Orijen Cat Food Review

The picking of cat food can occasionally be cautious; we regularly have no idea what’s in the cat food we buy for our beloved pet. Moreover, with many available brands, it makes it harder. Luckily, today we look at one brand, which is Orijen.

What makes ORIJEN cat food the best? You will understand after reading this Orijen cat food guide & review.

Orijen cat food receives the highest possible rating of five stars for its healthy and nutritious cat food made from new proteins, natural products, and vegetables. This Canadian organization uses human-grade meat, such as free-living, anti-toxin-free chickens, wild whitefish, and whole eggs. Each of the ingredients is natural and is free of preservatives and synthetics.

Also, the organization is a free pet food manufacturer that manufactures and bundles all its products in its office in Alberta, Canada. This implies that they have unlimited control over all the healthy ingredients that flow into their supportive and “naturally suitable” foods.

Here we look at the best orijen cat food.

Top 3 Orijen Cat Food Comparison

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  • Ingredient: Chicken, Turkey
  • Sizes (Lb): 4.5,12,13,25
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  • Ingredient: Fish, Eggs
  • Sizes (Lb): 4,12
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  • Ingredient: Tukey, Chicken
  • Sizes (Lb): 4,12
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6 Orijen Cat Food Reviews 2021

1. ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe, original

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

First, treat your cat with ORIJEN Original to a viscous, biologically compatible supplement.

Grain free

This grain-free cat food is designed to help cats at every stage of their lives and is overflowing with new and raw ingredients for whole animals; including free-roaming chicken and turkey, limited egg, herring, and flop. Together, these ingredients result in a varied, meat-rich nutritional routine that supports puppies according to their developmental and biological needs – as nature expects.

The required nutrients

ORIJEN shifts the thresholds of what is conceivable in a Dry Cat recipe . ORIJEN Hound Food has been developed to meet the physiological and metabolic needs of your cat. It’s made with no herbal proteins, artificial additives, and a variety of ingredients that your cat was never good for.

Animal ingredients

It is a definitive formulation of our “naturally appropriate” argument, including a high grouping of animal ingredients and total prey food. Browse through a variety of delicious recipes for every phase of your cat’s life.

ORIJEN Original highlights free-range chicken and turkey, wild fish and pen-free eggs that make up 85% of the list of ingredients, excluding gluten, potatoes or pudding. Unlike traditional pet food, 2/3 of the animal protein in this premium hunting cat food is crispy or raw, so every nibble of nutritional value and flavor is overcrowded.

The right organic and nutritious recipe

ORIJEN Pet Food strives to provide your cats with the most organic and nutritious DIET  possible. Available exclusively in ORIJEN’s exclusive CatStar cuisine, this protein-rich feed contains fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are collected by trusted individuals and transported fresh or raw to our kitchen.

ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe follows the WholePrey theory and highlights whole animal ingredients that reflect what an animal would eat in nature, including meat, organs and ligaments or bones. The result is a protein-rich cat food stacked with a selection of precious animal ingredients to keep your cat mate alive and well.

2. ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe, kitten

ORIJEN Dry Cat Food

Today, cats are built like their predecessors and flourish with an eating routine rich in protein derived from a range of animal ingredients. Feed your cat as natural as you would expect with Orijen organic cat and cat food.

ORIJEN Cat and cat food is filled with free-range chicken and turkey, wild fish and pen-free eggs and provides a complementary, thick diet that supports cats and small cats according to their developmental and biological needs.

Grain free

This grain-free cat food is overflowing with crunchy and raw ingredients for the entire animal, which correspond to the various, meat-rich, hereditary feeding habits cats have to offer. Formulated with 40% luxuriously supportive protein, this biologically compatible feed is perfect for cats and small cats where everything is the same.


This delicious recipe is overflowing with complimentary, free-roaming turkeys and chickens, free eggs and wild fish that give your cat the feeding routine it has developed for eating. This food is perfect for cats in every phase of life. It contains 40% rich protein and feeds cats and cats as required by their natural needs.

Orijen pet food endeavors to offer your cat with the most organic and nutritious nutrition possible. The Orijen cat and the little cat are exclusively arranged in Orijen exclusive star kitchen and contain crisp, territorial ingredients that are collected by individuals

Variety of ingredients

Stacked with a decent selection of animal proteins and fats that naturally promote good health. Emphasizing whole animal constituents that reflect what an animal would eat in nature, including meat, organs and ligaments or bones, without the gluten, potato, or pudding typical of ordinary cat food.

WholePrey ratios

Unite a balance of flesh, organs and ligaments or bones in proportions that reflect the entire prey.

New fruits and vegetables

Highlights healthy soil products that are fresh and fully promoted by homesteads and plantations in Kentucky.

3. ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe

ORIJEN Dry Cat Food

ORIJEN is associated with equipping your cat or puppy cat with organic food. Their trademark – “as nature expected”, which implies that ORIJEN addresses a different class of foods designed to feed mothers and cats.

