How to Make Cat Toy

Cats are a kind of pet that loves to have leisure time. They plow through your stuff at home just to find something to make fun with it. In their pleasurable moments, they purr and love to have some fun with others too. There are reasons you would love to keep your pet’s fun time while indoor. It gets boring at times when you stay indoors as well without having anything and you cool off. The best way to rejig when you’re staying indoors is to play games, watch TV, read some books or chat. Cats love to recharge with toys too when alone indoors. So, giving your cat a better indoor experience is by getting a toy in place. Toys are not too extraordinary to be gotten for cats. You just need a bit of some idea on how to make a cat toy that works for your cat.

Here are a few ideas in DIY (Do It Yourself) steps to make a Cat’s toy

  1. Cats love to roll with the natural balls: A good way to turn around your indoor cat’s experience is by creating homemade catnip yarn balls. Catnip, also known as catmint, is a perennial herb with whorls of purple-spotted flowers on spikes. It is known to ordinarily attract cats, hence the name. Catnip balls can be gotten from Walmart. Quality and useful catnips (free from weeds and dry) can be bought from herb dealers. It costs around 35 cents (0.3$) per pound. You don’t need a heap of it anyway, so you spend far less.

Materials: dried catnip, Styrofoam balls, hot glue gun, Mod podge glue, strips of yarn, and paper.

How to Turn Catnip into cats toy

  • Get a dry catnip
  • Glue catnip firmly to the interior of Styrofoam balls
  • Use podge glue from gun to wrap strips of yarn around the formed ball adhesion
  • Leave it to get fast for a while

Cats are wanton in entertainment, they try to unravel whatever it is the ball. This takes precious fun of their time trying.

  1. Feather and string make a lobbing cat toy: This toy creation is an artful décor for your home interior as well as a little artifice for cats’ play gestures.

Materials: a pair of Scissors, wool felt, iron, jingle bells (optional), satin cord.

How to make Feather and string toy (with jingle or less):

  • Cut out a large and another small feather from two pieces of wool felt (medium-sized and of different colors)
  • Press the middle of each feather down with a hot iron
  • You may add a jump ring with a jingle bell
  • Tie a slip knot end of the satin cord (1 yard) through the jump ring.
  • Tie the seams on getting to the bell with a square knot.
  • You should knot both ends of the cord to prevent the thread from falling apart.
  1. Whack-a-Mole cat toy: With pieces of cardboard for candies or extra soda lying around, you can turn to adjust to a Whack-a-Mole game toy for your cat.

Materials: A pair of scissors, 12 pack- soda cardboard carton, hobby knife, glue (with a hot glue gun), bamboo spikes, crafting feathers, pipe cleaners (2), decorative/duct tape, paper towel tube.

How to make Whack-a-Mole Toy:

  • Grab a soda pack and remove cans through the shorter board side.
  • Re-glue the open panel after removing soda cans
  • Use a hobby knife or scissors to cut out one of the longer sideboards
  • Cut a cardboard paper towel tube to match the height of the tube – this serves as a support for the box.
  • Apply glue at opposite ends of tube and place in the center of the box
  • Cut out circles from the top of the box using the hobby knife. Avoid the support center tube.
  • Finishing off with the toy, tape both ends of the bamboo spikes to mask the sharp ends
  • Take both pipe cleaners and fold them in half
  • Bend an inch-long part of the tip that points to the top. Bend to the right-angle of the bamboo spike.
  • Wrap pipe cleaners around the spike
  • Fasten loose end with tape
  • Affix features to the part of pipe cleaners that sticks out. Feathers end up staying perpendicular to the spike.
  • Maneuver the spikes up through the holes in the box to jiggle your kitty!
  1. Sock-fill toy for cats: Cats love to fiddle with soft pads they find thrown on the flow. They toss it around playfully. Sock in the shape of a fish, stuffed and tied at the open end, makes a simple favorite toy for your cat.

Materials: A bright-colored ankle sock material you don’t mind, a stuffing material (wrapping paper, soft cloth, etc.), a permanent marker.

How to do a sock-fill cat toy:

  • Pick sock and fill evenly to the flat close end with stuffing material. A shoe shape-fitting stuffing material should do more help. The goal is to make a fish in shape out of the sock. A stuffing paper that can make noise when tossed is good enough, to catch the kitty’s attention every time fish is fiddled.
  • Twist the stuffed sock around to find a thinner center to tie a knot. The shape comes out in the likeness of a fish body and tail.
  • Tie a simple knot around the base end when you’re done stuffing with your cat’s preferable material.
  • Mark a cross for the eye region of the sock fish and throw fish in the best corner for the cat to find it
  1. Stroked Soft Emoji made from felt for cat toys: Cat adores simple emojis with bright color and lovely appearance. Free printable patterns smiley or heart emojis are attractive to cats.

Materials: Felt (yellow, white, red, black), embroidery floss, scissors, needle, catnip, freezer paper, iron.

How to make felt emoji:

  • Make free patterns on freezer paper
  • Cut out the patterns/ apply trace freezer paper pattern with a hot iron
  • Stitch the pieces upon the large felt. You could use yellow felt circles with color-matching floss
  • Let pattern guide you in placing each piece
  • You can use a smudge of glue to keep the piece from falling off while you stitch.
  • When done with the face, use yellow embroidery floss to stitch the top of the face to another circle of yellow felt. Leave a 1.5-inch gap open.
  • Transfer catnip into the pouch you’ve made using a paper-fold funnel
  • About 0.25 ounce of catnip will fill-in for this kind of large cat toy
  • Finish off the blanket stitch to close the left open gap. And you have a state-of-the-art cute emoji toy for the cat to cuddle.


These various how to make cat toy ideas mentioned in this article are DIY methods oriented. You could add your creativity to any of them. To select the best indoor cat toys for your cat, you need to watch the behavior when playing indoor.


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