shelter for the cat. The shelter, however, will need to be supplemented with heat all the time. This is because a house does not generate heat on its own. So how do you build one for the cat? Which are the materials employed to me the process a success? To get more information, read through this article. It is intended to help you to find the best solution for your pet friend in times of bad weather.

Is it necessary to make a heated outdoor cat house?

Probably many people would wonder why you should build an outdoor house for the cat. Cats are known to share the habitation with human beings. So it is really necessary to make a house for the cat? Yes, it is very necessary. A cat’s body should always a temperature ranging from around 37⁰C to 38⁰C. This temperature should at least be maintained all the time. The cat’s fur cannot provide such amount of temperature; hence it is necessary to build a heated house for the cat.

Other cats could be old while others sick. They can find it difficult to withstand this weather. Should you find that it is too cold for you, and then the cat would be more affected.

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How to make a heated outdoor house for a cat

Assemble the material

Get to know the dimensions of the house which you want to build. This would make it easier for you to assemble the material. For that material that is not locally available, you can order them from vendors, sellers, and distributors. Ensure that heating pads are part of the package that you buy. Thermo cube plugs too are essential since they are the ones that activate and switch of the heating pads when temperatures are not optimum.

Build the house

It might be somewhat technical to build. This is because it has to incorporate many things including the heating system. If you cannot manage to do the building, always seek an opinion from the experts. Observe the following when making the house:

  • The size. Do not make it too large or too small. When it is too large, the cat may find it difficult to keep warm. It should just be big enough and providing some extra space for the cat to turn around. A small-sized house won’t even be comfortable for the cat.
  • The location. Wherever you decide to place the house, it should be away from other things such as trees and walls. Cats love to have some sense of security. They, therefore, love a quiet place. If you place the house in a location where they feel threatened, it will find it inappropriate to occupy the house.
  • The material. Remember that it is winter. Any material which you decide to use should be insulated properly. Do not expose the cat to extreme weather conditions. You are advised not to let the house be in direct contact with the ground. Place some stones or even bricks under it. Insulation too helps in maintaining warmth and retaining heat for the longest time possible. It also prevents cold from creeping into the house.
  • The door. The cat should be able to get in and out of the house of its own volition. The door should be self-opening and self-closing. Where possible, fit glass to it so that the pet friend will enjoy the outer view too when in the house. The door too should be of the right size for the cat to comfortably pass through it.
  • The material. Is the material used in building the house tough to withstand the winter? Is it a good conductor of heat? Can it sustain heat for the longest time possible? These are some of the important things which you should put into consideration. Some houses tend to break down or crack when it becomes too cold. Avoid building the cat house using such material.

Equip the house with heating pads

The process is not complete yet. You will need to equip the house with a heating system. This is bought separately from other materials. Ensure that you fit and connect properly so that it can function well without any problem. The weight of the house too is responsible for heat generation by the pads. You can build the house with enough weight which will enable heat generation.

Test the functionality of the house as well as the heating system before transferring your cat in there. If it functions, well and well. The cat can now enjoy life inside there.


As a good pet owner, it is advisable to provide a warm shelter for all your pets, not just the cat alone. Be prepared for all the seasons of the year. The making of the house is not a complicated affair. It just needs some little practice and the right equipment. The actual work when you have everything at your disposal can take even less than an hour. Give it a try.

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