How to Stop a Cat From Peeing in the House

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why cats love peeing on things and in the house? Why is it that they love doing so? Is there any way of deterring it from happening? We are going to look at the above questions through this informative article.

Why do cats pee in the house and on things

First of all, they may not even be aware that they are doing a mistake by peeing inside the house, unless well trained; they will remain ignorant of that fact.

In a cat, stress and anxiety cause irregular and inappropriate peeing. This is mainly caused by the medical conditions that the cat could be suffering from. It is possible that cats, just like human beings can suffer from stress and anxiety about many things, which even the owner may not immediately recognize these conditions. One of the most common conditions that cause stress and anxiety is known as a poor little box.

With these conditions, your cat is set to pee irregularly and on things in your house. The frequency of peeing depends on the seriousness of the above conditions.

Some of the medical conditions that can cause your cat to pee in the house include:

  1. Blockage of the urinary tract, commonly known as bladder stones.
  2. The inflammation of the bladder commonly known as feline interstitial cystitis.
  3. Urinary tract infection (UTI), which causes your cat to in small amounts quite often.

How then should you stop your cat from peeing in the house

Cat loves peeing anywhere in the house. Its pee has a strong pungent smell that irritates and is unpleasant. The best way to avoid this smell is to prevent your cat from urinating in the house. You need to eliminate this problem by first identifying the cause of this underlying problem. Once you identify, then go ahead and try to tackle it.

Litter boxes

It is also a wise thought to get another litter box because odors can occasionally accumulate in a container that it has been using for a long time. If you have more than one cat, you should have a litter box for each cat. Give a brave effort to cleanse every day. If you have a disposable litter box, then do so as required.

Thorough cleaning

For a cat, everything that smells of cat urine is a litter box. Regardless of whether your cat is like a violin, absolutely stressed, and has no other explanation for peeing in the house, she will still go to any place where she smells of urine. Some pet urine smell removal items work admirably enough to drive out smells that humans can smell but still leave a trail that the cat can smell. To get all the smell of urine out, you need to know which protein or microorganism based cleaners or natively constructed to wipe out any trace of cat’s urine.

Have some time with your cat

All in all, tension, loneliness, and fatigue can make your cat pee everywhere. As I said, your cat is only trying to speak to you. However, you can have the option to address this behavior by assigning an ideal opportunity to go over with your kitten.

You can also get some toys for your cat when you are away from home. Not only will this keep your cat entertained, but it will also involve her throughout the day. You can also leave your TV on a natural channel or even on music to engage your kitten.

The goal is to make sure your cat is calm when you are away.

Treat any illnesses or stress

As important as it is for you to ensure that your cat is healthy, we cannot overlook the fact that we keep an eye on her passionate wellbeing. Cats are probably the most sensitive pets that you can keep. This means that they can be easily be affected by stress and discomfort. For the most part, your cat will show in certain unusual practices, e.g. pee anywhere in the house.

If your cat appears to be under stress to cause this behavior, it must be looked up to. You have the opportunity to identify some signs of stress and nervousness such as containment. And if it has any illness, your veterinarian will help determine that and offer an effective solution.

Yelling at your cat or chasing it around when it pees in the house won’t make it stop that behavior. If the problem is health-related, your vet can help tackle it. Your cat then can have regular peeing. In this case, it won’t often pee in the house.

It is also important to note that even before involving your vet, you should be able to understand the underlying problem by observation. Be peeing in the house, and on things, that should be a signal to tell you that something is not right. It could be unhappy, anxious or even sick with his litter box.

Another way to stop your cat from peeing in the house is to use smell repellants. This method keeps away the cat from peeing on your clean items such as the carpet and furniture, while at the same time maintaining the sweet-smelling fragrance from the scent.

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Provide a litter box for your cat to pee on

Provide this facility for your cat and train it well on how to use it. To make it attractive to the cat, always clean it. Be careful not to use fragrances that repel the cat, since you are encouraging it to use it. Try as much as possible to make your cat happy so that it cooperates with you. Cats can express displeasure to you when not happy or when anxious by simply peeing on things and anywhere around the house.

Change the litter box quite often

Cats love a clean “toilet” just the same way you enjoy using a clean one too. In this regard, you need to change the litter box quite often. As you change them, make sure that you replace it with a clean one that smells fresh. Do not let your cat use the litter box for long without replacing, as it may force it to pee outside the box as a sign of displeasure.


Make your house so fresh and clean by ensuring that your cats learn how to use the litter box. Encourage them to pee in their correct place. Always make sure that you keep the cleaning material in your house, should your cat decide that peeing in your carpet is better than peeing in the litter box. Treat your cat from all underlying conditions that cause it to pee often, and everywhere. When your cat is happy and healthy, it will respect your house and cleanliness too.

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