How to Make a Skinny Cat Gain Weight

There are many factors that can cause your cat to lose weight. The most common of all is when a very little amount of calories is being consumed by your cat. This low consumption is caused by health problems such as wounds in the mouth, dental diseases, and painful throat amongst a few other factors.

How do I make my cat gain weight

There are a few tips on how to help your cat gain weight. They are;

  • Check on the health of your cat. You may have all the energy and the right kind of food to feed your cat with, but it won’t make your cat gain weight if it has an underlying health issue that you are not aware of. Always conduct frequent checkups on your cat to establish if it is healthy. This will also help you prevent any future occurrences of health issues. Also, check its digestion habits during this period of weight gaining.
  • You will need to deworm your cat as often as possible because if the cat has worms in its digestive system, it will not give your cat the chance to digest the food it has taken in. Worms can deprive your cat of the most essential nutrients hence causing it to be so skinny. Deworm them regularly, probably once in three months. Always consult your vet before giving your cat any kind of medication.
  • For the best dietary benefits, always feed your skinny cat with a mixture of both wet and dry food. Each type of food comes with its own nutritional value which is of great essential benefit to your cat. Wet foods have a good amount of moisture that your cat needs. If it is uninterested with dry food, always add some little water to it to make it more enjoyable. Water won’t destroy the great taste of the food that your cat is used to.
  • Give your cat lots of fresh, cool water on a daily basis. When you feed your cat with dry food, it most likely will suffer from dehydration. This causes it to lose weight rapidly.
  • Always give your cat a sufficient amount of food. Do not underfeed it. When you underfeed it, the chances are that it may not get enough food to satisfy it. This will make it remain skinny. Do not also give it too much food as it may result in the cat is obese.
  • Do not just give your cat any food; rather, provide it with highly nutritious food, which is necessary for bodybuilding. Cats need a mixture of healthy protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats. This will make it gain weight quickly.

What foods can I give my cat to gain weight

Cats that are less in weight should be fed with food that has a high protein content of about 30% or more and the fat content should be about 20%. The combination is applicable when the food being consumed by your cat is dry. On the other hand, when feeding it with wet food, the mix of the nutrients should be about 7% in protein and 5% in fat. Revival Animal Health Doc is a typical cat food that can make your cat gain weight. These contents can be varied a little.

What is the common time that a cat can take to add weight?

Basically, this mostly depends on the foods that you feed your cat with, how you feed it and the frequency of feeding it. However, the most ideal time that a cat can take to achieve the ideal weight so as not to be underweight is between six to eight months. If that period lapses and your cat is not adding weight, then you will need to consider changing some few things that you usually do. This could be the food you give it or even the nutritional value needed by your cat. It could also be a sickness meaning that you will need to involve your vet.

Some cats do eat a lot but don’t gain weight

This could mean that your cat is suffering from a condition known as hyperthyroidism. This is caused by a tumor on its thyroid gland. It contributed majorly to weight loss in your cat, high level of water intake, frequent hunger, and many more related symptoms. This could also indicate organ failures in senior cats.