How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl

Cats are known for being hydrophobic. They hate getting wet, but Some love to play with water. Most of the cats are doing this when they are drinking their water. What are the reasons why cats love to spill their water even if they hate getting wet?

One of the reasons is because they are curious. But sometimes it is due to health problems that they feel thirsty all the time. If you notice your cat splashing the water in the bowl rather than drinking it, your cat might have issues keeping itself hydrated. This may require immediate attention.

Continue reading this post, and check out which tips will help solve your cat’s spilling water bowl behavior.

Tips on How to Stop Your Cat from Spilling Water

The first thing you need to do is to know the reasons why your cat spills its water. Bring your pet to the vet to assess your cat. If it is not due to health issues, then the following tips might help you solve the problem.

Tip #1 Change the Water Bowl

Cats don’t like the feeling of getting their whiskers rubbing against the sides of the bowl. So using a deep, narrow bowl is not a good idea. They tend to knock over the water on the dish to get the water without scratching his whiskers. Get a shallow bowl with a bigger opening. Your pets will be more comfortable drinking their water, and at the same time, it is not easy to tip over. Much better if you can get a heavier bowl made of ceramic or glass.

You don’t just settle for the first cat water bowl you see in the market. It is a must that you choose the best cat water bowl. Pick the one that is made of high-quality material. Cat bowl made of porcelain, stainless steel, or glass is a good choice. These materials will not allow the bacteria to latch on the bowl, unlike plastic.

Tip # 2 Place a Water Bowl Mat Underneath the Bowl

To prevent your cat from moving the bowl, it is best to place a mat underneath it. It will keep the bowl in place as the rag provides enough traction. The rag will also protect the floor from getting wet if your pet manages to tip the bowl over. It is best to change the water frequently. One of the reasons your cats keep on flipping the water is that they are not happy with it.

Tip # 3 Play with Your Pet Every Day

There are lots of ways your cat can entertain themselves. So, if you don’t have time to play with them, one way of keeping themselves entertained is to spill their water dish as they find it exciting. Have fun with them, or give your pets something to play with. Your cats need some diversion to keep them from spilling their water bowl.

Tip # 4 Use a Spill-proof Water Dispenser

If you can afford to buy, replace the cat water bowl with a spill-proof water dispense, replace the cat water bowl with a spill-proof water dispenser. It is somewhat similar to the water dispenser used for guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils. The dispenser can provide the water your pets need without spilling it even if it is knocked over.

Another option is the more expensive cat water fountain. This provides a continuous water flow as most cats prefer moving water to still water in the bowl.

Tip # 5 Keep the Toys Away from the Water Bowl

If you have kittens in the house, they tend to play most of the time. Placing their toys near their drinking water bowl is not a good idea. They may tend to knock it over and causes spillage, which is not fun on your part. Keep the water bowl in an area away from the toys but visible to your cat.

Tip # 6 Frequently Change the Water in the Water Bowl

Cats need lots of water to make sure they are hydrated well. Keeping them hydrated will help lubricate their joints, help their organs function well, and digest food. If you are not changing your pet’s water regularly, you will notice their gums and skin becomes dry. You will see their eyes sunken or feel lethargic. These are all signs of dehydration.

You must change your cat’s water at least once a day to make sure your pet is healthy. For a finicky cat, change the water twice a day. Every time your cat drinks water, the saliva’s microbes contaminate the bowl leading to bacteria growth. Most illnesses your cat gets is due to bacteria, and keeping the bowl clean can protect your cats from getting sick.

Tip # 7 Wash the Water Bowl Regularly

Changing the water frequently is not enough. It would help if you also washed the bowl regularly. Use hot, soapy water in cleaning the bowl at least every three to five days. Wipe it dry before adding the clean water.

Tip # 8 Use Bowl Stand

You can buy a bowl stand online or in a pet store. Bowl stands are available in different varieties. Its primary function is to keep the bowl off the floor. The best thing about bowl stand is that they are not easy to tip over, and it is not easy to push around. Water spillage is less likely to occur if you use a bowl stand. Another benefit of using a bowl stand is it makes your cat’s area attractive since most of them are available with decorative designs.


Despite following the above tips, occasional spillages are likely to occur. But for cats that continue to do this every day, it is best to consult the experts. Have the vet check on your cat to help you deal with your cat’s behavior.


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