How to Properly Train a Dog With a Shock Collar

Most dog owners use training or shock collars to help their pets understand and remember the skills they need to know. The same technique is also applied in cats. However, they differ in the manner of introducing it to your pet.

If used properly, the training collars are beneficial to the pet owners and the dogs. Some pet owners use the device as a replacement for usual training techniques, which is not a good idea, particularly for young dogs. Some animal advocates are questioning the use of the shock collars. Before you start using one to train your dog, you must know first when to use it and how to use it.

Start With The Basic

You don’t just let the dog wear the shock collar and press the remote. The dog needs to understand what it is and the purpose of using it. Start with traditional or regular training techniques.

Use the positive reinforcement technique in teaching your dog the basics. This will help your pet familiarize with the commands you want to use. The training collar will also allow you to introduce basic obedience. It is much easier to teach your dog the simple commands first, like stay, come, sit, and down.

Prioritize the Well-Being of your Pet

You have to remember that the device can be inhumane or mean. For trainers, teaching dogs vital skills, using the electric collar as others call it, is essential. The tool is harmless and safe if used correctly, and if your priority is the well-being of your pet. You have to remember that you can use several techniques and strategies that work effectively with your dog without going too much. Below are tips on how to use the shock collar to teach your dog the basics. If our suggested steps don’t work with your pet, it is best to consult a professional trainer.

Tips on Training a Dog with a Shock Collar

Again you have to remember that a shock collar is very helpful when training a dog. But, if misused, it can cause pain, discomfort and could be very frightening for your dog. If you are not sure how to use it, it is best to ask a professional trainer for help.

Tip #1 Purchase a Reliable Shock Collar

A reliable product makes it easier for you and your dog to complete the training safely and fun. There are many electronic collars on the market, and the prices vary depending on the product’s features and quality. Before you buy one, make sure you have done some research about the product.

Some may include different kinds of whistles and bells, which you don’t need at all. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Tip #2 Begin With The Basics

Training your pup right away with the shock collar without the proper introduction of the device will not work at all. Apply the basic, old training techniques in teaching your dog the basic commands they need to know.

If you start with the basics, it can help your dog understand its role in society and build the relationship between you and your dogs.

Tip #3 Familiarize Your Dog with the Collar

Allow your dog to wear the device without any corrections. The electronic collar feels different from standard collars, so allow some time for your pup to get comfortable on the tool.

Tip #4 Correct The Behavior of Dog

If you want your pet dog to behave, correcting them with the shock collar right away will not do good. Show the behavior you expect to see on your dog. It is a repetitive process and will take weeks to complete.

Reward your pet for every good work completed. Use treats, nice words, and the shock collar to apply the behavior you want. Soon you will use the shock collar to ask your dog to carry out that specific skill.

Tip #5 Combine Other Techniques with Shock Collar

The thing is, if your dog only does the skill you ask him to do using the device, you won’t be able to ask him to do it without wearing the collar. Use different training techniques, such as clickers, positive reinforcement, negative response training, and others. So, even without the shock collar, your dog still knows what to do if you ask him to do it.

Tip #6 If Possible Use Only Vibrate

Dogs want to please and impress their owners. For your pets, making you happy is his primary role in your life. So, if you prefer to use a shock collar in training your pet, your primary goal is to do it with ease for your dog. As much as possible, you want to set it on vibrate only.

Since this is your objective, it is best to combine your training strategies using a shock collar and other techniques.

If you use the shock collar correctly while training your dog, it can easily eliminate problems in your dog behaviors. At the same time, develop valuable skills, and you can get rid of the collar soon.

Tip #7 Seek Help if Needed

If you cannot see any result on what you do, don’t get frustrated, there are experts where you can ask for help. Professional dog trainers are well-skilled when it comes to using the shock collars. But you need to pay for the service of the professional trainers. They can provide great tips and tricks on using the shock collar.


Use the highest correction level only when the situation is between life and death. The electronic collar comes with different correction levels. Aside from electric shocks that you can increase in intensity, it also has a vibrate setting.

Dog’s behavior can be corrected using the lowest levels. But, there are times dogs can be stubborn that you need to be harsh on them. If it does not respond to a low correction level, increase the level gradually until you get your dog’s attention. Remember that the primary purpose of using the shock collar is to correct your dog’s attitude and train not to hurt them. If you use the highest level of the device to correct your pet, it is not training at all.

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