How to Stop Cats From Scratching Leather Furniture

Have you ever wondered why cats love scratching anything including the beautiful leather furniture? What could be the reason behind this phenomenon?

This article is going to try to find out the exact reasons as to why such things happen.

Why do cats like scratching

While it can be annoying to you but for them, scratching meets some needs and there is no much that you can do to entirely stop the behavior. Though, you might be taking it disadvantageously because the cat is damaging some in house assets such as your expensive leather furniture. But it remains important, first to learn why your cat likes scratching.

Marking its boundaries

Although many people accept that cats scratch objects just to hone their paws, one of their reasons is to mark their boundaries. If you just watch them, cats will mostly scratch a similar region and signal different cats that it is their domain. Cats also have aroma geese in their paws, which is why their scent is stored on the objects they scratch.

As stated by specialists, the sense of smell control of cats is the motivation for why they keep scratching objects, even cats that are now torn off. Most trained cats do not repeat their markings, once is enough for them. However, for other cats, mark their boundaries as regularly as expected under the circumstances.

To remove Worn out Sheath

Another explanation for the cat’s scratching behavior is to remove the worn-out sheath. Usually, these are layers of claws and gets worn out after some time.

To Stretch muscles

Cats scratch because it’s also their method of exercising and stretching their muscles, or it’s a representation of positive temperament. Try to see the cat’s behavior after a break; They sometimes do it for positive reasons. However, it might be on a negative occasion like destroying your expensive sofa.

Just like how people go to the gym, run or swim to relieve their stresses, cats also do so through methods of scratching objects. Scratching simultaneously strengthens the muscles in their front quadrant, giving them a method of relieving pressure.

A cat that doesn’t scratch more often is pushed and begins to reach its own body as a scratching surface.

To relieve stress

It may seem insignificant to humans, but cats come under pressure. In reality, all animals experience the equivalent. It doesn’t mean we just ignore them if we can’t understand the creature’s pressure.

We generally feel that when a cat snuggles quietly on the couch and eagerly looks at an object, it’s okay, but we don’t have the slightest idea whether it’s in the cat’s psyche and body something stressful is going on. Just imagine you do the same. You are attentively looking at a certain thing with something stressful in your brain. This also corresponds to animals, including your cat.

Why do cats scratch leather furniture

  • Cats scratch the leather furniture to make their claws sharp. They make sharp for their own defense purposes.
  • When they are scratching the leather, it helps them remove the outer layer of the claw nails (sheath).
  • They also scratch to leave sight and scent, which is useful to them When cats do not have adequate plays tools to scratch, they end up scratching anything in their sight including the leather furniture.

How can you, therefore, stop cats from scratching leather furniture

Having known the reasons as to why cats behave that way, it will be easy to stop them from scratching your beautiful leather furniture.

  • Provide them with enough posts to scratch. They will then get used to then and spare you’re your leather furniture.
  • Clip/trim your cat’s nails regularly. They won’t then have long strong claws that they use to scratch your leather furniture.
  • Use sticky tape, mostly made of plastic on the leather. It creates an unpleasant feeling when the cat touches it. Then it won’t continue its habit of scratching.
  • Place the sandpaper on your leather. It creates a rough surface that is not pleasing to the cat’s claws.
  • You may also need to use a vinyl carpet runner. This presents a very smooth surface that the cat won’t be able to scratch, as it would be sliding anytime it stretches its claws.
  • Cats are allergic to vinegar. If you spray some of it to where your cat loves scratching, it will keep it away.
  • Finally, you may also use lemon juice to keep the cats away from scratching your leather. This is because cats do not get the same way with citrus hence it will keep expelling them away from your leather.

Is there a way you can train your cats not to scratch your leather furniture?

Yes, just like any other domestic animal, a cat can be trained so as not to scratch your leather. The cat will need a qualified trainer to take it through some nitty-gritty of avoiding scratching. It is not an easy task however, but it will take some time to train and learn.

Is it bad to clip/declaw your cat?

One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy and clean is to declaw it. It is not a bad idea at all to trim its nails. However, care must be taken so that you don’t cut the entire nails. It will harm your cat, as it may result in bleeding, pain, and discomfort while walking and scratching his body. When your cat lacks nails in totality, it will most likely resort to biting people as a way of self-defense. It may also cause long-lasting health problems to your cat. In fact, many countries have banned declawing due to these negative effects on the cat’s body and its health system in general.

What are the negative effects of cat’s scratching your leather furniture

The effects are devastating and so frustrating. They include:

  • It destroys the beautiful nature of your leather furniture as well as the general appearance of your house. It will make your house to look untidy.
  • Leather furniture usually comes at a high price, hence when your cat destroys the leather part; you are likely to incur a lot of costs in terms of repairs and maintenance.


One of the hobbies of the cats it using their nails and claws to scratch surfaces and any point that they find it fit for them to scratch. Not taming this behavior may lead you to encounter some losses that could be available. Train your cat to always not scratch very pricey surfaces. You should also provide them with enough material that they can be scratching whenever they feel like.

Always learn of the friendly ways to keep off your cat from scratching your leather. Use some repelling items such as vinegar and, lemon juice, etc. This will keep them away in a friendly manner rather than using more hard ways such as declawing which may cause a health concern to your cat.

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