How to Shave a Dog With Matted Hair

Matted fur is a common problem that happens to most breeds of dogs over and over again. At the point where you start to notice matted fur on your cat, it is imperative to remove the matted fur as soon as possible.

In addition to being terrible, pushing and pulling on your pet can make it completely awkward. Obviously, this can just make the situation worse.

Anyway, what causes matting and how would you shave a dog with matted hair? There are some causes and here are some of them.

The causes

  • Lack of care

There are a few things that can cause matted hair in dogs, but the most common reason is lack of care. If you haven’t brushed your dog in a while, then expect it to develop matted hair. Your pet can’t do it without someone else’s help. He’s absolutely committed to taking care of him. In the event that you can’t do this consistently, the ideal thing is if you routinely take your pet to a custodian.

  • Fleas

Fleas can also lead to matted hair in dogs. They can cause a tangled wreck in your pet’s fur. So, check and treat your pet regularly for fleas.

Some dogs have 2 layers of fur that should peel off and brushed out. Though it is a rare case but   it is important to brush out the undercoat if your pet is shedding.

So how to shave it?

You can generally shave that fur on following some procedure. With the guide that we are to give, you will find it very straight forward. In the of the process, your pet will have a fresh look after the shave.

The procedure

Step one: collect the required tools

You will need some tools in shaving that matted hair. While there are alternatives of tools depending on the availability in your local area, here are the least required devices that you will need shaving mats from your dog:

  • A smoother brush
  • A steel brush
  • A matte splitter

Step two: prepare your pet

After you have collected the above tools or its alternatives, it is time then to prepare your lovely pet.

Many people make mistake in this stage by washing their pets. For sure, don’t go that way because washing your pet before attempting to shave the mats can often make the entire process worse. Shaving mats from your lovely dog isn’t usually a snappy cycle, there few things that you have to ensure.

  • Make her comfortable

let your pet come to a comfortable position … on your lap, on the floor, on the couch, or anywhere they can settle down. You would prefer not to wrestle your pet during this time. If your pet is matted in a few places, start untangling in the places where your pet appeared to be comfortable. At the end of the day, let your pet settle down and at that point work with the places that are most easily accessible. Also, make a valiant effort to control the dog’s head. Control the head … control the pet.

Step three: start working on the matts

After everything is ok, and you are sure that your dog is comfortable, then it is time to start working on the matts. By using the steel comp brush the matts, try shooting the mats with the steel brush.

Be sure that you not making your dog uncomfortable. Try not to pull so hard that it harms your dog. Just like when you are brushing the hair on your head and you try to pull down or pull up in the process, you might found that it hurts some time.  So, it is with brushing those matts on your pet. Keep this in mind when brushing your pet. Use the steel brush to gradually brush the matts.

Try pulling the matted clusters into small groups with your hands. The mats are easier to shave when grouped in small sections. You may need to carefully cut the mat with scissors to divide it. Don’t get too close to the skin. A cut pet is a restless pet. A wretched pet is harder to prepare.

When separating the mats, use the smoother brush to remove the knot. Start with the end of the fur and work your way closer to the skin as the mats loosen. If you don’t try to start at the base of the fur, near the skin, you’ll simply compact the mats noticeably tighter.

In the event your pet needs more time to remove the mats, that’s fine. The result will be reward for both you and your pet. Take your time. Show restraint. Help your dog-cat stay calm and comfortable. In the event that you do sit down in front of the TV or a movie, this would be an exceptional chance to beat the mats off.

Step four: wash and store the tools

After removing all of the mats, wash the tools that have helped your groom your dog. The tools have been very important is removing those annoying matts and so you have to keep them save for future re-use.

Keep the paintbrush or brush in a prominent place as a reminder to groom your pet’s coat. It’s much easier to brush your pet a few moments each day than it is to spend hours struggling to get rid of matted fur.


You see it is very straightforward to shave those annoying matts on your lovely dog. The process doesn’t even require you to have a degree. Anybody, regardless of expert level, gender or age can shave dog with matted hair. However, it will depend on how the comfortable or tolerating your dog is. If you have less tolerating pet, consider taking it to an expert or professional shaver.

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