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Are you here because you are looking for the best instinct cat food reviews. If so, then we want you to know straightly that you have arrived at the right place.

One thing you should also know is that you are searching for the right brand. For sure, their broad range of recipes and moderately affordable prices suggest that they are foods that I can recommend to your cat day after day. Moreover, with the brand, you will not worry about their sensitivity, or that you are running bankrupt.

With some of the main reasons, here we look at the best six instinct cat foods. So, read on to learn more about which instinct recipes are best for your cat.

Top 3 Instinct Cat Food Comparison

Affordable Quality
Instinct Original Kitten Grain Free Recipe Natural Cat Food


  • Chicken
  • Turkey Meal

3 Best Instinct Cat Food Reviews 2019

1. Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food

To set our pot on the fire, we open our list of best instinct cat food with the instinct original grain-free recipe.  It is a recommendation to you if you have been looking for the product that contains no artificial colors, artificial preservatives, or unknown meat ingredients.

However, this only cannot make us pinch this item on your shopping list. Actually, there are many items out there have no artificials, preservatives and what’s over. But here are some of the things that make us think it is the best and why we feature it as the top product.

Real animal ingredient

Perhaps, this should be the main reason. Intuition Original Dry Cat Food consists of 81% genuine animal ingredients and nutritious oils, 100% soil-healthy ingredients and 19% vegetable. Reliably sourced, free chicken is the main ingredient.

Besides, this cat food is prepared with the raw, genuine food of raw materials. Raw is natural, prepared from real meat and whole food ingredients, protein pressed and prepared negligibly. Importantly, it is prepared in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Rich in protein

The Original Cat Food is a high-protein cat food prepared with probiotics to aid firm processing and omega fatty acids for the skin and coat. As I said earlier, it was prepared without cereals, corn, potatoes, wheat, soy, artificial colors, preservatives, or food by-products.

Balanced nutrition

Furthermore, this Grain-free cat food will offer a balanced diet for all cats, including domestic and small cats. Each piece of snack pastry is wrapped in stop-dried raw material for durability and flavor.

For sure, if you have been searching for Delicious recipe for your cat, then this formula is a non-forgone option. Even meticulous cats can like their firm aroma.

2. Instinct Original Natural Wet Canned Grain Free Cat Recipe

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

Second, we have no otherwise to include the Instinct Original Natural Wet Canned Grain Free Cat Recipe, which is offered in several nutritious choices for your unusual pet, including Instinct Raw plans.

One thing that you should know before we tell you why this food is best is that the brand Instinct is one of the pioneers in the category of crude pet food. The maker strives to bring always imaginative products to the market, with the help of zookeepers can incorporate more raw food into the feeding routine of their pet.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend this kind of food.

Balanced nutrition

This Canned cat food provides a comprehensive and balanced diet of real ingredients to promote the well-being of your cat from the little cat to the elderly. Prepared in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world.

Natural cat food

This grain-free cat food is prepared from real meat and whole-food ingredients and pressed with animal protein to maintain firm, lean muscle. This delicious pate topping is filled as a dinner or toppings and is a taste that even the most critical cats will love.

No fillers

It was prepared with no food by-products cereals, potatoes, corn, wheat, artificial colors, or preservatives. This is real beneficial, as these ingredients are known to cause food sensitivities.

Beneficial for your cat

This food is believed to improve the skin and coat of your cat, help maintain the ideal weight, make your cat be always active and increase the appetite. 

With such benefits, I don’t see the reason why you should not include recipe into your shopping list.

3. Instinct Original Kitten Recipe

Instinct Original Kitten Grain Free Recipe Natural Cat Food

Do you have a kitten and want to feed him the right recipe? If that is the case look no further. Our third option, which is the instinct Original Kitten food, is a great, tailor-made food for the development of small cats.

With the fact that Instinct believes in the intensity of raw food and in the ability to truly open up the ability of our pets to develop, this makes this food none forgo option. Regardless of whether it's a snack or 100% raw, every Instinct formula is based on the unparalleled raw food. Here are some of the reasons why this food can work for your kitten.

Protein-rich munchies

Each recipe is rich in animal protein, with no cereals, and is based on Instinct's confidence in raw food. It starts with real meat like chicken, a hamburger from the USA or bunny from the ranch.

