How to Travel With a Cat on a Plane

Traveling with a cat on a plane can be a daunting task. It may need a lot of preparation for your cat so as to be ready to get into a plane. However, it is not a complicated matter. In some regions, you will need to get the necessary licenses before you are allowed to board a plane with a cat. Another big challenge is that not all airlines permit cats into their planes.

It is very important to note that air transport for cats is not really a good idea. It is not recommended, not unless the journey is extremely necessary. However, it may be so hazardous to travel animals on the air.

Read this article to get more information on how to travel with your cat on a plane.

How then do we transport the cat on a plane?

A cat can be transported in a plane in two places, namely:

1.    In the cabin and

2.    in the cargo hold.

Transporting the cat in the cabin

Not all airlines permit the transportation of pets on the plane. So you have to identify the airline you want to use and talk to them about transporting your cat. Confirm the exact position in the cabin where your cat will be placed. That is either under your seat or in front of you. If possible, do not place your cat in the luggage hold. And If you are transporting more than one cat, talk to the airliner about the limitation on the number and the fee all in advance.

  • If you do not want to be disappointed, book your flight early. If so many people want to move with their pets, then there is likelihood that you may miss the chance. So many airlines restrict the number of pets in the cabin. Be early to ensure you get the space before it gets sold out. Remember not to book a seat that is next to an exit, as it may not be the best location for your cat.
  • Since you will be transporting your cat in a carrier, you need to know the exact sizes. Contact your airline early enough.

Confirm with your airline the type of carrier allowed. This should be done in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Some of the carriers commonly used are:

  • Hard-sided carriers
  • Soft-sided carriers

Confirm with your airline on which type is accepted.

  1. Since you will transport your cat in a carrier, you need to have him practice. Let him get into the carrier and out several times. This will make him comfortable and prepared for security checks on the day of travel.
  2. When a few days to travel remains, schedule an appointment with your vet. Get the necessary vaccination and certification. These are mostly required by the airline before flying.
  3. Make sure that you travel with your cat on an empty stomach. If you feed him, the chances of it nauseating and vomiting. However, carry for him some food, just in case he gets too hungry on the journey. Aside from carrying the food, also remember your cat may fall ill. So carry some medication with you.
  4. Be prepared to clean any mess that your cat may release. This includes peeing and vomiting.

For ease of identification, always tag the carrier of your cat. This is for ease of identification in case of a loss at the airport. Put your contacts on the tags. Also, indicate your final destination.

How to transport your cat in the cargo hold

There are a lot of similarities when transporting your cat in the cabin and in the cargo hold. Cargo transport is not so comfortable. However, you need to consider the following:

  1. A direct flight would be the best idea for your cat.
  2. Put your cat’s information in a tag and put it on its collar. Have with it its current passport photo.
  3. Cuts its nail before the journey begins.
  4. Make an appointment with your vet before the journey.
  5. Let it travel on an empty stomach.
  6. Make the captain aware of your pet in the cargo hold.
  7. Examine the cat as soon as it lands in its destination.


Transporting pets in a plane is a complicated task. You will need early preparations. With so many approvals required, you will need to plan ahead of time. When you are used to traveling with your pet on the plane, you will find the process being easy.

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