ORIJEN allows you to feed your pets with food that legitimately mimics what they would eat in the wild, much as their predecessors did. Most cat owners need to give any of the supplements they can, and ORIJEN will undoubtedly tick the box.


Orijen is proud to offer “organic” cat food made using “WholePrey” ingredients. Ultimately, the organization makes its formulas to replicate what cats would eat in the wild – a selection of prey that almost completely consumes cats (organs, whatnot).

Orijen’s Food arrives in a 12-pound sack, making it more financially savvy than several different brands that have been recorded here.

Balanced nutrition

It contains the right mix of proteins, starches, and micronutrients that your cat can use to maintain a slim and healthy weight.

The required additions

It is also gradually adding, unlike different brands. Just make sure that you review the feeding suggestions as they may be slightly different.


Your Quality Assurance Office deals with rigorous conventions for testing ingredients that enter the kitchen, as well as creating and bundling them. All products are nutritionally and microbiologically tested. A laboratory certified by the administration carries out the test before delivery without any special cases.

4. ORIJEN Dry regional red Cat Food

ORIJEN Dry Cat Food

ORIJEN Dry regional red Cat Food is formulated as a portion of biologically suitable food for all phases of life.

The right protein

With 40% rich protein and 17% low glycemic sugar, it is planned to feed cats and small cats according to their developmental and biological needs.

A whole third of the meat is new (chilled, no preservatives) or raw (strips solidified, with no preservatives), including the top ten meat ingredients. Add thick WholePrey portions of new meat, including muscle meat, organs, and ligaments, to provide a natural source of just about any supplement your cat needs to thrive.

The right sugar

Sugar is limited and fast starch is replaced by low-glycemic, privately-developed vegetables, organic products, and botanicals. This maintains healthy blood sugar levels, reduces the potential for fat depletion, and promotes overall health.

ORIJEN’s dried meat is made up of 200F uncommonly new meat to provide a concentrated source of luxuriously-preserved protein that new meat alone cannot deliver. The fine freeze-dried cod liver naturally improves the taste and contentment and makes it deliciously delicious despite certain cats.

Made in USA

Made in the USA For cats of all stages of life Rich in sustainable protein. Nutrient content. Very acceptable. Contains no grains, potatoes, or vanilla pudding. Meets the nutrient scores set by the AAFCO nutrient profiles for cat food for all living things.

5. ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe Fit & Trim

ORIJEN Fit & Trim High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Cat Food

We move with our list and at the fifth place ,find the fit and trim cat recipe. Help your cat to thrive and maintain a healthy weight with Origen’s organic cat food with this fifth product. This exceptional cat food has been improved to reduce calories and strengthen a lean mass.

Animal protein 

It highlights proteins derived from free-range poultry, wild fish and free eggs, as well as a remarkable blend of gourd, apple, and pumpkin fiber. Whole animal proteins account for 85% of the ingredient list.

No grain 

Orijen Fit and trim Dry Cat recipe contains no gluten, no potatoes, or pudding cream and is specifically designed to promote physical conditioning in adult cats.

Orijen-Futter strives to provide your cat with the most organic and nutritious diet possible. Available exclusively in Origen’s exclusive star cuisine, this mouth-watering cat food contains new, local ingredients that are collected by people they know and trust, whom they bring to their kitchen.

Orijen Foods Follow our thinking about whole grains and highlights all the animal ingredients that reflect what an animal would eat in nature, including meat, organs and ligaments or bones.

The result is a protein-rich, mouth-watering cat food stacked with a selection of crisp, high-quality animal ingredients to keep your cat happy, healthy and thriving.

6. ORIJEN Dry Cat recipe Fit & Trim

ORIJEN Fit & Trim High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Adult Dry Dog Food

As we close our rundown, find the sixth item. ORIJEN Fit and Trim Cat Food is a supplemental, thick, organic cat food that cuts calories and supports lean mass to help cats maintain a healthy weight.

Grain free with raw ingredients

Designed to fully support cats at every stage of their lives, this grain-free cat food is crammed with crispy and raw ingredients such as free-range poultry, wild fish, and non-enveloping eggs, with a remarkable blend of solvents ranging from pumpkin, apples, and squash to tip shapes.

Together, these ingredients provide a varied, meat-rich nutritional routine that feeds canines according to their transformative and biological needs – much as nature expects.

Comes with EPA and DHA

DHA and EPA are also included in this cat food formula. The essential unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that protect your cat’s immune system and the sensory system as well as skin and hair.

The formula is also grain-free and contains not very many amounts of starch. This cat food also contains taurine, glucosamine and chondroitin and plant-selected plant substances.

No synthetic sources

The crispy fish, the meat, and the poultry in this small cat food make a natural and rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin. In this way, no technical sources were included. Each puppy is a small four-legged person whose feeding needs vary according to age, health status, and level of activity. That’s why weight control and package changes are so important. It is also best practice to feed him with Orijen Puppy Formula twice a day.

Things to Consider Before Buying Orijen Cat Food

Most of the cat owners are waiting for the topic of the best nutrition for their pet. This is due to the way a healthy diet regime is needed to make your pet healthy, intending to be active, fit and happy.