Unadulterated, genuine raw food on each piece

Instinct gives each piece of Instinct Original Diet the raw, genuine raw food by adding munchies to crushed, frozen, dried raw food - which boosts current nutrition and taste expectations.

No fillers

Instinct Original cat dry food for small cats is prepared with probiotics for stomach-related and invulnerable well-being. Moreover, it comes with omega fatty acids for firm skin and sensitive skin. What is important is that it is prepared with no cereals, food by-products, potatoes, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives.

A balanced diet for small cats

This grain-free, natural cat food provides a complete and balanced diet for small cats. Each piece of snack food is coated with stop-dried raw material for nutrition and seasoning. Importantly, it comes in delicious flavors that even the most critical cats will love.

Raw ingredients

Exceptionally, this food for young cats is prepared from raw ingredients to make it the real food. For sure, it is prepared from real meat and whole food ingredients, protein-filled and prepared a preservative way.

So this recipe that is prepared in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world can guarantee the wellbeing of your cat.

Things to consider before shopping for the best instinct cat food

As I said earlier locating and buying the best food is not easy with the fact that there are many brands out there. To make the process somehow successful, you should buy cat food online. This provides the highest level of comfort and speed for every pet owner. Besides, shopping on the Internet is never again classified as dangerous and untrustworthy.

No, today it is possible to buy everything on the internet, and cat food is now in circulation. However, you should consider some things. Here’s what you need to look for if you want to focus on this particular specialty of web-based shopping.


Time and money are synonymous in every way now because extra time means you have the chance to spend more time with the family - and with your cat! If you are looking for the best instinct cat food online, you should first investigate and find out what real people say about certain cat food brands. You can even request tips while you grind. The best way is to read Instinct cat food reviews.

However, Internet research is much better than asking individuals in supermarkets what to buy. Usually, individuals reveal only the lies they were told.

Stability and reliability

Keep in mind that you probably gave your cat something to eat in certain situations, just to see an unfilled pantry, as you failed to find anything more the day before. This means that your cat may get by without breakfast or that you are late for work.

With that in mind, you'll need to find a cat food store online, where the parcels are always in good hands when you need them and, if possible, to give you a real sense of serenity and to realize that you're getting supplies when Your old stock has been used up.

The right store

Which grocery store on the internet is currently recommended for you? This may be confused because there is a wide choice. Are these shops generally worth pets? Do you follow any green approaches? Are you interested in anything but benefits? Think about what's important to you and similarly choose the right cat food.

The price

Cat food purchased online is usually cheaper - including shipping! So pay attention to the costs and do not do expensive tricks when shopping on the Internet. This implies that you can put a ton of cash aside at the same time, and most of it should be safe from home.

The personal diet of your cat

If you need to give your cat the most ideal feed, but can; you discover best-selling cat food in your nearby stores. You should be aware that the Internet could provide a huge amount of high-quality ingredients in the feed that you can learn about. If your cat needs to follow a certain feeding routine, possibly loaded with grain or gluten, or completely free of soy with all-natural and new ingredients, you should buy cat food online - the ideal answer for you and your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

My cat seems not okay after feeding on this food, what should I do?

If you've seen that your cat is not as strong as it should be, it could most likely be due to the food she feeds. The food you give your precious pet can do much more harm than anything else.  So, consider changing the food if the thing goes the other way.

Is there any advantage of buying my own food than buying the instinct cat food?

With the fact that picking the right instinct cat food, which is useful for your dog, requires some extra effort, it can be ideal if you make your food.  This can also be a nutritional perspective. To be positive about the nutritional factor, you may need to consider selecting and preparing your food from the list of ingredients that you think are ok. Numerous plans allow you to do just that. So, you are free to do so.

Where can I buy the best instinct cat food?

There are many places where you can locate your best instinct cat food. The two mainstreams being over the counter or through online. Each approach comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For online, its advantages outnumber those of over the counter. For instance, doing it over online saves your time, money and is limitless.


If you are among those cat owners that have been searching for the best cat food, then this piece of work hopefully have been of essence to you. As you, know that buying the best cat food that will guarantee good wellbeing to your friend is that easy, but the above six items make everything a bit simpler.

So buying the best cat food, which is useful for your cat, will never require some extra effort as we have covered everything for you.

Importantly, we have a reminder for you, to fully appreciate the nutritional value; you may need to consider feeding your cats yourself. Numerous plans allow you to do just that. The long and healthy life of your cat is finally in the above piece of content!

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