Choosing the best food and brand for your cat may require some visits to the shops, thorough veterinary sessions, and various tests.

So you can go out of the house, you should consider when buying cat food in a pet store not many things.

Digestible ingredients

Normally, digestive weight control plans are urgently recommended for cats with constipation problems. Therefore, when choosing the right food, consider the products that contain all the food ingredients. If it has added substances and fillers, they should also be digestible at this point. These feeds should be prepared as expected that the cat can effectively separate them.

Healthy fats and proteins

Good cat food for constipation must contain healthy fats and proteins that help strengthen the cat’s stomach, control digestion, create healthy skin and coat, and improve mental health. It is known that the protein content prevents the development of excrement or hair in the colon of the cat. Check the label to confirm if you can see ingredients like omega unsaturated fats, salmon, sheep, chicken or turkey.

Moisture content

Most cat foods have a specific moisture content. The higher the water content, the better the feeding scheme for constipated cats. In this way, you conclude that when choosing the best cat food, consider the one that can be effectively saturated with chicken juices or water.


When choosing foods, first check the label and ingredients carefully. If the food brags about a certain percentage of a protein thing, make sure it’s available in it. Here and there, the pack also contributes to the water weight and thus lowers the nutritional value.


The food for your cat should be age-appropriate. Cats have different needs than adult cats. If the label does not recommend that the food is perfect for all ages, try buying the right one at this point.

Dietary needs

When you’re evaluating the best cat food brands, do not overlook the smallest details. Think about your pet’s need for size and age. If your pet is deficient, switch to a suitable diet plan. If your cat is sensitive to certain foods, you should be extremely careful at this point when buying the food.

By consulting with your veterinarian, you can set the specific health requirements for your cat.


If your cat is underweight or overweight, you must also consider the calories in the feed at this time. Apart from activities, good nutrition helps to check weight problems. So keep an eye on the calorific value. Try not to be completely dependent on the dry food diet. A rare hamburger or a pork chop made in your kitchen is no-nonsense.

Tests and reviews

A decent way to get a reliable meal is to check if it has been tried. This shows that the food you are going to buy has also kept an eye on various cats and demonstrated Bravo.

Cat’s preference

Everyone has natural preferences in their dietary choices. Consider your cat’s preference for food before you buy cat food.

Try to find out what size of munchies or tastes your pet likes.


In various sizes, dry food for cats in the packaged form is available. So, whenever you’re trying to figure out what your cats like to eat, you consistently tend to buy the least measured food package.

Your budget

You should know how much money you can spend on your cat’s food. Attempt to check the cost of the products; it will help you in your budget to avoid wasting cash.

Accessible choices

You can spot many cat food spots in your area. With the different brands, it is difficult for you to select dry food for your cat.

Finally, you should meet with your veterinarian regularly. This will support a ton and you will know exactly what your cat needs then.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Who makes Orijen cat food?

The organization that makes Orijen cat food is called Champion Pet Foods. Founded in 1975, Champion Pet Foods now delivers its formulas to retailers around the world. Champion Pet Foods is a Canadian organization based in Alberta. Champion Pet Foods not only supplies Orijen but also manufactures Acana, another brand of pet food.

Do Orijen cat food cause sensitivity?

There are no significant ingredients in Orijen cat food formulations that are known to cause sensitivities in cats. Some cat owners use Orijen as a trade formula for cats that have caused grain hypersensitivity because Orijen is completely grain-free. If your cat has certain hypersensitivity, you should read the ingredients of cat food consistently.

Are the Protein sources in Orijen cat food genuine?

None of the proteins used in Orijen’s cat food formulations has been recently solidified and is being advertised as hormone-free. A significant percentage of the ingredients in Orijen cat food formulations are sourced near the company’s Alberta, Canada site. In the vast majority of Orijen’s cat food formulas, each of the five original five ingredients is based on proteins. Orijen only sells recipes for cats that are completely grain-free. The sugar in Orijen comes from sources such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas.

Where can I buy the Orijen cat food?

You might be wondering, “Where could I buy Orijen cat food?”. To help you, we’ve added links to buy Orijen cat food on the special Orijen formula pages.

How much of Orijen food that I should feed to my cat

A typical request that many pet owners have is “How much Orijen cat food should I give my cat?”. Since the right reaction depends on a few components (eg, age, weight, level of activity of your cat, etc.), consistently follow the specific guidelines for bundling your formula.

Can I get some coupons on Orijen cat food?

Here and there, pet food companies offer coupons that we can share on our website. Is it true that you are looking for printable Orijen Cat Food coupons? We will tell you when they are available!


There are many different choices for high-quality cat food brands. The Orijen brands offer high protein and high-fat content, as well as limited ingredients and grain-free products. From the above Orijen cat food review, you can choose one item that will guarantee health of your cat.  Choosing one single brand is never easy. We have helped with the Orijen line of products. All in all, their foods are part of the more accessible dry food products. See your cat happy and active after feeding on Orijen cat food.

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